Kate McGrew is a sex worker currently starring in a reality TV show who is against the drive to criminalise men who purchase sex. Photograph: Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision

Kate McGrew is not a “prostitute”. She is, she says, a sex worker. “To me the word ‘prostitute’ is used by people who look down on what I do, w(...)

Playwright Ross Dungan began his creative life as a comedian, and it comes as no surprise; even his greeting is laced with self-deprecation and iro(...)

Conor Drum: ‘Get rid of the ball,’ I told the urologist. ‘It’s the smaller one anyway. The weaker of the two’

I was 27 when I found out I had cancer. I had just moved out of home. Pathetic, I know, but rents were high and I was suffering from crippling lazi(...)

 Robin Williams  as disc-jockey Adrian Cronauer in ‘Good Morning Vietnam’.  Williams, whose free-form comedy and impressions dazzled audiences for decades, has died in an apparent suicide. Photograph: AP Photo/Touchstone Pictures

The Oscar-winning actor and stand-up comedian Robin Williams who was found dead in his California home took his own life, police have confirmed.Lieute(...)

IT’S the 6 am flight from Dublin to Edinburgh, packed with tired comedians ill used to arising before 12. A lot of us are suffering from long-term exh(...)

Christine Tobin believes in lyrics. For some singers, any old words will do as long as the music is right, but the Dublin-born vocalist has rep(...)

Week-long festival also celebrates 50th anniversary of Ballymaloe House with a gala candlelit supper on Friday, followed by a special screening of Jean Luc Godard’s Le Mepris

The 25th Cork French Film Festival got under way yesterday with a gala screening of director Jacques Demy’s 1964 musical comed(...)

Rob Auton wins Funniest Joke of the Fringe award. Photograph: Martina Salvi/PA Wire

Comedian Rob Auton has won the award for best joke at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The joke that won him the award was: “I heard a rumour th(...)

Stick Your Job Up Your Arse was the title of John Bishop’s first professional show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival six years ago. The venue was a hut(...)

Elaine Murphy on the set of Shush: ‘The audience will change everything. They will teach you more about the play than anything you could ever learn in rehearsals or in a room on your own writing.’ Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Playwright Elaine Murphy is remarkably calm for someone of the cusp of two major life experiences: this week her new play Shush will premiere on the m(...)

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