In Geostorm, most of the good, dumb action seems to have taken place before the opening credits roll

(...) size of wildebeest. Geostorm even features a sequence in which Brazilian beach bums run from waves that(...)

Rebecca Ferguson: born and raised in Stockholm, she counts as Swedish but has an English mother of Northern Irish descent. Photograph: Vera Anderson/WireImage/Getty

(...) a misstep. But induction into Team Cruise on Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation – the one with the(...)

The incident took place on Lough Leane, the largest of the Killarney lakes. Photograph: iStock

(...) took place during what were “green sea” weather conditions, with waves of “significant height” breaking(...)

Nick and Claire on board Rogue Trader. Photograph: World Cruising Club/James Mitchell Photography

(...) are the waves. To capsize a boat, all it takes is a breaking wave, higher than the boat is wide, to(...)

Claire McCluskey with her partner Nick Russell (centre) and crew member Sean on board Rogue Trader, before they set sail from Antigua. Photograph: David van der Möllers

(...) really all that old, is a classically beautiful boat. Launched in 2008, Rogue Trader was home-built in(...)

Coast guard volunteer Caitriona Lucas, from Liscannor, who died in hospital after her boat capsized off the coast of Co Clare. Coast guard volunteer Catríona Lucas, from Liscannor, who died in hospital after her boat capsized off the coast of Co Clare.

(...) waves. Kilkee Fire and Rescue Service was sent to the scene and set up climbing equipment in an effort(...)

(...) swept into the sea by rogue waves. Changing the mindset of all those involved in commercial and casual(...)

In January 2014, a rogue wave higher than 29m was measured off Killard Point in Co Clare in water 40m deep. photograph: thinkstock

(...) vessels completely. Oceanographers, who have had no way of explaining these “rogue waves”, have in the(...)

 A woman walks alone on the Great South Wall in Dublin   after weather warnings were issued by the National Emergency Co-Ordination Centre. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

(...) south and west. “There are no rogue waves, only unpredictable ones. So please exercise extreme caution(...)

Into the light: uncovered pine stumps on the shore. Illustration: Michael Viney

Clontarf. Ireland’s storm surges, rogue waves, tsunamis, meteo-tsunamis and even the giants of surfing(...)