Fuchsia Dunlop will be doing a three-hour demonstration as well as a talk about her books and her “essential flavours” at the Ballymaloe Litfest. Photograph: Jonathan Perugia

Put a slippery sea cucumber in front of food writer and cook Fuchsia Dunlop and she’ll attack it with gusto. Goose intestines, yum, pass the chopstick(...)

Is it food or is it art, or is food art? New exhibition on design in food opens at the National Craft Gallery in Kilkenny on Friday. Photograph: Chloe Rutzerveld

Appetite for Design, an exhibition exploring the design elements involved in how food is processed, distributed and consumed, opens at the National Cr(...)

 Restaurateur and food activist Alice Waters of Chez Panisse in California will be a speaker at the Kerrygold Ballymaloe Literary Festival of Food & Wine (May 15th-17th). Photograph: Amanda Marsalis

Kerrygold want your favourite kitchen tips, shortcuts, and recipes that have been passed on through generations of family and friends, and the best wi(...)

If you want to see Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi cooking up a Middle Eastern feast, or go foraging with René Redzepi and Alys Fowler, unfortunately(...)