The survey in 1985  found fluoridation of public water supplies had contributed significantly to the prevention of dental disease. Photograph: Getty Images

(...) survey carried out to measure the effectiveness of fluoridation of water supplies found five(...)

Water in Ireland is currently fluoridated at between 0.6 and 0.8 ppm, half the limit permitted by the World Health Organisation. File photograph: Getty Images

A review of the practice of adding fluoride to water supplies has found no definitive evidence that(...)

The study at Trinity College Dublin included almost 5,000 adults and found a positive link between flouride in drinking water and oral health.

(...) over a 10-year period. The 2006 census showed about 84 per cent of households have fluoridated water(...)

Water fluoridation

(...) of the water supplies began in this country. Time for the considerable advantages in terms of(...)

The Minister said many countries had water fluoridation schemes

(...) the US showed more than 185 million people, 60 per cent of the population, had fluoridated water.

(...) moves to end fluoridation of Irish water supplies. Ms Pocock was representing her father the late Robert(...)

Problems with fluoride?

(...) water supplies. He quotes theoretical evidence that fluoride causes cancer, hip fractures, neurological(...)

Under the Microscope:  The public water supply has been fluoridated at a low level by the(...)

Fluoridation and the environment

(...) by optimally fluoridated water supplies. The effectiveness of water fluoridation in preventing tooth(...)

(...) among children with fluoridated domestic water supplies. Tooth decay levels were lower among children(...)