Dr Aaron T Beck at  home in  2006  –  psychiatrist who upset Freudian dogma in the 1960s by developing CBT. Photograph: Ryan Donnell/The New York Times
Appreciation: Aaron T Beck

An image from Twitter showing large numbers of students gathering in Galway on Monday night. Photograph: Cllr Eddie Hoare via Twitter account

Just as they have reached a point of being ready to be set free from home, many young people are being forced to go back home

Covid-19 has shaken us up but it has also opened our eyes. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw/The Irish Times

Recovery will require that we restore the socioeconomic drivers of good mental health

Picking up the pieces: the Columbine killers, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, with a sawn-off shotgun a month before their attack. Photograph: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department via Getty

Columbine High School became famous in 1999 for a horrific massacre. Its former principal, who’s visiting Ireland to talk about yo(...)

Suicide’s ripple effect touches us all, but a kind word can aid someone in need

There are many support services to help people who suffer from this very painful condition

‘Without practical help to come to terms with the experience of psychosis and to re-engage with reality, a person will continue to retreat from the world around them, and adopt a lifestyle that others may view as odd or “crazy”.’ Photograph: Getty Images

Opinion: ‘While their inner turmoil contributes to their alienation, the poverty and loneliness of their lives may reflect our fai(...)

Mindfulness transforms our core relationship with ourselves and with each other

A Year of Living Mindfully: 36

Meditation offers a way to live that doesn’t depend on diversion, distraction or escape

Tony Bates: A Year of Living Mindfully 13

A Year of Living Mindfully: 5 I haven’t been very clear to date about what mindfulness is, so it might be helpful at this point…

A YEAR OF LIVING MINDFULLY: 4: My 6am alarm snatched me from the arms of Orpheus with a jolt. Another day

A YEAR OF LIVING MINDFULLY: Our best efforts to change our lives inevitably meet with equal and opposite forces

One week into my year of living mindfully, I woke without a voice.

Finally it happened. I had been putting it off for years but I could no longer hold back the march of time

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