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‘It is up to the family of the Fair Deal patient to decide whether they want to sell the property to raise the funds or to find the money from other sources.’ Photograph: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

(...) brothers, who both suffer from mental health issues and are on disability, live in the family home. What(...)

The rules have tightened  in relation to ‘dwelling house relief’

(...) future. I should also point out that I have a disability; I am registered as blind and have reduced(...)

Holiday fun at an Ilunion group hotel in Spain: the company’s business model is to build a world based on equality, solidarity and kindness where the main focus is on people and their potential

(...) disability. In addition, four of the hotels – Ilunion Suites Madrid, Ilunion Barcelona, Ilunion Valencia 3(...)

People probably encounter workers with disabilities far more often than they realise. It’s just not as apparent as we might think it ought to be

When was the last time you were helped by an employee with a disability? Would you have known? Not(...)

Facing danger: Marnie Peters wants everybody to plan how to evacuate safely in an emergency. Photograph: Christopher Furlong/Getty

(...) with activity limitations’, because it includes people who won’t say they have a disability. It will(...)

Studies have shown that overweight workers are usually less productive, more likely to get injured and usually need longer rest breaks than other staff
Fat is a workplace issue
  • Work
  • March 6, 2015, 01:30

(...) can, in some instances, constitute a disability means employers may have to start treating overweight(...)