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What are the best workplaces for women in Ireland?

New programme recognises organisations that create a supportive work environment for women to develop personally and professionally

The Best Workplaces for Women is a new programme which recognises those top organisations which, while providing a great work environment for everyone, are creating positive and supportive workplaces for women in particular.

Taking the global standard Best Workplaces methodology as its basis, this award further recognises the organisations that go above and beyond to ensure the women in their workforce are treated fairly when it comes to recognition, training and promotion opportunities; where they can take the time off they need to attend to childcare or other family commitments; and where they are encouraged, empowered, and supported to do their best work.

These organisations highlight practices that make sure women in the workplace have a fair and positive work experience and can contribute their talents and develop personally and professionally – even in traditionally male-dominated industries such as IT and logistic provision.

They strive to bring balance to the interview process; create networks for women to connect, inspire, mentor and, at times, challenge each other; have development programmes that underpin a strong pipeline of female talent; offer flexible working packages that employees can adapt to best suit their needs and lifestyle; and provide benefits that extend far beyond traditional elements – such as statutory maternity leave.

Their reach also spreads past the confines of their own workplaces. A number of these organisations have programmes inspiring female students at primary, secondary and tertiary level to consider their future careers . Challenging stereotypes, they show students how their studies can lead to career opportunities and the role they can play in the business world.

As more people are looking to re-enter the workforce after a career break – often taken to look after children, or elderly or sick relatives – many of these organisations have mechanisms in place to support the transition back into the work environment. While they’re also open to men, the majority of applicants are women. Those who are successfully selected are coached and mentored, updating role-relevant skills, and preparing to take on a permanent position.

We are delighted to recognise the following organisations as the Best Workplaces for Women in Ireland (in no particular order):

  • Abbvie Ireland
  • Hubspot
  • Keuhne + Nagel
  • McAfee Ireland
  • Morgan McKinley
  • Odeon-UCI Cinemas
  • Regeneron
  • SAP
  • Tesco
  • Version 1
  • Woodies
  • Workday