Watch the Irish fans in France brighten up everybody’s day

Singing with rivals and making friends with locals is all in a day’s work at the Euros

Irish soccer fans engage in a ‘Fields of Athenry’ sing-off in the rain between two neighbouring pubs in Paris. Video: INPHO/ James Crombie


The Irish fans in France have been making international headlines for all kinds of good reasons at the Euros.

From serenading nuns, to singing Abba classics with the Swedes and making a hero out of a man on a balcony, they’ve become a welcome sight on the streets (and trains) of France.

Making a hero out of a man on a balcony

The Irish and the Swedes sing Abba in perfect harmony, almost

Singing 'Our Father' to a nun on a train

Here are just some of the moments so far that have captured how Irish fans are getting into the spirit of Euro 2016.

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