Finance those orders quickly and easily with Convertibill

The Irish economy is returning to recovery. However, for many businesses, access to the order finance they need is not available or too onerous to pursue


With the improvement in the economy and more optimism, many businesses are fortunate to be receiving purchase orders of ever increasing value. However, due to the legacy of the last downturn, many businesses are disinclined to, or believe they cannot, get the finance they now need to expand and succeed. Receiving large purchase orders is great for the business, but puts more pressure on cash flow, causing a major barrier to expansion and growth. In many cases, they simply cannot accept these orders, without significant new cash flow arrangements.

According to the latest Department of Finance SME Credit Demand Survey Report 85 per cent of businesses are seeing improvements in turnover and profit performance. However, most businesses believe the banks and other lenders are only lending to a small number of businesses and this is more likely for growth than for consolidation.

Convertibill delivers for these businesses. Addressing the requirement for both working capital and capital for growth, Convertibill uses the value in the businesses to provide financing. This means that the business can finance their order, supplier and invoice finance requirements, without the need for guarantees, liens or limits and without the onerous contracts typically required.  Using Convertibill the business owner can take on the new business, fulfil the purchase order and continue to expand.

Convertibill provides a better way to finance your business and the finance provided is tailored to your business needs.

“Our customers tell us the banks’ requirements, time to decision and the amount of information they need is a big barrier to approval. That’s why most choose Convertibill. We can provide finance where the banks won’t and because we are smaller, we can approve faster. Also, our customers know where they stand at all times and they are not locked into onerous contracts with punishing exit clauses,” says Patrick Reynolds, Convertibill’s CEO. Where a bank might take three weeks to make a decision, we will make it in a matter of days,” he says.

Clients of Convertibill Trade Finance have a dedicated Convertibill account manager. They work to understand your business and how you can make the most of Convertibill for your specific business needs. They will explain why many businesses are choosing Convertibill over other finance providers.

To see how much trade finance, you could qualify for, apply today or make an obligation free enquiry. Our team are friendly, helpful and willing to answer any questions. Convertibill provides a better way to finance your business. 

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