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Any executor is given a grace period – one year from the date of death – to organise probate for an estate. Photograph: iStock.

(...). He died in August of last year. My brother is the executor. There seems to be an inordinate delay(...)

All wills eventually become publicly available in Ireland but not until probate has been granted. Photograph: iStock

My brother died in December 2016 and another brother was his executor. To my knowledge, my executor(...)

A will is not just about who gets what. With the right advice, you can ensure that your legacy brings the maximum benefit to those you love. Photograph: Tetra Images/Getty Images

(...) morning, who needs to be written to, and where the assets might be.” Appointing the right executor is key(...)

Where there’s a will: an executor cannot be challenged for failure to move to settle the estate for the first 12 months after they have been appointed. This is called the executor’s year. Photograph: iStock

My brother is the executor of my mother’s will. I am his sister. Am I entitled to see the will(...)

Once you become an executor to a person’s estate, you are answerable for life for any actions taken as executor.

(...), nor have I ever been given the share dividends by the executor. They are still being sent to the(...)

In general, a person is entitled to have savings of up to €20,000 without it having any impact on their disability allowance. Photograph: Getty Images

I am an executor to my uncle’s will. I have a brother who suffers from psychiatric illness(...)