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Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte: “We are not demanding that Germany and Holland should pay our debts.” Photograph: EPA

(...) having to impose rounds of austerity in an attempt to cut debt as happened during the bailout years(...)

Chancellor Philip Hammond. Photograph: PA

(...) have to quickly reverse plans to ease nearly a decade of austerity if London fails to get a Brexit deal(...)

Pensioners waiting outside a closed National Bank branch and hoping to get their pensions, argue with a bank employee in Iraklio on the island of Crete. Photograph:  Reuters/Stefanos Rapanis

(...). Again and again, governments have submitted to creditors’ demands for harsh austerity, while the(...)

Of every 100 women who use the withdrawal method, four will become pregnant each year if they always do it correctly. For the less skilled 27 out of 100 will become pregnant, according to figures from Planned Parenthood

The cost of contraception and the impact of the recession has had a negative impact on women, a leading family planning agency has said. “The Irish Fa(...)

German chancellor Angela Merkel: the way forward, she insisted,  was a return to frugality. Photograph: Fritz Reiss/AP

(...) austerity. In fact, we have had unprecedented austerity. As the IMF has pointed out, real government(...)

(...) sovereign debt crisis has once again raised the austerity versus growth debate. Matteo Renzi, Italy’s prime(...)

People marching along Dublin’s O’Connell street during an Anti-Austerity march in November 2012.Photograph: Alan Betson / THE IRISH TIMES

(...) austerity with a reference to the 1945 experiences of the great British economist, John Maynard Keynes. The(...)