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While it’s all very well being a top saver during your working years, you also need to work out a strategy for retirement. Photograph: iStock

(...) mortgage. Start thinking about your retirement To do: Think about what’s best, an annuity or ARF? If(...)

Whether you opt for an approved retirement fund (ARF) or an annuity might also be a factor of how much of a tax-free lump sum you can get

(...) heading into retirement are going to be either an annuity, or an approved retirement fund (ARF). But both(...)

Deciding how to generate an income from your pension pot is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever makeunhappy senior couple worrying about expenses

(...) in their lifetime – whether to use their pension funds to purchase an annuity or invest in an ARF(...)

Annuities are in a prolonged period of very poor return. Photograph: iStockPhoto

(...) annuity for life and, if so, what type of return could we expect? Mr B.M. We get a lot of queries from(...)

(...)”. Why? Because Irish annuity rates are typically of the order of less than 5 per cent, while British(...)

(...) retired in 1998 with a defined benefit pension scheme. An annuity was bought for me through a reputable(...)