Estimates of how many died vary from 300 to 800, a remarkably low figure given the ferocity of the storm

(...) such power that the waves actually broke over the top of the Cliffs of Moher. Reading contemporary(...)

Vanessa Feltz: ‘What’s so noticeable about me? I honestly don’t get it. I just can’t see it.’ Photograph: Getty Images

(...) things I could do.” As she drives, she gets a fews waves and thumbs-ups from members of the public. “I(...)

This orange blob shows the Betelgeuse star which has a radius about  1,400 times larger than the sun’s

(...) 66 gigantic 12m and 7m antennas working together. Thanks to its high resolution and sensitivity, it(...)

Kieran Kingston celebrates with his son Shane following the Munster quarter-final win over Tipperary at Thurles. Photograph: Cathal Noonan/Inpho

(...) he caused minor shock waves by promoting 12 Cork U-21 players to the senior grade for this year(...)

Raising the  capsized Herald of Free Enterprise with a winch in 1987, at Zeebrugge in Belgium.  Photograph: PA

(...) run by a newspaper. “I was just looking around and next thing there was a gigantic heave to the left(...)

A rack of newspapers in Mexico City with headlines about  the  triumph of Donald Trump. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

(...) finally to state and recognise the existence of the gigantic elephant in the room - the Internet, and our(...)

Seán Rogers: ‘In the 1980s Boston was soaked in sunshine and covered in easy money.’

Banking west over Dublin and climbing steadily, the Boeing 747 shook as its gigantic engines(...)

Sigourney Weaver: “Growing up, I was much, much too shy to ever think that I was going to be an actor."

(...) lucky,” coos Weaver, as she waves an invisible brush next to my hair. (I know, I know. For one thing(...)

Las Vegas: a small galaxy throbbing on the desert floor, its children  the silent witnesses. Photograph: David McNew/Getty Images

(...) backwards behind gigantic parking lots or entrance halls just as you feel you are getting near them. If(...)

Anne O’Neill with her father Michael

Chris Noth, the actor who played Mister Big. I gladly rehashed the story on the air waves blissfully(...)