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Revenue wants the High Court to determine if Leanne Deane was precluded from claiming the family home exemption on the basis she was at the time of the inheritance beneficially entitled to any other dwelling houses.

The High Court will rule at a later date on a case with important implications for the assessment of taxes concerning the inheritance of a family home(...)

Revenue is sending letters to more than 480,000 taxpayers warning them to disclose details of any assets held abroad before an April 30th deadline.

Revenue is sending out letters to almost 500,000 taxpayers ahead of a deadline for disclosing assets held offshore. Under recently enhanced co-opera(...)

Revenue operates in a pragmatic way: there is little point investing tens of thousands of taxpayer euro in an investigation that would yield just a fraction of that amount

I’m wondering how far back do Revenue go and what amounts do they consider significant? I had rental income about 25 years ago when I purchased my(...)