Withings ScanWatch offers an important feature the Apple device doesn’t

Tech Tools: Ability to monitor for sleep apnea makes this smart watch stand out

The Withings ScanWatch starts from €250

The Withings ScanWatch starts from €250


It’s hard to be a smartwatch in an Apple-focused world. But Withings’ latest product, ScanWatch offers something the Apple device doesn’t yet – it monitors you for sleep apnea. It’s not something most people think about, but apparently it’s more common than we think, because a lot of sufferers aren’t even aware they have it.

The condition causes oxygen levels in the blood to drop, which can leave sufferers feeling tired even after a full night’s sleep. If the watch finds a pattern of lowered blood oxygen, it will alert users to get formally tested for sleep apnea.

The watch will also monitor for possible atrial fibrillation, and will monitor activity, heart rate and exercise. Best of all is the battery life – a full 30 days between charges seems almost unthinkable in today’s world, but the ScanWatch claims to offer that feature.

From €250,withings.com