Mock operating theatre/intensive care units at the RCSI’s York Street facility. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Lucina lies in labour on a hospital bed screaming for an epidural even though she can feel no pain. She is Ireland’s only “birthing mannequin”, a €75,(...)

With campuses in Dublin, Cork and Limerick, Griffith College is our oldest  private college

RCSI When is open day? January 4th, 2018 Located just off St Stephen’s Green, in one of the busiest spots in Dublin, the faculty of medicine and h(...)

Prof Ruairí Brugha, who led the survey, said the chronic haemorrhage of doctors from Ireland would continue as long as they were undervalued.  File photograph: Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

Eight out of 10 trainee doctors are considering leaving Ireland because of poor working conditions, training opportunities and work-life balance, a su(...)

The likes of Google and Facebook have ‘raised the bar’ in terms of what Millennials expect from a workspace
Bye-bye Boomers hello Millennials

You may object to lumping people together by age but anyone working with or recruiting Millennials – loosely that generation that reached early adulth(...)

Majella O’Donnell at the launch of the Irish Cancer Society’s  breast-cancer fundraising campaign “Cups Against Cancer” on Monday

Irish researchers have developed a way of identifying women with breast cancer who are likely to be “resistant” to some of the most common treatments (...)

James Barry with a servant

For anyone lucky enough to be heading to Edinburgh for the city’s annual outpouring of arts activity in August, it would be hard to miss the universit(...)

An X-ray showing a reddened area of the throat

Well over 1,000 people in Ireland are diagnosed each year with cancers of the head and neck, with almost three-quarters of cases being attributed to s(...)

Aimée Madden of CliniShift: “I knew the idea worked from my experience at Whitfield where I reduced our spend on agency staff to zero.”

As the former chief executive of the Whitfield Clinic, a private hospital in Waterford, Aimée Madden was only too familiar with the staffing problems (...)

Some 128 doctors who are currently working as consultants in public hospitals are not on the specialist register of the Medical Council. Photograph: Alan Betson

That the public hospital system in the Republic is in the midst of a medical manpower crisis is well recognised. What has emerged recently are the pra(...)

Dr Bennet Omalu: “The fundamental problem with high-contact sports is blunt-force trauma to the head.” Photograph: Julien Behal

Competition or “winning a game” should not be placed ahead of the life of a child, international concussion expert Dr Bennet Omalu has said. Dr Omalu(...)