Websites of the week


Scottish Football

If you're a Scottish football junkie then the quirkily named "Scottish Football" site is the cyber-place for you. Here you'll find pages listing fixtures, match reports, league tables, a chat section, live scores and "Fitba facts" (this week's fact: in 1959 Highland League club Fraserburgh beat Dundee in the Scottish Cup - if you find this interesting you need to get out more). There's also a "postcard" section, which has cards featuring the faces of Scottish football legends that you can send to a friend via email (although if you send Alex Ferguson's face to an ABU `friend' that would probably count as hate email).

And there are links to the sites of every Scottish club on the internet, including third division Ross County, the northernmost senior football team in Scotland. You know the way Inverness Caledonian Thistle fans sing "we're by far the greatest team the world has ever seen" and everyone chuckles? Well, Ross County's fans are much more modest - they sing "we're by far the greatest team Dingwall has ever seen". Which is the name of their site: Ross County - The Best Team in Dingwall ( (Note that their "Gossip/transfer rumours" section has remained empty since the start of the season).