“We really are weird over breasts, despite the fact that 51 per cent of the population has them (or will have them).” Photograph: iStock

Tweet from Dutch airline asking mothers to cover up while feeding children goes viral

Greg O’Shea, the newest resident of the villa on Love Island. Photograph: Instagram

The rugby player says he is looking for love, but will he end up in another love triangle?

Tanya Sweeney: ‘Given that parenthood is such a learning curve, it stands to reason that mums hit milestone moments.’ Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

Tanya Sweeney on a new mother’s milestones: The first walk, first date and first night out

Longford’s Maura Higgins of Love Island: she might need to thread carefully from her on in. Photograph:  Facebook

Whatever about a brand new resort putting Longford on the map, Higgins is way ahead on that front

Love Island: Maura Higgins knows her own mind, calls out sexist pigs and doesn’t mind doing the chasing

The Longford lass has become the fleshfest’s have-a-go hero. Sorry, but we are loving it

Tanya Sweeney with her baby Isola Cregan: The public health nurse made a suggestion I only wish I’d heard weeks previously. ‘Why don’t you just have a Meet The Baby afternoon instead?’ Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Some bring food and stay for 20 minutes, others want to sit for hours talking about themselves

Elena Puyo and her daughter Sofia (2) at Kaleidoscope Festival in Russborough House.  Photograph: Fran Veale

Billed as a family-first festival, Kaleidoscope bears the hallmarks of the typical weekender, with a few notable differences

Maura Higgins on Love Island: a woman making the first move has sent Twitter into a does-not-compute meltdown

Dismiss the show as a bonkfest if you want, but don’t underestimate its potent message

The Irish Wheelchair Association’s sports camps are packed with wheelchair sports, from soccer and basketball, to unihockey and archery.

The Irish Wheelchair Association’s sports camps offer children the chance to get active, fit and have lots of fun . . . no wonder (...)

Cathy Martin: ‘According to my screen time analysis, I use Instagram and email the most, followed by WhatsApp and iMessage. I’m on it for six to eight hours at least’

Irish people check their phones 46 per cent more than the European average. Why?

Tanya Sweeney: What they lack in a characterful, vibrant neighbourhood, houses in commuter belt more than make up for with size

Tanya Sweeney: Location or house size is a conundrum not easily solved

Little festival-goers in their noise-cancelling headphones are being catered for like never before./ Photograph: istock

Science hubs, yoga and hot tubs – festivals for little ones have come a long way

That my daughter’s side-eye game was terrifyingly strong at four hours old didn’t help one bit either. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Breastfeeding ‘is the lazy hoor’s way of doing things’, said a friend. But it isn’t always easy

Nike has introduced the mannequins to ‘celebrate the diversity and inclusivity of sport’

She looks ‘pre-diabetic and on her way to a hip replacement’, says one mean-spirited critic

The TV is still very much at the heart of the family living room.

Tanya Sweeney: Some of the intelligentsia like to say ‘I don’t even own a TV’

Tanya Sweeney, with  baby Isola: at home. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

‘I listened to her quick breaths, worrying that they were either too quick or too slow’

Jenny Greene: 'I think I was trending after Brexit and the Grand National'

Public uproar ensued after Jenny Greene left RTÉ. So how come she's still there?

From left: Users of the Irish Wheelchair Association’s services,  James Carolan, Mary Lynch, Kayleigh McKevitt and Ali Molloy  in the Phoenix Park ahead of the Irish Wheelchair Association’s garden opening at the Bloom Festival on the June Bank Holiday weekend. Photograph: Laura Hutton/The Irish Times

The great outdoors present even greater difficulties to those with mobility issues

The Human League

Sharon Alston has created an Irish festival that’s like a playground for ’80s kids

Closing down: six Arcadia Group stores in Ireland, including the flagship Topshop on St Stephen’s Green, are to shut. Photograph: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty

It used to be fun and edgy. But the teetering fashion chain got complacent

Tanya Sweeney with her baby Isola Cregan: ‘Isola spent her first minutes in life effectively lying on my face.’ Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

My childbirth story: A vernix-slicked baby was held over me for a three-second inspection

 Duncan Laurence, representing The Netherlands, wins the 64th   Eurovision Song Contest in  Tel Aviv. Photograph: Michael Campanella/Getty Images

The once exotic euroshow now looks and sounds like ‘The X Factor on Protein powder’

Creative childcare: Deirdre Doyle’s children Maggie and Charlie. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

With costs soaring, some families are finding inventive ways to mind their kids

Sarah McTernan of Ireland looks every inch the contoured pop contender. Photograph: Reuters/Ronen Zvulun

Review: The loyal Irish fans did their best to raise the roof, but had a job on their hands

Contestant Kate Miller-Heidke of Australia performs during the first semi-final of 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, Israel May 14, 2019. REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun

Only Australia’s brilliant, odd, Kate Bush-style entry stands out on a night of dull performances

Enya: “Her single ‘Caribbean Blue’ provided the soundtrack to the momentous final scene of Channel 4’s hugely popular teen comedy series Derry Girls. Photograph: Alan Betson

After appearing on the soundtracks for Derry Girls and Eighth Grade, the famously private singer has struck a chord with millennia(...)

‘The big thing kids learn about being around animals is the concept of being caring and nurturing,’ says Ian Callanan of Wooly Wards Farm, in Co Tipperary

Experts share their tips and tricks for getting children into the great Irish outdoors

Ireland, County Cork, Beara Peninsula, Ring of Beara, Eyeries, colorful houses

Small towns still go for bold colours, but in urban areas choices have narrowed

Fondue memories: The upwardly-mobile set would invite friends to their homes for brightly coloured extravaganzas, where spectacle was everything. Photograph: iStock

A Twitter account, ’70s Dinner Party, has spawned a book celebrating the culinary adventurism of yesteryear

Illustrator/ scientist/ writer Maria Boyle  at her home in Glasnevin. Photograph: Alan Betson

Maria Boyle on her new book, Instagram fame and being honest about motherhood

Isola Gabrielle Cregan was born on Friday, February 7th.

Tanya Sweeney: As the Big Day loomed closer, could I not just enjoy being off the grid for a bit?

Tanya Sweeney pictured at home in Stoneybatter, Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times

Tanya Sweeney: As my due date approaches I am moving like a post-marathon Jabba the Hut

The Kleinmann family in April 1938, taken in Vienna: Herta, Gustav, Kurt, Fritz, Tini and Edith. Photograph: Peter Patten

‘It hit me very strongly, realising the many times my father and brother nearly died’

Alice & Noel, a married couple from Wicklow, are a hit with the crowd.

What makes stars of TV talent competition perform in front of a 350,000-strong audience?

 Tanya Sweeney  at home in Stoneybatter, Dublin: “I shall report back from the other side. I just hope there’s even one tiny Lucille Ball moment in there somewhere.” Photograph:  Dara Mac Donaill

Good for you if you have your 12-page plan laminated, but best laid plans often end up on the floor like a queasy partner

Matt Pritchard: “I’m currently getting a bit of abuse online because of the vegan thing. I’m not exactly friendly with our local farmers at the moment.”

The 'Dirty Vegan’ Matt Pritchard from Dirty Sanchez aims to prove you can be plant-based, yet keep the party going

“Science is finally coming around to the idea that being of advanced maternal age isn’t necessarily a hindrance, and can actually be beneficial.” Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

When it comes to fertility, it is not a level playing field

Author Catherine Gray on taking a year off dating and finding happiness on her own

 LIsa Wilkinson at Elbowroom Escape, Donard, Co Wicklow decided to “run away” from her life and retrain as a yoga instructor. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

3.2 careers in an average lifetime: there's a case to be made for jumping into the unknown

Tim Firth and Gary Barlow with the cast of Calendar Girls including Rebecca Storm. Fern Britton, Sara Crowe, Denise Welch, Ruth Madoc, Karen Dunbar and Anna Jane Casey

Writing ‘Calendar Girls’ took Take That star way outside his musical comfort zone

Women’s names written on post it in different colours

Tanya Sweeney: I have a baby name in mind and I might test it out in Starbucks

There are moments of weighty introspection in Samantha Irby’s book on being a woman of colour; experiencing grief and mental health issues; dating, and  chronic illness.

Samantha Irby's essay collection is not for those who prefer their writing with a side slice of stirring, poetic lyricism

Calm The F**k Down is a new book designed to help people relax. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Bestselling author Sarah Knight is a leading light in the 'sweary self-help' phenomenon

Take an afternoon to avail of offers and switch providers

Now's the time of year to implement small but effective financial hacks

Most countries have dropped their  nannying TV health shows. Not us. Operation Transformation remains one of RTÉ’s great juggernauts

Review: The makers of the weight-loss reality show sure have brought the feels this year

Tanya Sweeney: “I’ve started to think about the times my own mother taught me left from right, tying shoelaces, the difference between ‘their’, ‘they’re’ and there’. The most basic and quotidian things, doled out in moments of selflessness and sacrifice.” Photograph Nick Bradshaw

About to have her first baby, Tanya Sweeney reflects on her youth and her late mother whose maxim was 'don't make me a gran'

 Declutterer supreme Marie Kondo

As the decluttering queen starts a new series, Irish designers share tips for a tidy 2019

Tanya Sweeney: “I might get away with a non-Christmas or two in the coming years, but after that, I’ve been assured that the festive season becomes hard work.” Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Christmas isn’t just for children – sometimes, it’s also about being someone’s child

Marty Morrissey with Ksenia Zsikhotska dancing on RTE's Dancing with the Stars. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

An eventful and heady year: From the return to boomtimes to the Beast from the East

Laurence Baker and Kristen Flanagan at their home in Roebuck Castle, Clonskeagh Dublin, with their dogs George and Stanley. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Getting a foot on the property ladder wasn’t easy in 2018 but for some it worked out after years of planning and saving

“Some of my friends think I’m crazy for not wanting a shower and baby register. ‘You’re only going to end up with hundreds of babygros and none of what you really need,’ warned one.”

As my bank balance races to zero, a thought sat in my stomach like a brick: how can I afford to bring a baby into all this

Look out for pre-lit Christmas trees to remove the annual light detangling from your to-do list

Take the hassle out of the festive season by following our expert guide

Sometimes at Christmas there’s nothing for it but to crack out a board game,  Photograph: istock

Ditch the screen time and try your hand at some old-fashioned family bonding (or simmering tension)

Tanya Sweeney: “There is so, so much new stuff to know in a relatively short amount of time.” Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Apparently, if you’re not suffering then you’re not putting your back into this mothering thing, are you?

Volunteering can have a number of personal and professional benefits

With everything from renovation to quick phone calls, there’s a role to suit everyone, plus 20 ways to give back in 2019

Conor McGloughlin, Chanchan Yubozhou and Cameron Drumm, of The Palestrina Choir of St Mary’s Pro Cathedral, Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Choir may be more diverse than ever, but it’s still notoriously difficult to gain a coveted spot

Tanya Sweeney: There is so, so much new stuff to know in a relatively short amount of time, even if your only plan is keeping a baby alive. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Men are eyeballing my heaving belly warily (don’t worry love, it’s not yours)

Katia and Nadia Narain say self-care should be an everyday activity

London gurus in well-being Nadia and Katia Narain count Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Reese Witherspoon among their followers

Tanya Sweeney: People who know and love me have never seen the like. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

I'm pregnant and everything from pork to Brian Cowen is leaving me in tears. Don't get me started on the pelvic girdle pain.

An alcohol-free trip to Vegas was the longest four-day junket of my life. Photograph: iStock

Solicit advice on the subject and you’ll get any number of wildly varying opinions

Sara Cosgrave at Lansdowne Place: “Some people have more of an inclination towards whimsy, but others want a very clean, contemporary aesthetic. Very minimal, very Minotti, very Italian.”

At an average age of 54, buyers in the Lansdowne Place scheme come with plenty of worldly goods but the luxury scheme has engaged (...)

Sara Thompson of Thompson Clarke.

Kitchen islands are giving way to walk-in spaces where clutter can be concealed according to interior designer and pantry expert S(...)

Composer and multi-media artist Una Keane with her daughter Willow and dog Indie: “Experiences are now more important to me than things. I can live without this stuff.” Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Priced out of her Dublin home, composer Una Keane is taking baby and dog on a road trip

A map showing the four parking zones in Dublin city centre and the current charges associated with each.

Cuffe says city centre increase should be accompanied by parking fees in shopping centres

Tanya Sweeney: “Whether women have children or not, they are united in their enthusiasm to immediately dispense advice; the good, the bad, the poo-related.” Photograph Nick Bradshaw

Friends’ reactions to my pregnancy ranged from utter disbelief to, um, utter disbelief

Trifle: Paul Howard still makes a Bird’s every Christmas in a nod to his working-class childhood. Photograph: iStock/Getty

Aspirational foods of 1970s and 1980s Ireland included Smash, Vesta and Angel Delight

Tanya Sweeney: ‘I have 18 years, possibly more, of hard, unpaid labour ahead of me.’ Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

On track for a child-free life, when two lines show up on a pregnancy stick

Jane O’Callaghan, owner of Longueville House, at Longueville, Ballyclough, Mallow, Co Cork. Photograph: Daragh Mc Sweeney/Provision

‘Ireland’s Blue Book’, now in its 45th year, has outlived many vagaries of the hospitality scene

John Niven: Many years of experience in the music industry also stood him in supremely good stead. Photograph: Simone Padovani/Awakening/Getty Images

Be prepared for onyx-dark prose, misogyny and twisted world views in this biting satire

Monkstown kitchen extention Photograph: Ros Kavanagh

The owners of this Monkstown home needed a bigger, better kitchen. Architects Arigho Larmour Wheeler obliged with a clever design (...)

Robin Wright delivers a nuanced central performance in House of Cards. Photograph: David Giesbrecht/Netflix

Season six opener: the show appears to be doing just fine without Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood

David Gillick’s lemon and rosemary beef casserole

Some well-known names share their kitchen favourites

Directors of the Abbey Theatre Neil Murray and Graham McLaren: vision and ambition go hand in glove

TV Review: In The Abbey, A Riot Of Our Own there is endless enthusiasm but whether the directors are winning in their crusade to s(...)

Anca Dumitra as Ana in Doing Money. Photograph: BBC/Renegade Pictures/Peter Marley

TV Review: New bone-chilling drama makes for uneasy, but essential viewing

Florence Pugh and Alexander Skarsgard in The Little Drummer Girl. Photograph: Jonathan Olley/BBC/The Little Drummer Girl Distribution Ltd

Review: Florence Pugh mesmerises in this adaptation of a John le Carré spy story – and Alexander Skarsgard is not too shabby eithe(...)

Along with ‘The Reek’, Westport offers a large range of outdoor activities. Photograph: Brian Cregan

Bracing outdoor pursuits, vibrant nightlife and showstopping restaurants make for one of the most lively weekend breaks in the cou(...)

Former Airbnb host Ceire Sadlier in her apartment in Townsend Street , Dublin in 2016. Photograph: Eric Luke

New restrictions on Airbnb rentals will persuade some hosts to abandon the service. But the rules may be hard to enforce

Experience + Innocence: Bono at U2’s London show on Tuesday. Photograph: Simone Joyner/Getty

The band’s Experience + Innocence tour is deeply nostalgic yet very plugged in

Spending a little extra on some things might save you a few euro in the long run

Architect Dermot Bannon helps launch Vodafone Ireland’s Vodafone Gigabit Broadband campaign. Photograph: Naoise Culhane

The architect and self-confessed luddite looks to the future home

Time to cosy up. Photograph: Getty

Our experts have simple tips to make those long nights in worth running home for

Finbar Furey and Imelda May performing sweet sixteen at The Late Late Show in London. Photograph: Andres Poveda

Review: The move to London made Friday’s Late Late Show even more parochial than usual

Laura Whitmore: From a family of strong women

Who Do You Think You Are?: Whitmore is effervescent in the face of scant material

Node Residents Kelly Fischietto, Stefano Gambarotta and Rowena Doyle. Photograph: Tom Honan

For the 50 Node residents in Dublin, the price tag makes financial sense in a city of rising rents

Blood: Carolina Main as Cat Hogan, who suspects that her father (played by Adrian Dunbar) may have killed her mother.

‘Blood’, starring Adrian Dunbar and Carolina Main, has the makings of must-see TV

Meghan Markle closed a car door. Photograph: Getty

Reports on the Duchess closing her own car door have hailed her as humble, while also slamming her for flouting royal protocol

Strictly Handbag hadn’t been Martin Thomas’s first rodeo – before Strictly Handbag, he had started a club night in Powers Hotel.

In 1990s and 2000s, Irish club night scene collided with both acid house and Celtic Tiger

Summer nights: Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta in Grease

Released four decades ago today in Ireland, the hit coming-of-age movie has barely faded

Owning a home is a more elusive goal then ever for twentysomethings. Photograph: Getty

Baby Boomers watch the housing crisis much as they would a disaster unfold abroad

The Courtyard house by Tom de Paor

Tom de Paor’s extension to a 1940s semi is one of Open House Dublin’s hottest tickets

Laura Kirk and Laura Gallop of the Berkamsted Revisited podcast

'Berkhamsted Revisited': 'When you’re a teenager, the other gender is completely alien'

The video is a humorous parody of Victoria Beckham’s Spice Girls years. Photograph: Vogue/YouTube

A mockumentary marking Beckham's 10 years as a designer and Spice Girl history has gone viral

Pope Francis: a big attraction for many, but also easy to avoid this weekend. Photograph: Andreas Solaro/AFP/Getty

There are lots of alternatives this weekend – and ironic takes on Francis’s Irish trip

Susannah Walker: author of ‘The Life Of Stuff’. Photograph: Adrian Sherratt/ The Sunday Times

Susannah Walker’s memoir of her mother’s hoarding highlights their difficult relationship

Maurice and Suzanne Hedderman with their son Luke and Luke’s girlfriend Jessica Rielly at Prospect Park Mobile Home Park, Ballymoney, Gorey, Co Wexford. Photograph: Patrick Browne

Mobile home parks took a hit with the advent of cheap flights, but owners keep coming back for the stress-free summers they offer

Muireann O’Connell has the enthusiasm, not to mention the affability, to keep things palatable

Early morning offerings run a narrow gamut from hectic to lightweight

From pets to beauty and overseas treats, there’s a range of products to choose from

The kitchen is not just a place to make breakfast; it’s an extension of our personalities, our bank balances and our tastes. Photograph: Getty Images

We spend more time in our kitchen than in any part of the home. It’s become the focal point, and the thing we’re most likely to co(...)

It’s a shame, really, that Cathal Murray’s Late Date doesn’t offer more of a platform for little known or emerging artists.

Eclectic music has long been preserve of night-time radio, as have more outré talk shows

Hiring a night nurse to help out at home can prove a godsend for stressed mums and dads

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