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Google has gender-balanced its top team not because of incremental diversity efforts but because chief executive Sundar Pichai decided to appoint six women and seven men to run the business. Photograph: Eric Risberg

Deloitte has started a major debate in diversity circles by ending its women’s network and other(...)

The majority of junior staff working in financial services are women but only one in four of those who reach a senior role is female. Photograph: iStock

(...) promote diversity. Diversity and inclusion At Santander, 15 per cent of each employee’s evaluation is(...)

‘In December a well-argued letter to The Irish Times by David Walsh took the field of women’s studies to task for promoting the ideological notion that gender is a social construct in the face of scientific evidence that biology plays a prominent role’

(...) are conservative), is called Political Diversity Will Improve Social Psychological Science and is(...)