Alcock may sue striker


Referee Paul Alcock may take legal action against Sheffield Wednesday's controversial striker Paolo Di Canio for the push that earned the Italian an 11-match ban.

Alcock has been undergoing physiotherapy to combat injuries he sustained in the incident when Di Canio sent him flying during Wednesday's Premiership clash with Arsenal on September 26th.

Alcock (44) resumed his duties at the time but has not taken charge of a Premiership match since November 7th. And he is set to remain on the sidelines until at least the end of January after suffering a reaction to the incident.

"I have been having physiotherapy since the incident but it has gone much deeper than that," he said.

"Last Tuesday, I was in a London hospital under general anaesthetic having treatment on my back to put a disc back in place.

"Since the incident I have had continuous pins and needles down my left leg. I was unable to sleep without painkillers and it has been hard for me and my family," said Alcock, who may now launch an action in the civil courts for loss of earnings.

Alcock insisted that he is not pursuing a hate campaign against Di Canio. "I have no grudge against Paolo Di Canio at all," he said.

"If I refereed him in a match tomorrow, it would be fine for me as long as he kept within the rules."

Refusing to comment further on the Di Canio case, Alcock is determined to get fit and end his frustrating spell on the sidelines.