New Liverpool boss Arne Slot promises ‘to build’ on Jürgen Klopp’s legacy at Anfield

Dutch manager highlights similarities shared by Feyenoord and Liverpool in terms of supporters and environment

New Liverpool manager Arne Slot says he will implement a playing style that is the 'best of both worlds' from himself and from Jürgen Klopp. Photograph: Martin Rickett/PA Wire

The new Liverpool manager Arne Slot has said he will implement a playing style that is the “best of both worlds” from himself and from Jürgen Klopp to ensure he leads the team to success.

Speaking for the first time since his appointment, Slot said his predecessor had left Liverpool in a good place and he was confident he could add to that. “I think we have a lot of quality and the way they played last season was already impressive, so we are going to build from there,” he said.

“Of course, you want to take some people with you as well because they know who you are, they know your playing style and they can translate this to the other people in the staff as well. But if you go to a club like Liverpool, you can assume – and I already noticed that – that there are a lot of good people working here as well.

“So, we are going to use hopefully the best of both worlds to implement a few things from us and to use the knowledge that is inside this club already because of the nine years Jürgen and his staff worked here.”


Liverpool confirmed three coaching appointments to Slot’s backroom staff. Two come from Feyenoord – his assistant, Sipke Hulshoff, and performance coach, Ruben Peeters, who join immediately – while the United States’ men’s ­goalkeeping coach, Fabian Otte, will arrive after he has completed his duties at Copa América. Slot confirmed discussions with the Liverpool sporting director, Richard Hughes, on “one or two” more additions.

The Dutchman also confirmed he had spoken to his new players, having waited for Klopp to depart before doing so, and said he was looking forward to working with them.

Slot also revealed he has spoken to Klopp for advice on the club and the players, and has been analysing footage of his work behind the scenes as much as Liverpool’s games to help determine what tweaks are necessary upon the players’ return.

He challenged the fans and players to “do the same job” as in previous seasons to help the club transition to this new era. “There is a change but the change hopefully isn’t that big, because we still have the same players, we still have the same fans – and if both of them are going to do the same job, that will make my life a lot more easy!”

He highlighted the similarities shared by Feyenoord and Liverpool in terms of supporters and environment. “Both are cities alongside the river, people work on the docks, it’s hard, working-class fans that appreciate seeing the team,” he said.

“I think these clubs like Feyenoord and Liverpool, from what I saw of it, it just means a bit more for the fans, it just means a bit more if the team does well than at some other places around the world. This is what I felt at Feyenoord and I’m expecting to feel the same here at Anfield as well.” – Guardian