Artificial intelligence is already being deployed as a management tool in traditional offices and work-from-home settings as a way of measuring productivity and possibly engagement, with obvious concerns on the part of some employees. Photograph: IStock/Getty Images

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) provides companies with a unique and enduring competitive advantage, witnessed by the fact that AI-first compa(...)

A recent study found 50% of jobs will be augmented to a greater or lesser extent by technological changes in the next five to 10 years. Photograph: iStock/Getty

The impact that technology such as robotics and artificial intelligence will likely have on work certainly makes for good headlines. One doesn’t have (...)

While many have written on the jobs that may get lost in the rollout of artificial intelligence, I prefer to reflect on the thousands of new jobs that(...)

Across Europe, 65 per cent of organisations say they expect AI to have an impact on their core business in the future. Photograph: Getty Images

Three-quarters of Irish companies are in the planning and piloting mode for artificial intelligence (AI) but have not yet incorporated the technology (...)

What could an Irish strategic plan for AI comprise? Photograph: Getty Images

The cancer-screening controversy resulting from the CervicalCheck debacle has devastated lives. It has also badly damaged the reputation of some healt(...)

The European Commission policy paper proposes sharply increased investment in artificial intelligence by both the EU and the private sector.

The European Union needs to spend at least €20 billion a year from 2020 on artificial intelligence if it is to catch up on the leads established by th(...)

New neutrality:  The general public and the business world have never been as aware of privacy issues as they are now. Photograph: Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post via Getty Images

In terms of media coverage, 2017 was a fine year for alternately fretting or fawning over AI (artificial intelligence) and robots. Hardly a week seeme(...)

British  theoretical physicist and author Stephen Hawking:  he said artificial intelligence could be “be the best or worst thing to ever happen to humanity” during his keynote speech at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. Photograph: Patricia De Melo Moreira/AFP/Getty Images

For anyone hoping the organisers of the Web Summit might fail dismally in Lisbon and end up back in Dublin with their tails between their legs, think (...)

Recent advances in AI are expected to lower the cost of using data and make predictions. Photograph: AP Photo/Andy Wong

With the recent explosion in artificial intelligence, there has been the understandable concern about its potential impact on human work. But economic(...)

Ad Infinitum: these cuffs parasitically attach electrodes on to humans and stimulate their muscles as to force them to crank. Photograph: Pedro Lopes

What kinds of jobs will machines replace? Can artificial intelligence create art? Do we want robots to help us grieve? And would you let one tickle yo(...)

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