Trawling through Ireland's Black catalogue


IRELAND v NEW ZEALAND THE HOME MATCHES: John O’Sullivanlooks back on our dismal home record against today’s visitors. Since The Originals came to these shores in 1905, it’s been all black

1905 November 25th, Lansdowne Road

Ireland 0 New Zealand 15

The first New Zealand rugby team to be called the All Blacks but they would affectionately be known as “The Originals”. Captained on tour by Dave Gallaher from Ramelton in Donegal – he missed the Ireland match through injury – whose family had emigrated when he was five years old. He became a legendary figure in New Zealand rugby, giving his name to a trophy now contested by the All Blacks and France. The touring team played 35 matches, losing just once, to Wales. They scored three tries at Lansdowne Road, Bob Deans (2) and Alex McDonald, all converted by Billy “Carbine” Wallace; the first player to score points in international rugby for New Zealand. Trinity student Harold Sugars was the only debutant for Ireland and the match ball had to be changed twice: Wallace kicked it out of the stadium and the second one burst.

IRELAND: M Landers; H Thrift, B MacLear, J Parke, C Robb; T Robinson, E Caddell; J Wallace, A Telford, E Allen (capt); H Sugars, J Hamlett; H Wilson, H Knox, J Coffey.

NEW ZEALAND: C Wallace; S Mynott, B Deans, J Hunter, W Smith; B Stead (capt), F Roberts; G Gillett, S Casey, B Tyler; A McDonald, B Cunningham; B Seeling, J O’Sullivan, F Glasgow.

Referee: JC Findlay(Scotland)

1924 November 1st, Lansdowne Road

Ireland 0 New Zealand 6

The New Zealand tourists had 11 new caps – Ireland had one, secondrow Alex Spain, the Cashel native winning his only cap that day – but still prevailed, thanks primarily to a try from wing Snowy Svenson. There was a suggestion in reports the final pass might have been forward.

The referee, Albert Freethy, was to become synonymous with that particular tour as he sent off All Black Cyril Brownlie after just eight minutes of the match against England, thereby handing the Kiwi the stigma of being the first player dismissed in international rugby. Some measure of family honour was restored when his brother Maurice was a try scorer that day at Twickenham. The game at Lansdowne Road was played in horrendous conditions and Ireland fared better than expected.

IRELAND: W Crawford; H Stephenson, G Stephenson (capt), J Gardiner, T Hewitt; F Hewitt, J McDonnell; J McVicker, T McClelland, D Collopy; A Spain, W Collis; N Brand, R Crichton, J Clinch.

NEW ZEALAND: G Nepia; S Svenson, F Lucas, B Cooke, A Hart; M Nicholls, B Dalley; J Parker, Q Donald, B Irvine; M Brownlie, R Masters; J Richardson (capt), S White, L Cupples.

Referee: AE Freethy(Wales)

1935 December 7th, Lansdowne Road

Ireland 9 New Zealand 17

Ireland finally scored some points in a game against New Zealand and that honour fell to UCD’s Aidan Bailey when he kicked a penalty 16 minutes into the first half. Charles Beamish of NIFC and the RAF became the first Irishman to score a try against the All Blacks, while captain Jack Siggins kicked a penalty before leaving the field with a broken collarbone. The visitors were still too good, though. Scottish referee MA Allen was supposed to officiate but his boat journey was delayed by stormy seas so with the blessing of the New Zealand team, IRFU secretary and former international referee Billy Jeffares took the whistle and as All Blacks captain Jack Manchester observed, was “sternly just.”

Ulster had drawn 3-3 with the tourists the previous week.

IRELAND: D Morris; V Boyle, A Bailey, G Malcolmson, J O’Connor; V Hewitt, G Morgan; T Dunne, B Graves, C Wallis; S Walker, S Deering; C Beamish, W Ross, J Siggins (capt).

NEW ZEALAND: M Gilbert; G Hart, C Oliver, P Caughey, B Mitchell; J Griffiths, J Sadler; A Lambourn, B Hadley, D Dalton; T Reid, R King; J Manchester, H McLean, T Mahoney (capt).

Referee: RW Jeffares

1954 January 9th, Lansdowne Road

Ireland 3 New Zealand 14

There was a great deal of expectation amongst the 45,000 crowd in Dublin that Ireland might secure a first victory over New Zealand as a week earlier, Ulster had held the tourists to a 5-5 draw. The province’s try scorer was Trinity’s Joseph Gaston and he was rewarded with a first cap, the only debutant on either team. Jack Kyle’s Ireland could not deliver though and their only reward was a late penalty from Noel Henderson.

Bob Scott kicked eight points for New Zealand, with captain Bob Stuart and Bill Clark adding tries. The tourists won 30 of 36 matches on tour (two draws), losing Tests to Wales and France.

IRELAND: J Murphy; M Mortell, N Henderson, C Pedlow, J Gaston; J Kyle (capt), J O’Meara; W O’Neill, F Anderson, J Smith; P Lawlor, R Thompson; J Kavanagh, J McCarthy, T Reid.

NEW ZEALAND: B Scott; M Dixon, C Loader, B Fitzpatrick, R Jarden; R Bowers, K Davis; S White, R Hemi, K Skinner; G Dalzell, B White; D Oliver, B Clark, B Stuart (capt).

Referee: PF Cooper(England)

1963 December 7th, Lansdowne Road

Ireland 5 New Zealand 6

New Zealand were led by the legendary Wilson Whineray – his brother Bruce was captain of the New Zealand hockey team at the same time – and won 34 of 36 matches on tour, the only aberrations a 0-0 draw with Scotland and a 3-0 defeat to Newport. Ireland, captained by UCD scrumhalf Jimmy Kelly, came agonisingly close to breaking their duck against the All Blacks.

Wings Alan Duggan and Johnny Fortune both won their first caps that day, with the latter enjoying a particularly memorable debut by scoring Ireland’s only try. Tom Kiernan converted but the visitors edged home with a try from Kel Tremain and a penalty from the siege gun boot of fullback Don Clarke. Bluey Arnold, Malcolm Dick and Ken Gray won first caps for New Zealand in a team that contained the Meads, Colin and Stan.

IRELAND: T Kiernan; J Fortune, P Casey, J Walsh, A Duggan; M English, J Kelly (capt); R Dwyer, R Dawson, R McLoughlin; WJ McBride, B Mulcahy; E McGuire, N Murphy, P O’Sullivan.

NEW ZEALAND: D Clarke; M Dick, P Little, B Arnold, R Caulton; M Herewini, K Briscoe; W Whineray, D Young, K Gray; C Meads, A Stewart; D Graham, K Tremain, S Meads. Referee: HB Keenan (England)

1973 January 20th, Lansdowne Road

Ireland 10 New Zealand 10

It stands like a solitary beacon in the history of Irish Test rugby. The New Zealand team, under captain Ian Kirkpatrick, failed to match the playing record of previous tourists losing matches to Llanelli, North West Counties, Midland Counties West, the Barbarians and France. It took on an infamous tone when Keith Murdock became the first All Black to be sent home for allegedly punching a security guard at the dinner following the Welsh game.

He never returned to New Zealand, instead quitting the sport and heading to the Australian outback where he has lived since. A play, Finding Murdoch, by Margot McRae premiered in June 2007. The current honorary treasurer of the IRFU, Tom Grace scored Ireland’s try, while Kevin Mays made his debut alongside Willie John McBride in the secondrow.

IRELAND: T Kiernan (capt); T Grace, K Flynn, M Gibson, A McMaster; B McGann, J Moloney; R McLoughlin, K Kennedy, S Lynch; WJ McBride, K Mays; J Davidson, F Slattery, T Moore.

NEW ZEALAND: J Karam; B Williams, B Robertson, I Hurst, G Batty, B Burgess, S Going; G Whiting, T Norton, K Lambert; P Whiting, H MacDonald; I Kirkpatrick (capt), A Wyllie, A Sutherland.

Referee: M Joseph(Wales).

1974 November 23rd, Lansdowne Road

Ireland 5 New Zealand 15

The New Zealand team was invited for a six-match tour of Ireland as part of the IRFU’s centenary celebrations. They beat the Combined Irish Universities (10-3), Munster (14-4), Leinster (8-3), Ulster (30-15) and Connacht (25-3) before taming Ireland. A couple of UCD students, James Crowe and Pat Parfrey, won their first caps and the latter went on to coach the Canadian national team.

The respective fullbacks contributed all the points, with All Black Joe Karam, scoring a try and kicking three penalties and a conversion, while Ireland’s response came from the boot of Tony Ensor.

IRELAND: T Ensor; T Grace, R Milliken, J Crowe, P Parfrey; M Quinn, J Moloney; R McLoughlin, K kennedy, S Lynch; WJ McBride (capt), M Keane; S McKinney, F Slattery, T Moore.

NEW ZEALAND: J Karam; B Williams, B Robertson, J Morgan, G Batty, D Robertson, S Going; K Lambert, T Norton, K Tanner; H MacDonald, P Whiting; I Kirkpatrick, K Stewart, A Leslie (capt).

Referee: RF Johnson(England)

1978 November 4th, Lansdowne Road

Ireland 6 New Zealand 10

On the previous Tuesday, Munster became the first Irish side to beat the All Blacks and the only team to do so on their 18-match tour to the Northern Hemisphere that brought 17 victories and a Grand Slam to boot. Munster’s 12-0 victory at Thomond Park suggested Ireland might be able to replicate that feat against Graham Mourie’s tourists. That didn’t pan out. Bruce Douglas dropped a couple of goals, becoming the first All Black to do so in an international. Ireland responded with a brace of penalties from Tony Ward. St Mary’s College wing Terry Kennedy and future Lion Colin Patterson made their Irish debuts.

IRELAND: L Moloney; T Kennedy, A McKibbin, M Gibson, F McLennan; T Ward, C Patterson; P Orr, P Whelan, N Byrne; M Keane, D Spring; F Slattery, S Deering (capt), W Duggan.

NEW ZEALAND: C Currie; S Wilson, B Osborne, M Taylor, B Ford; D Bruce, M Donaldson; B Johnstone, A Dalton, B Bush; A Haden, F Oliver; G Mourie (capt), L Rutledge, G Seear.

Referee: C Norling(Wales)

1989 November 18th, Lansdowne Road

Ireland 6 New Zealand 23

It will forever be remembered for Ireland captain Willie Anderson marching his Ireland team towards New Zealand as the latter performed the pre-game haka. Anderson pretty much ended up nose-to-nose with his All Black counterpart Wayne Shelford and although it drew media criticism the Ireland captain recalled years later: “They were throwing down the gauntlet and we were accepting it. Coach Jimmy Davidson and myself thought of the idea on the run-up to the game.

“The All Blacks were getting all the cheers as they were doing the haka so we decided if we met them head-to-head, the crowd would get behind us. It worked too. The atmosphere at the game was fantastic.”

Shelford admitted: “The Haka is a challenge, and they accepted it. It was as simple as that.”

Nick Popplewell and Philip Rainey made their Ireland debuts.

IRELAND: P Rainey; K Hooks, B Mullin, D Irwin, K Crossan; B Smith, F Aherne; N Popplewell, S Smith, J McCoy; D Lenihan, W Anderson (capt); P Matthews, P O’Hara, N Mannion.

NEW ZEALAND: J Gallagher; C Innes, J Stanley, J Schuster, T Wright; G Fox, G Bachop; S McDowell, S Fitzpatrick, R Loe; M Pierce, G Whetton; A earl, M Brewer, W Shelford (capt).

Referee: S McNeill(Australia)

1997 November 15th, Lansdowne Road

Ireland 15 New Zealand 63

What started out as a proud day for St Mary’s College, who had four players winning their first caps in scrumhalf Conor McGuinness, wing John McWeeney, fullback Kevin Nowlan and secondrow Malcolm O’Kelly – David Erskine and Kevin Maggs also debuted – ended with crushing disappointment as Ireland conceded tries to Alana Ieremia, Justin Marshall, Glen Osborne (2), Jeff Wilson (2) and Andrew Mehrtens, with the latter kicking five conversions and six penalties.

Ireland’s response was a brace of tries from Keith Wood with Eric Elwood kicking a penalty and a conversion.

IRELAND: K Nowlan; D Hickie, R Henderson, M McCall, J McWeeney; E Elwood, C McGuinness; N Popplewell, K Wood (capt), P Wallace; P Johns, M O’Kelly; E Halvey, K Dawson, E Miller.

NEW ZEALAND: C Cullen; J Wilson, F Bunce, A Ieremia, G Osborne; A Mehrtens, J Marshall (capt); C Dowd, N Hewitt, O Brown; I Jones, R Brooke, T Randell, A Blowers, Z Brooke.

Referee: T Spreadbury(England)

2001 November 17th, Lansdowne Road

Ireland 29 New Zealand 40

Ireland led 21-7 early in the second half but New Zealand stormed back with 33 points in 30 minutes. Current All Black captain Richie McCaw made his debut, as did Aaron Mauger and second half replacement and try scorer Dave Hewett, the latter pair having experience of things Irish. Mauger once played with Suttonians while Hewett lined out for UCD. John Mitchell, who had worked with Ireland in a previous incarnation, was in charge of New Zealand ,while the Ireland coach was former All Black Warren Gatland.

IRELAND: G Dempsey; S Horgan, B O’Driscoll, K Maggs, D Hickie; D Humphreys, P Stringer; P Clohessy, K Wood (capt), J Hayes; M Galwey, M O’Kelly; E Miller, D Wallace, A Foley.

NEW ZEALAND: L MacDonald, D Howlett, T Umaga, A Mauger, J Lomu; A Mehrtens, B Kelleher; G Feek, A Oliver (capt), G Sommerville; C Jack, N Maxwell; R Thorne, R McCaw, S Robertson.

Referee: AJ Watson(South Africa)

2005 November 12th, Lansdowne Road

Ireland 7 New Zealand 45

In the summer of that year the Lions went to New Zealand, a tour that earned notoriety for the spear tackle on captain Brian O’Driscoll. One of the two Kiwis involved in the incident, Kevin Mealamu, played in this match and wasn’t warmly received. However the New Zealanders did find favour with the locals on a midweek trip to Donegal to see the home of the Irish-born captain of their 1905 Originals side, Dave Gallaher. Neil Best and Rory Best won first caps while current Munster wing Doug Howlett crossed for two of New Zealand’s five tries.

IRELAND: G Murphy; T Bowe, S Horgan, G D’Arcy, A Horgan; R O’Gara, P Stringer; M Horan, S Byrne, J Hayes; D O’Callaghan, M O’Kelly; S Easterby (capt), J O’Connor, D Leamy.

NEW ZEALAND: L MacDonald; D Howlett, M Nonu, A Mauger, S Sivivatu; N Evans, P Weepu; T Woodcock, K Mealamu, J Afoa; J Eaton, A Williams; S Lauaki, R McCaw (capt), Tuiali’i.

Referee: J Kaplan(South Africa)

2008 November 15th, Croke Park

Ireland 3 New Zealand 22

There was an expectation Ireland could somehow turn back the black tide of history at GAA headquarters. But New Zealand were full value for their victory, albeit the final scoreline was a tad harsh on the home side. The visitors manufactured tries for Brad Thorn and Ma’a Nonu. A far more entertaining Irish-New Zealand encounter took place the following week at Thomond Park when Munster came within a whisker of upstaging their vaunted opponents.

IRELAND: G Dempsey; T Bowe, B O’Driscoll (capt), L Fitzgerald, R Kearney; R O’Gara, T O’Leary; M Horan, R Best, J Hayes; D O’Callaghan, P O’Connell; A Quinlan, D Wallace, J Heaslip.

NEW ZEALAND: M Muliaina; J Rokocoko, C Smith, M Nonu, S Sivivatu; D Carter, J Cowan; T Woodcock, K Mealamu, N Tialata; B Thorn, A Williams; J Kaino, R McCaw (capt), R So’oialo.

Referee: M Lawrence(South Africa)