(...) almost every day for 12 years, and am extremely fussy about finish, pigment and lasting power. Though(...)

(...) excellent pigment without being so opaque as to require maintenance or any fuss at all, while keeping lips(...)

‘Adele nude’ is probably the best way to describe Blush Nude – a luscious sixties throwback with a modern texture.

(...) pigment naturally present in their lips. Tom Ford Lip Colour in Blush Nude (€46)  I first(...)

Michael Jackson and vitiligo: the star began battling the condition some time around the release of Thriller, in 1982. Photograph: Jean-Marc Giboux/Liaison/Getty

(...) a treatment that removes all remaining pigment, to balance out their skin tone. Jackson never(...)

(...) fine replacement for several wallet-blasting luxury concealers. This product also comes in colour(...)

Anne Madden: ‘Colours of the Wind’ (2017), from Colours of the Wind: Ariadne’s Thread at the Hugh Lane, Parnell Square, Dublin, until September 10th

(...) myth who she invokes, is a hard woman to pin down. In the paintings, bright clouds of colour snake and(...)

Image of St John from the ‘Book of Dimma’

(...) surface effects, including the use of gum to create gloss and a liking for vivid colour. Fading over time(...)

Dogs miss much of the colour we can see. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA

(...) and carbon dioxide. But green is also a colour we make in our minds, when information from our eyes is(...)

The Princess, Bhutan 1974 by Margaret Corcoran

(...)-and-white images, she devised her own colour schemes, sometimes lavish. In the larger version of The Courtship, the(...)

Gilt frames – favoured by  those who first bought the Impressionists’ work – are making a comeback.

(...) in mount boards, frame depths and colour options – it’s incredible how much these simple(...)