Armenia file protest to Uefa over goalkeeper's red card


QUALIFICATION FALLOUT:ARMENIA have filed an official protest to Uefa over what they believe were wrong decisions by the referee in Tuesday’ defeat in Dublin. Armenia lost 2-1 after goalkeeper Roman Berezovsky was sent off by Spanish referee Eduardo Gonzalez after 26 minutes.

Berezovsky was dismissed for handball outside his area but TV replays clearly showed he chested the ball clear.

Armenian FA chief Ruben Airapetyan said the Armenians want Uefa to cancel Berezovsky’s red card rather than punish the referee.

TV replays also showed the referee allowed play to continue after it appeared Ireland striker Simon Cox handled the ball seconds before Berezovsky was wrongly adjudged to have done so.

Airapetyan dismissed any conspiracy theory that Uefa was trying to give Ireland an advantage to balance out France striker Thierry Henry’s infamous handball that cost them the chance of reaching the 2010 World Cup finals.

Henry handled the ball in the build-up to France’s winning goal against Ireland in the play-offs but the offence went unpunished.

“Trust me, I would never think or believe that it would be possible for Uefa to give such instructions to the referee,” Airapetyan said.

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6: June 3rd 2011 Italy 3 Estonia 0

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