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How to claim your free 12-month digital subscription

Are you a third-level student? Did you know that students registered at Ireland’s third-level institutions qualify for a FREE 12-month digital subscription with

Usually costing €144, you get unlimited access to The Irish Times iOS & Android apps, expert advice, competitions and features, subscriber-only articles, email digests, online comment, informative podcasts on politics, culture and sport and much, much more! The list just goes on!

So, how to I sign up?

If you are a registered student at one of Ireland's third level institutions, click HERE ( to claim your free @irishtimes digital subscription

The Irish Times has delivered top quality news, opinion and analysis since it was first published back in 1859. While the principles upheld by The Irish Times such as the promotion of peace and tolerance have always been important they are just as essential at this time of great turmoil as they were at any time over the last 160 years.

What do I get?

From award-winning journalism to valuable archive material; at the touch of a button or a screen you can stay up-to-date with the latest on Covid, what’s happening in the world of business, sport, lifestyle, music, fashion and more.

Our dedicated Student Hub website carries the latest news relating to third-level education and the issues that face students today such as distance learning, on-campus developments, campaigns around fees, or issues surrounding accommodation and employment.

The aim of the Student Hub is to provide students-no matter what Irish institution they attend -an opportunity to engage with each other and to stay informed of what’s going on in each other’s colleges.

Student subscribers will also be eligible to enter competitions throughout the college year.

The Irish Times' Breaking News App is free to download as part of the subscription, giving students the opportunity to keep up to date with the latest happenings in Ireland and abroad.

The Student Hub also invites submissions from contributors about all aspects of student and wider life.

Articles can be written in English or as Gaeilge.