A car under  debris  after an earthquake off the island of Kos, Greece, in July  2017. Photograph: Reuters/Costas Baltas

Google and Harvard University have just announced new research in seismology using artificial intelligence. Researches have “trained” computers using (...)

Thomas Barr, Irish Olympian and Irish Life Health Ambassador, and school pupil Cameron Ramsay at the 2018 Irish Life Health Schools Fitness Challenge at Newpark Comprehensive School, Blackrock. Photograph: Dan Sheridan/Inpho

More than one-third of 16-year-old girls and nearly half of 16-year-old boys in Ireland are so unfit that they already at risk of poor heart health, a(...)

Polish MEP Danuta Hubner chairs a European Parliament committee that must sign off on any Brexit treaty. Photograph: Carl Gibney/DCU

There was an “openness” within the European Union to consider other ways of avoiding a hard border in Ireland to help secure a Brexit deal, an influen(...)

In Alzheimer’s disease, it’s thought the brain’s ability to remove amyloid beta becomes impaired, and the amyloid beta builds up in a soluble form in the fluid of the brain. Photograph: iStock

Amyloid beta has a bad rap in Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a sticky accumulation of proteins that forms clumps or plaques inside the brains of people wit(...)

 Jacksonville, Florida where David Katz  was playing in a videogame tournament, before murdering  Eli Clayton and Taylor Robertson. Photograph: Gianrigo Marletta / AFP

It’s a long-standing argument: do violent videogames – or films or TV – increase violent or aggressive behaviour in real life? Particularly after mass(...)

The GLHF Game Bar, Florida, where David Katz killed three people including himself. Photograph:  Joe Raedle/Getty Images

It’s a long-standing argument: do violent videogames increase violent or aggressive behaviour in real life? After mass shootings, the shooter’s video (...)

DCU Alpha is home to companies working on next-generation technologies including cleantech, machine-to-machine communications and industrial automation.

Dublin City University allocated an extra €3.75 million for the expansion of its innovation centres last year. The university authorised total future(...)

Robbie Fryers and Talita Holzer, co-founders of WaytoB, a smartphone- and smartwatch-based navigation solution. Photograph: Patrick Browne

A navigation system that helps people with intellectual disabilities get around, a more accurate test for sepsis and a breakthrough in sound separatio(...)

An electric kettle changes electrical energy into heat, which is just another form of energy; the heat then boils the water. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

During the recent heat wave I realised just how assimilated to Ireland I have become. No, it wasn’t because I complained that the temperature was too (...)

Examining the examinations. A new study has surveyed students who had completed the State exams last summer and had recently finished their first year in college. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

A university study has found Leaving Cert students feel poorly qualified to identify sources of information in the era of fake news. The survey of 3(...)

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