Medical and scientific researchers are closely watching the new EU General Data Protection Regulation  and what it might mean for  their work after it takes effect next May

(...) research and reproductive cloning, genome sequencing, gene editing and population-scale biobanks are huge(...)

It  is wrong to describe a fertilised ovum as a human being. It is a biological reaction. It has no head, no heart, no spine, no consciousness.

(...). And so we have surgery (which could be equated with genomeediting”), antibiotics, vaccinations, etc(...)

Medical genetic disorders affect about one person in 25.  Photograph: AP

(...)) technology to make a single specific change in the three billion units of the human genome. The work is(...)

A landmark study has raised the prospect of   the use of human embryo gene editing to eradicate inherited diseases. Photograph: OHSU/PA Wire

(...) this year co-chaired a major report on human genome editing for the US National Academy of Sciences(...)

Health Innovation Hub in Cork

From spinal cord regeneration and genome editing to 3D printing of human organs, modern technology(...)

A computer-generated image of a woolly mammoth emerging from an ice block. File photograph: ExhibitEase LLC/Steven W Marcus/PA Wire

(...) elephant genome, from 15 to 45. Prof George Church, who heads the Harvard University team, said: “We(...)

Many ethical questions arise as a result of genome research. Yet it offers much promise in treating disease, delivering safe genetically modified food and even defeating HIV. File photograph: Getty Images

(...) engineer people. Genome editing is a technology that promises much, but its unprecedented power has(...)

Ethan Hawke in Gattaca, where a two-tier society emerges in the future comprised of those who can afford to be genetically modified and those who can’t.

(...) our ability to pull together small strings of DNA and a powerful new genome-editing tool called CRISPR(...)

“Mice bring several really important advantages for discovery-based research.” Photograph: Thinkstock

(...) experimentation relates to the various techniques that are now available for modifying their genome. “DNA editing(...)

Illustration: Ivcandy via Getty Images

(...) using gene-editing. And Google and other investors recently pumped $120 million into genome-editing(...)