Six Nations: Hugo Keenan can take comfort from seventh outing in Irish shirt

The Irish fullback’s kicking was average and it is the work in progress part of his brief

Ireland captain Johnny Sexton and head coach Andy Farrell have defended Billy Burns after the replacement outhalf kicked an overtime penalty dead, denying Ireland a potential game winning play. Video: VOTN

There is an ability in some sports top players possess, which coaches call emergent intelligence or premeditation. It comes from training for Plan A. But Plan A never happens. It’s no different in rugby. Players train for Plan A and it doesn’t happen.

In a match where Plan A departs early and the team are left playing with 14 men for all but 14 minutes, players are asked to make dramatic adjustments and forced to find good decisions under greater pressure. There has to be an element of premeditation, which is picking up early cues and setting up to anticipate.

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