Celtic Tiger

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Dublin’s Michael Darragh Macauley and Aidan O’Shea of Mayo contest a high ball during the 2012 semi-final at Croke Park. Photograph: Cathal Noonan/Inpho

In a fast crowded decade, it is the game that has somehow fallen through time. Nobody talks about Mayo-Dublin 2012, which is a shame. It was signific(...)

A capital loss does not expire. You hold on to it and carry it forward until such time as you have made sufficient capital gains on the sale of other assets to fully offset it

I bought an apartment in 1987 which I still live in. In 2000, I bought a holiday home for €90,000 on which I spent about €70,000 on renovations. Durin(...)

I am considering selling my home  at a profit of €300,000 then paying off the mortgage on the apartment plus the management fees, and then selling the apartment for a possible €230,000, using this profit to buy a small house. Photograph: Yui Mok

I am a single person and I have two properties – my home that I live in and a duplex apartment that I have rented out. I have an outstanding mortgag(...)

In terms of gifting a property to you, that would not allow your father to sidestep capital gains tax. He would still be obliged to file a CGT return and pay capital gains on the gift. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

My father is 74 and owns three three-bed semidetached houses in Dublin. He bought these at various times, one before the Celtic Tiger and two during i(...)

No 19 in the Pavilion Apartments, Dún Laoghaire

Back in 2001, Scott Tallon Walker designed the Pavilion Apartments in Dún Laoghaire. Phase one was completed in 2001 and block two followed in 2003. (...)

The Celtic tiger’s building boom opened up archaeological sites under pipelines, housing and roads. This was used in a study that revealed that the decline of the bronze trade caused a population decline in 900BC.Photograph: Lorna Siggins

The European economy started to collapse 2,900 years ago, not because of dodgy banking practices but following the break-up of trade. Bronze went out(...)