Two fans given lifetime bans from Turner’s Cross for chants about Stephen Bradley’s son

Shamrock Rovers’ manager nine-year-old son has undergone treatment for leukaemia

Two people have received lifetime bans from Turner’s Cross after directing abuse at Shamrock Rovers manager Stephen Bradley, Cork City have confirmed.

Both people admitted their involvement and have apologised for their behaviour, which included chants about the manager’s son, who has undergone treatment for leukaemia.

Following the controversial 1-0 defeat to Cork, when Rovers had three players sent off, Bradley stated: “It’s disgusting. I’m going to put in a report to the police. Singing about my son ... You take stick. As a football person, that comes with it. That’s your job and that’s fine.

“But speaking about a sick nine-year-old is disgusting and Cork City should be ashamed of them. I want them banned for life. That’s disgusting. That has no place in football or society. That’s disgusting behaviour.”


The Corner Flag – a pub located next to the ground – had released a statement on Saturday saying that they were in a position to identify those involved.

The club has reiterated its zero tolerance policy with regard to abuse of this nature and commended those who showed their support and solidarity with Stephen Bradley and his family in the aftermath of this incident.

David Gorman

David Gorman

David Gorman is a sports journalist with The Irish Times