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Ireland is not alone in its opposition to the digital services tax proposal put forward by the European Commission as an interim measure

It hasn’t gone away, you know. The European Commission’s proposal to impose a tax on the turnover of digital companies selling in the EU was not agree(...)

Standard Dublin housing in the  1990s:  kitchen, dining room, sitting room, three bedrooms and a bathroom. Plus an open fire, and lots of colours. Photograph: Frank Miller

Many moons ago I worked for McInerney International, a newly formed branch of McInerney Homes, the well-known Irish housebuilders. The company took up(...)

Shoko Asahara following an interrogation in Tokyo in 1995. Thirteen Japanese cult members may be sent to the gallows for an attack on the Tokyo subway system and other crimes. Photograph: Kyodo News/AP

Some people joke they have parents from hell. In Rika Matsumoto’s case it seems to be true. Matsumoto’s family broke up two decades ago after her fat(...)

Bad Wolves is something of a heavy metal super group comprising five members who had been in previous bands

On the night of Sunday, January 14th Tommy Vext went to bed “like a kid on Christmas Eve” knowing The Cranberries lead singer Dolores O’Riordan was ab(...)

Concerns are growing  that increased regulatory scrutiny will curb demand for digital assets such as Bitcoin. Photograph: iStock

Bitcoin fell after one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges was said to face a government warning in Japan, heightening concern that increa(...)

Anita Doktere (left) and her partner Adeel Bashir at the scene of the fire on Thursday morning. Photograph: Mark Hilliard

Standing outside the Metro hotel in Ballymun in freezing wind on Thursday morning, a young couple who lived in one of the apartments above the hotel s(...)

Investors foresee ECB quantitative easing ending this year, with the first rate hike since 2011 coming around the middle of 2019. Photograph: iStock

The euro zone’s private-sector economy grew at the slowest pace in 14 months in March, as service providers and factories struggled to keep up with de(...)

The ‘Test’ magazine gave top marks to German butter, including the cheapest varieties, and suggested price was not an indicator of quality in butter

Ornua, the maker of Kerrygold, has hit back at claims by Germany’s most powerful consumer magazine that its butter is a germ-filled health risk. Germ(...)

Chief executive Terry Fox holding a re-cyclable and a compostible cup at Cup Print, Ballymaley Business Park, Ennis, Co Clare. Photograph: Eamon Ward

For many, the disposable coffee cup is the poster image for the waste scourge, used once, not recyclable, ending their short lives in landfill dumps, (...)

Sales of Kerrygold hit record levels in Germany and the United States with double-digit volume growth. Photograph: Clare Keogh

Ornua, formerly the Irish Dairy Board, said it expects sales of its flagship Kerrygold brand to hit €1 billion next year, making it Ireland’s first bi(...)

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