The silhouette of a scientist against a visualisation of gravitational waves. Photograph: Julian Stratenschulte/EPA

(...) comprise Ligo, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, measured the infinitesimally small(...)

Storm Gertrude hit Ireland in 2016. File photograph: Erick Luke/The Irish Times

(...) distinctive wave patterns in the atmosphere 35,000 feet above the north Atlantic Ocean caused an “intensified(...)

US president Donald Trump waves at  Andrews air base in Maryland. Photograph: Reuters

(...) has risen 7 points, from 49 to 56 per cent: hardly a tidal wave of happiness. The only country to(...)

(...), the leader of the extreme right-wing Front National (FN). Mr Macron surpassed all predictions by(...)

IFA president Joe Healy: “The importance of agriculture being treated as a priority [in Brexit talks] can’t be overstated. These are real issues, affecting thousands of livelihoods.”Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

(...). Predictions that its political capital would be damaged in the wake of the pay debacle, which saw former(...)

British prime minister Theresa May and chancellor Philip Hammond: UK is trying to forge a bespoke relationship with Brussels. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

(...) this the second Brexit wave? Economists are unlikely to make premature predictions this time around(...)

 Bullish: French fans  Martin Roveda, Alexander Eymard and Bonibi William, all from Grenoble, in Temple Bar. Photograph: Gareth Chaney Collins

(...) would venture. That’s probably one of the safer predictions. Ireland has had the better of this fixture(...)

A rack of newspapers in Mexico City with headlines about  the  triumph of Donald Trump. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

While we were sleeping, first we voted into office the ones who watch you drown while very articulately expressing concern; then we tried voting for (...)

Cubans wave flags along the Malecon, Havana’s seafront esplanade, as the ashes of Fidel Castro were borne through the country to Santiago, November 30th, 2016. Photograph: Tomas Munita/The New York Times

(...) countless times over more than a decade. There had been wide predictions of unrest when Fidel died, but(...)

Andy Murray celebrates during the final of the ATP World Tour Finals against  Novak Djokovic. Photograph:Toby Melville/Reuters

(...), riding a wave of adrenalin after one of the toughest weeks of his career, beat the man whose crown he had(...)