Jordan Peterson: neither a Christ figure nor a sexist, transphobic, tyrannical Antichrist. Photograph: James Forde

Until recently the name of Dr Jordan Peterson will have been familiar to very few Irish people. But, on social media at least, the Canadian professor (...)

‘We are not perfect the way we are. If we were, we could declare ourselves finished articles’

Crises of confidence are common to all of us. There is nothing like failure, or the anticipation of it, to make us question the assessments we make of(...)

Bed as an opt-out clause isn’t a new approach, and neither is struggling to peel ourselves from it when we fully intend to, but just need five more minutes.

Many people consider January a glum month. It is dark and bitingly cold, and the twinkling warmth and excess of Christmas is behind us (sometimes lite(...)

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg: dismissive of the idea that social media and artificial intelligence could be used for global domination. Photograph: Brian Snyder/Reuters

The idea of Mark Zuckerberg running for president was always sort of scary. But now it’s really scary, given what we’ve discovered about the power of (...)

Laura Kennedy as a Trinity College PhD philosophy student. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

The Latin word for what we would usually call mercy, clementia, has caused some dispute among scholars. Some translate it as “clemency”, which is a ra(...)

Amanda Bell, author of The Lost Book, and Jason McElligott, library keeper of Marsh’s Library, Dublin. They are looking at the Galeni Librorum, a rare book that went missing from the library, which is at the heart of Bell’s story. Photograph: Alan Betson

Once upon a time, a man wandered into a junk shop and found a dusty, battered book with a strange diamond pattern on the front. Inside, the pages were(...)

American billionaire and philanthropist Thomas Kaplan put the world’s largest private collection of Rembrandts on show at the Louvre

Seventeen days before Thomas Kaplan and his wife Daphne put the world’s largest private collection of Rembrandts on show at the Louvre, a 29-year-old (...)

Oscar McHale 6th year student in Stratford College Rathgar with his Classics teacher Delia Donohue. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons / The Irish Times

“Ancient Rome is important. To ignore the Romans is not just to turn a blind eye to the distant past. Rome still helps to define the way we understan(...)

We don’t say that the contribution of Marcus Aurelius is any less because he was privileged. Photograph: iStock

Last week, I wrote about Marcus Aurelius, a man born into an influential Roman family who later became emperor of Rome. He is one of history’s most i(...)

Photograph: iStock

We all have a default emotional reaction when we are treated poorly by others. There’s the person who will get very anxious when shouted at by someon(...)

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