LIVE: All-Ireland quarter-finals - Back in form Dublin join five goal Derry in last four

Derry are into a first semi-final since 2004 after hammering Clare while Dublin cruised past Cork - Look back on the action as it unfolded with Eamon Donoghue . . .

So that’s that . . . Derry score five goals in reaching their first semi-final since 2004. Shane McGuigan scored 1-8 and Conor Glass (1-1) and Gareth McKinless (1-0) were also excellent, they’ll fancy themselves now in a semi-final against Armagh or Galway.

On the other side of the draw Dublin will face the winner of the weekend’s final quarter-final between Kerry and Mayo tomorrow, after their 11 point win over Cork. The Rebels showed glimpses of quality in the first half but the second half was far too easy for the Leinster champions, who progress untested, but with renewed confidence and their main players all looking in top form.

Scroll down to follow the action as it happened. The match reports from Croke Park are incoming on the homepage so keep an eye out for them. We will be back tomorrow with the remaining two quarter-finals. For now though, thanks for joining us.



FT Dublin 0-21 Cork 0-10

FT Clare 2-8 Cork 5-13


Man of the match Jonny Cooper: “There’s plenty to improve on and we are happy enough to have got over this tough opposition. We will review it and see where we can improve.”


FT Dublin 0-21 Cork 0-10 - Dublin are back in the football semi-finals. Hoping to go one, no two, steps further than last year. Still untested, but looking fluid and full of confidence. Cork were outscored 0-11 to 0-3 in the second half, some questions over their conditioning and concentration to be raised again no doubt.


Dublin 0-21 Cork 0-10 (73′) O’Donnell is involved as Scully wins a free and Rock slots it. His accuracy is off the charts! One of the many differences between the teams this evening.


Dublin 0-20 Cork 0-10 (69′) Dean Rock’s pointed mark brings Dublin to the 20 point mark. Four minutes of added time remain.


Dublin 0-19 Cork 0-10 (66′) Ciaran Kilkenny comes on the loop to kick his third point. Dublin then bring on their hurling full back Eoghan O’Donnell.


Dublin 0-18 Cork 0-10 (63′) Na Fianna’s Aaron Byrne is on, he loves to take the man on. Does that and kicks a nice point, assist via Hawk-Eye.


Dublin 0-17 Cork 0-10 (61′) Young Cathail O’Mahony wins a free and scores it himself. He then adds another. Two nice frees.


Dublin 0-17 Cork 0-8 (57′) John O’Rourke gets Cork’s first point in 25 minutes. Remember they were outscored 0-12 to 0-1 going down the stretch against Kerry, it’s 0-7 to 0-1 to Dublin so far this second half.


Dublin 0-16 Cork 0-7 (52′) Fenton kicks over an identical score to his last, but this time from about 40m out. He provides such an attacking threat for such a big athletic midfielder. Hawk-eye then denies Cork a point, it would’ve been their first of the second half.


Dublin 0-15 Cork 0-7 (47′) Dublin make it a double score game - Fenton joins the attack late, it’s popped back to him as he cuts through the D, and he pops it over . . . Rock then points another free.


Dublin 0-13 Cork 0-7 (45′) Dean Rock kicks his third free of the half. This one from the right wing. He’s so accurate from both right and left footers’ angles. So impressive.


Dublin 0-12 Cork 0-7 (42′) Cork needed a strong start, instead Dublin have settled the better with two Rock frees.


Dublin 0-11 Cork 0-7 (36′) Niall Scully wins a free from the first attack of the second half, Dean Rock slots it. Jonny Cooper then makes a brilliant block to deny Hurley, it’s out for a 45 which Sherlock kicks wide.


HT Dublin 0-10 Cork 0-7 - The first half ends with some excellent defending from Jonny Cooper, showing Brian Hurley the inline and forcing him down a blind alleyway before getting a good hand in.

Dublin lead by three, Cork will de delighted with that. They’ve been kept in it by some excellent individual scores - their inside line has been lively - but Dublin haven’t had any goal chances and aren’t worth much more than that half-time lead. Some excellent skills on show by both teams, kicking, and tackling in particular, although the game hasn’t reached the intensity these teams are capable of. Dublin have a lot of gears left in them. Hopefully we see more after the interval.

Half-time highlights . . .


Dublin 0-10 Cork 0-7 (35′) Two minutes of added time to be played at the end of the first half.


Dublin 0-10 Cork 0-7 (31′) Eoghan McSweeney is forced into a shot over his shoulder as Cork’s attack is pushed back, but he nails it. A wonderful score. Costello responds with a neatly taken point to restore Dublin’s three point lead.

Sherlock then misses a free. It wasn’t an easy one but Cork can’t afford to turn down any opportunities here.


Dublin 0-9 Cork 0-6 (29′) Paddy Small takes the ball on the loop and pops it to Tom Lahiff on the surge and he points on the run. Cork respond immediately, via Sherlock again.


Dublin 0-8 Cork 0-5 (27′) John Cooper’s shoulder is that bit late, and Dean Rock punishes it from the resultant free. Sherlock curls over a free at the other end and Cork are clinging on - three point game.


Dublin 0-7 Cork 0-4 (24′) Jonny Cooper joins the attack and wins a free. Dean Rock points it.


Dublin 0-6 Cork 0-4 (21’) Brian Fenton sets up Sean Bugler for a point. Cork respond via Steven Sherlock, that’s all of their inside line now on the scoreboard from play. Dublin then get one back via Paddy Small - his shot came down off the post on to the crossbar, off the post and back down over the bar.


Dublin 0-4 Cork 0-3 (18′) Hurley receives a pass over the top, turns a backtracking Eoin Murchan inside out and kicks over his second point.


Dublin 0-4 Cork 0-2 (14′) Ciaran Kilkenny takes on his man on the outside and shoots off his left for his first point. Brian Hurley responds with Cork’s second.


Dublin 0-3 Cork 0-1 (13′) Cork hit the post and Dublin kick two wides in a row. Then Cork kick two of their own. Both defences putting the pressure on the kicker.


Dublin 0-3 Cork 0-1 (8′) Dean Rock from a tight angle for a left footer, curls over his first free off his right.


Dublin 0-2 Cork 0-1 (5′) Cathail O’Mahony receives a handpass bouncing at his feet, in one move he sweeps it up and curls over a beauty, all the weight on his back leg. That’ll be a serious confidence booster for the youngster. Dublin respond via Lee Gannon.


Dublin 0-1 Cork 0-0 (3′) A patient Dublin attack ends with Costello coming on the loop and shooting on instinct, for the first point of the match.


Dublin 0-0 Cork 0-0 (1′) Dublin win the throw-in but their first attack ends with an over hit kickpass into Cormac Costello going out for a wide. GAME ON!7


Former Dublin full forward Eoghan O’Gara spoke to Sean Moran about his time playing with the Dubs

Teenage years I was maybe shy and struggled with self-confidence. Once I was shown a bit of love, I flourished in that environment.

Read that interview in full here


Cork to do the Dubs a favour by giving them a game but to ultimately run out of puff.

Verdict: Dublin by six

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In fairness to Dessie Farrell he knew a change was needed in style and the main effect has been to bring unpredictability to Dublin’s attack. That means they’re back trying to hurt teams through their kicking game, most obviously in the Leinster final.


Our attention now turns to Dublin v Cork! The second quarter-final of the day. Teams news as per programme is as follows

Dublin: Evan Comerford; Eoin Murchan, Michael Fitzsimons, Lee Gannon; John Small, Jonny Cooper, Seán Bugler; Brian Fenton, Tom Lahiff; Niall Scully, Brian Howard, Ciarán Kilkenny; Cormac Costello, Dean Rock, Paddy Small.

Cork: Micheál Aodh Martin; Sean Powter, Maurice Shanley, Kevin O’Donovan; John Cooper, Rory Maguire, Mattie Taylor; Ian Maguire, Colm O’Callaghan; Daniel Dineen, Eoghan McSweeney, John O’Rourke; Steven Sherlock, Brian Hurley, Cathail O’Mahony.


FT Clare 2-8 Derry 5-13 - Derry are into the All-Ireland semi-finals for the first time since 2004, after a 14 point win over Clare. Five goals scored, some excellent individual performances - 1-8 for McGuigan and 1-1 for Glass from midfield - they’ll avoid Dublin and Kerry in the last four. It’s a good day to be from Derry!

Full-time highlights . . .


Clare 2-7 Derry 5-13 (69′) Three minutes of added time to be played.


Clare 2-7 Derry 5-13 (65′) There’s so much space in the Clare full back line now and McGuigan is picking them apart. He’s left one on one inside and takes his point, teasing the ball over the black spot.


Clare 2-7 Derry 5-11 (61′) Cleary taps over another point before Derry squander two half goal chances and then McGuigan fists over. That’s his sixth point.


Clare 2-6 Derry 5-10 (58′) Malone is involved again as McKinless does well to cut out a goal chance for Clare, it’s brought back for a free though that veteran substitute David Tubridy tapped over.


Clare 2-5 Derry 5-10 (52′) Cleary kicks a free, his second point in a row as Clare empty their bench. The fresh legs are needed but it’ll be a serious test of their squad depth. McGuigan from the edge of the D then kicks a lovely point.


Clare 2-4 Derry 5-9 (49′) Fair play to Clare who aren’t giving up, Eoin Clearly cuts out a pass in the Derry defence, and takes it first time soccer style to bury a goal. But Derry’s reply is ruthless, McCluskey joins the attack again and plays a backdoor handpass to McGuigan who grabs goal number five.


Clare 1-3 Derry 4-8 (46′) Glass heads the Derry counter attack, he opens up and then pops a pass to overlapping corner back Conor McCluskey who curls over a lovely point. Derry lead by 14 points.


Clare 1-3 Derry 4-7 (40′) Derry centre forward Shea Downey makes a terrific block at one end. Centre back Gareth McKinless then shows his gears to tear through the Clare defence at the other end and rifle in a fourth goal. He is so fast and such a strong ball carrier. Heron adds a point.


Clare 1-3 Derry 3-6 (36′) Derry win the throw in, break into the Clare 21, and then work their way out to play keep ball around the middle. The second half is underway and it could be a long one for Clare unless they can kick some early scores!


HT Clare 1-3 Derry 3-6 A brilliant point from Eoin Cleary is exactly what Clare needed after the goal. But then Derry strike a hammer blow with a third goal of their own. Paul Cassidy buries a shot into the roof of the net after an excellent pass from McGuigan in the tackle.

Clare have been wasteful but Derry have dominated possession, Glass and McGuigan have been at their best, and they deserve their nine point lead.

Half-time highlights . . .


Clare 1-3 Derry 2-6 (35′) One minute of added time to come, and fair play to Clare who are showing great character here!


Clare 1-2 Derry 2-6 (32′) McGuigan adds another. The Clare kickout that follows is a good one, finding Jamie Malone down the right wing . Clare create the overlap and from a tight angle Pearse Lillis picks out the top corner! GOAL!


Clare 0-2 Derry 2-5 (30′) McGuigan steps inside two defenders and clips over another score. Derry’s key men are really standing up. Jamie Malone then kicks Clare’s second point, their first from play.


Clare 0-1 Derry 2-4 (28′) Clare go long from the kickout, Derry win the breaks and work it inside to McGuigan who shoots on the run from the left of the posts, and floats it over. Glass then adds another. They lead by nine points.


Clare 0-1 Derry 2-2 (21′) Paul Cassidy fists wide from close range when a goal chance might have even been on. At the other end Podge Collins latches on to a loose ball and kicks it off the ground first time but his shot is well saved by Odhran Lynch.


Clare 0-1 Derry 2-2 (18′) Cian O’Dea is tripped and Clare get their first score via a Eoin Cleary free. Shane McGuigan responds with his first.


Clare 0-0 Derry 2-1 (13′) Another GOAL!! Conor Glass joins the attack, plays a one two with Ethan Doherty who does well to ride the tackle and pop it back to him, he opens up and rifles a shot into the roof of the net! It’s hard to see Clare coming back from this against such an organised unit as the Ulster champions!


Clare 0-0 Derry 1-1 (9′) GOAL for Derry! Benny Heron picks his spot from close range. His third of the championship. Derry punish a poor Clare kickout with some quick hands and then a smart finish!


Clare 0-0 Derry 0-1 (6′) After exactly six minutes Niall Loughlin kicks over a close range free, for the first score of the match.


Clare 0-0 Derry 0-0 (3′) Derry won the throw in and both teams have had spells of possession but none are willing to take a risk thus far. Three minutes gone.


Derry’s strong and well practised system of counter-attacking has been road tested at a very high level, and although they aren’t the most experienced Croke Park team, the pitch will suit their game and even though their opponents had a positive outing there just two weeks ago, it’s unlikely to be enough.

Verdict: Derry

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“Here they are, rising still. They’re six-point underdogs against Derry to make it to the last four. If you think they’ll baulk at those sort of numbers, you haven’t been paying attention.”


Teams - (One late change for Derry, Niall Toner is in for Emmet Bradley, Clare unchanged)

CLARE: Tristan O’Callaghan, Manus Doherty, Cillian Brennan, Cillian Rouine, Cian O’Dea, Ciaran Russell, Jamie Malone, Darren O’Neill, Cathal O’Connor, Pearse Lillis, Eoin Cleary, Emmet McMahon, Podge Collins, Keelan Sexton, Aaron Griffin.

DERRY: Odhran Lynch, Christopher McKaigue, Brendan Rogers, Conor McCluskey, Conor Doherty, Gareth McKinless, Padraig McGroagan, Conor Glass, Niall Toner, Paul Cassidy, Shea Downey, Ethan Doherty, Benny Heron, Shane McGuigan, Niall Loughlin


Hello and Welcome . . . It’s All-Ireland football quarter-final weekend and first up this afternoon Ulster champions Derry take on Clare. Throw-in is 3.45pm. Before Dublin v Cork gets underway at 6pm.

Derry ended their long wait for provincial honours last month, beating Donegal in the final after wins over reigning All-Ireland champions Tyrone and then Monaghan. Beating three Division One teams en route to a first title since 1998, they’ll be favourites against a Clare team in only their second ever quarter-final. Albeit Colm Collins’ team will hope the momentum from their late comeback against Roscommon two weeks ago will stand to them.

Dublin meanwhile are hot favourites to follow up on their dominant form in Leinster and see off a Cork side who were beaten by 12 points by Kerry in the Munster semi-final, and reached the final eight by beating Louth and Limerick.

Keep in touch via Twitter (@DonoghueEamon) but for now, let’s get started!!