Wall criticises illegal tactics


THE tactics employed by team managers to limit the contribution of outstanding players on opposing teams were criticised at the Kildare County Board convention yesterday.

Chairman Jack Wall said good footballers were not allowed to play effectively when an opponent is sent out with the specific intention of fouling him at every opportunity.

Wall said this was evident during inter county and club competitions and he called on referees to take firm action against players who foul excessively.

He also told the convention, which was held in Newbridge, that there is a worrying drift towards semi professionalism throughout the GAA. Players at the top level are now expected to train up to five times a week as well as playing a game at the weekend.

This level of commitment, he said, is asking a lot from players, especially those with families.

He also called for a better system of distributing tickets for all ticket games. He said county board officials were inundated with requests for match tickets in the days before a big game and he suggested these tickets should be distributed through GAA offices instead.