Almost all self-builds involve the applicants project managing the job but relying on skilled tradespeople to carry out much, if not all, the work. Photograph: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

In a piece you wrote in January last year, you said that a self build application does not need a builder from the Revenue approved contractors list. (...)

Self-building:  nothing in the Finance Act 2016 – which contains the rules governing the Help-to-Buy scheme –  expressly lays down how a deposit should be paid in relation to self-builds. Library photograph: iStock

We are first-time buyers, within the 70 per cent rule, and are self-building. Will we be eligible if our deposit was our land rather than a cash depo(...)

For the purposes of  the Help to Buy scheme, the value of a self-build is the valuation put on the property project by the mortgage lender. Photographer: Jason Alden/Bloomberg

My wife and I returned from Australia in February 2016 after living there for six years. As we were living abroad we haven’t paid any income tax here (...)

First-time buyers desperate to acquire their new home are sometimes very vulnerable to pressure and often unaware of how things should be done

If a first time buyer is looking to buy a new-build house under the Help-to-Buy scheme, do they need 5 per cent of the deposit, with the other 5 per c(...)

The scheme is available only to owner-occupiers, not to the investment or buy-to-let market, and applicants will need to live in the property for five years

Applications from first-time homebuyers for financial support under the Government’s Help-to-Buy scheme open today. The measure, introduced by Minist(...)