Putting business owners in control – the Convertibill way

Unlike many traditional lending models, Convertibill provides businesses with the trade finance they need, quickly and easily


Convertibill provides trade finance products to enable businesses to finance their capital requirements and allows business owners to control how they use finance for consolidation and growth. It can also remove the need for personal guarantees, liens and other restrictive practices.

Convertibill opens up a new avenue to finance for businesses, one which they can use when they need it, without a long-term commitment. It can supplement traditional forms of finance. The main products offered by the company include order finance, supplier finance, invoice finance, sales finance, distribution finance and lease finance.

“Our customers tell us we can provide finance  faster than other providers in the market. Convertibill can make a finance decision in a matter of days. Also, our customers know where they stand at all times and they are not locked into onerous contracts with punishing exit clauses.” says Convertibill’s Patrick Reynolds.

The different forms of finance offered by Convertibill are designed to meet the varying needs of business.

Order finance
Convertibill order finance helps businesses fulfil orders and contracts by providing fluid, direct access to the capital needed to finance purchase orders. This makes the process of financing order swift and simple.

Supplier finance
Supplier finance helps businesses manage their supply chains by providing them with the finance to manage supplier payments while maintaining the cash flow that they need to continue trading. “By providing the cash to enable customers to finance their supply chain, we remove the barriers to business success and allow them to take advantage of bulk buying and early payment discounts,” Reynolds explains.

Invoice finance
Invoice finance allows a business to release the cash tied up in outstanding customer invoices.  “We have provided invoice finance for businesses in all sectors, by using the value trapped in their invoices,” says Patrick Reynolds.

Similar to invoice discounting, but without the liens or personal guarantees, Convertibill provides this finance to ensure businesses have the cash flow to meet new orders as they come in. Convertibill also allows customers to convert the value of individual invoices and not the whole book, giving them access to finance on their own terms.

This product is designed to help business owners take advantage of the value trapped in the business

Distribution finance
Distribution finance allows businesses finance their supply and distribution chain from start to finish with one provider. “Convertibill distribution finance enables businesses to pursue growth using the value contained in their business, without recourse to bank loans, overdrafts or other penal forms of finance,” Reynolds explains. “Our distribution finance reflects the value being created by the business, without personal guarantees or liens and sets businesses free to trade.”

Lease finance
Convertibill lease finance provides finance for the equipment that’s critical to a business. It allows a business to grow over time, rather than having to incur a significant initial outlay which would adversely affect cash flow.

This product is designed to help business owners take advantage of the value trapped in the business

Sales finance
Sales finance allows businesses sell equipment to customers where their customers pay in fixed instalments. It enables businesses to provide customers with the credit they need to ensure that there are no barriers to trade. This product is designed to help business owners take advantage of the value trapped in the business and use it to finance their sales, without the barrier of low or restrictive credit limits.

Project finance
Convertibill’s project finance method releases the cash in a business for use in large, medium or small projects. Convertibill project finance removes the credit and financing barriers which so often impede projects and prevent them from succeeding.

“We provide customised project finance built around our customers’ requirements,” says Reynolds. “Convertibill ensures that they have the finance to deliver projects without having to be worried about cash flow.”

A key advantage of the Convertibill trade finance suite of products is that it puts the business in control. For example, businesses can pick and choose the debtors a business wishes to finance whereas most other lenders want all debtors to be assigned as part of the process.

It also allows a business to untie itself from traditional sources of finance and release its finances in the process. In addition, the turnaround for approvals is extremely fast, frequently taking just three days to complete. 

A typical customer experience
Reynolds outlines how Convertibill has helped a fairly typical customer in the manufacturing sector. “A typical customer might order equipment from a supplier who won’t provide credit,” he says. “There could be more than thirty days between placing the order to receiving the equipment. Convertibill will provide the finance to allow the company pay for that order.  Our customer might then onsell the products and have to wait up to 90 days to get paid. We finance this part of the process as well. This is true end-to-end trade finance.

“This financing of the total process with one provider makes it easier for owners to manage their businesses. Convertibill can finance individual components of the trade finance process or the total process. We can also provide trade finance on a selective end-customer basis, order basis or a total business basis.”

Personalised level is also critically important. “We sit down with our customers to understand their business so that we can provide them with the finance they need to help them grow and develop,” says Reynolds. “No two businesses are alike and we pride ourselves on offering solutions which meet the specific needs of each individual customer.”

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