If your son can avail of the dwelling home exemption, no inheritance tax applies as the property is not even considered against his tax-free limit. Photograph: Yui Mok/PA

I have a son in his 30s on invalidity payment as a result of a diagnosed mental illness. Will that payment be affected if he receives an inheritance o(...)

In general, a person is entitled to have savings of up to €20,000 without it having any impact on their disability allowance. Photograph: Getty Images

I am an executor to my uncle’s will. I have a brother who suffers from psychiatric illness/schizophrenia. Presently, he is in receipt of a disability (...)

Just how much tax your relative would have to pay depends on the precise nature of the relationship and the thresholds in place at the time the inheritance takes place. Photograph: Getty Images

A relative in his 40s who is unable to work and is in receipt of a full disability allowance has been told by an elderly relative that he can expect t(...)