Ken Early: How Delaney remained as FAI chief for 14 years

When it comes to winning respect of provincial leagues, nothing beats giving them money

Cork City FC has apologised to supporters and promised to investigate an incident which took place following the unfurling of an anti-John Delaney banner at its match at Turner’s Cross Friday night.

When you sit at an Ireland match at the Aviva Stadium and hear the crowd belting out anti-John Delaney songs, or listen to exasperated TDs criticising him at an Oireachtas committee hearing, or see an RTÉ poll indicating that support for his continued involvement with the FAI is down to 6 per cent, or search what people are saying about him on social media, or read the comments (when the site administrator allows them) underneath a news story about the latest goings-on at the FAI, it is quite easy to form the impression that Delaney is not very popular at all.

And yet there have been reminders over the last few weeks that Delaney is not universally unpopular, thanks to the many emails sent by members of the football family to journalists, affirming the support and gratitude that various provincial administrators and regional bodies still feel for Delaney.

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