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Detective Garda Bernard McLoughlin said he had never come across an accident scene like this one before.

Claims for personal injuries, which were made by a man involved in an alleged staged road traffic accident, have been dismissed at a court in Galway. (...)

The court heard all the cars seized had being stolen during house burglaries around the country.

A man caught with six stolen cars and €70,000 worth of cannabis has been jailed for five and a half years. Christopher Keeley (53) was involved in th(...)

It’s not often we opt for the back seat in a test drive but in this case it was mandatory. There are two types of buyers for luxury cars: those who dr(...)

Audi’s big-and-bluff SUV is, perhaps, always going to lose out in the looks race to the svelte Range Rover Sport, but under the skin, the Audi’s engin(...)

The quiet one. While the BMW 3 Series hogs the handling headlines, the Mercedes C-Class takes the image plaudits, and the Jaguar XE, Alfa Giulia, and (...)

Audi’s smallest SUV has the whiff of the marketing department about it, and is clearly an attempt to sell a pint-pot at quart prices, especially once (...)

Kane McCormack: Garda foiled an attempt on his  life three months ago. Photograph: Padraig O’Reilly

The Garda foiled an attempt on the life of Kane McCormack three months ago and believe he was lured to his death by men he trusted over the weekend. (...)

Gardaí preserve the scene at Waterstown, Co Meath, where Kane McCormack’s body was found. Photograph: Stephen Collins/Collins Photos

As brutal as the shooting of Kane McCormack was last Friday evening, the violence that took his life was at odds with the recent pattern of the Kinaha(...)

You can always count on Audi to skilfully re-work a success story into something even better, and the A5 is the proof of that ability. The original (...)

As someone recently said, the Q5 is a car which will not be mourned, by anyone, when it is gone. That judgement is, perhaps, a bit harsh, but it does (...)

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