Put the space under your stairs to good use. Photograph: Getty Images

Having more rooms won’t necessarily give you the space you need

Instead of enjoying the snow, you might be one of the unlucky ones, however, who woke up to a home-related headache

Six tips to help when the electricity is down and the windows are leaking

Dancing with the Stars:  anything can happen. Photographs: Kyran O’Brien/RTÉ

Behind the scenes of the RTÉ hit show, from the nervy celebs to the team that delivers the slick production

Writer John Boyne and his interior designer Caroline Flannery in his Rathfarnham home. Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

The best-selling author’s house was full of memories; interior designer Caroline Flannery gave it a whole new vibe

Auctioneer Brendan Bowe with  Baxter in Ballincollig, Cork. ‘It’s an extraordinary ice-breaker, having a pet around.’ Photograph: Daragh Mc Sweeney/  Provision

Pets leave their mark on the workforce by lowering stress levels and increasing team spirit

Gabriel Byrne: ‘Weinstein  was intensely disliked, but he had such power.’ Photograph: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

The Dublin actor on sex harrassent, and why fame is like being trapped in a drum

Jess Kidd, author, pictured in St. Stephens Green, Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

London-Irish writer has delivered her second, 'genre-splicing' novel, The Hoarder

Elbowroom Escape in remote Donard, Co Wicklow

It takes practice to really let go and be comfortable with your own thoughts

Rachel Schoene, administrator at the CoderDojo foundation,  with her 10-year-old daughter Lexi

Even tech companies admit there’s no function or tool that replaces a healthy, ongoing dialogue

Change up your cupboard door handles. you can always change them back at the end of the tenancy

Don’t live with your landlord’s bland taste – take advice from these top designers

Desperately seeking a plumber. Photograph: Getty Images

You know the boom is back when plumbers and electricians won’t take your calls

If your wallet is getting dusty, bring someone on a tour or rent out your house. Photograph: Getty

Ten ways to get your hands on some extra cash during the longest month of the year

‘By the time mid-January rolls around, it’s not unusual for our finances to be teetering close to peril.’

From giving blood to nixers, there are ways to survive the financially toughest month of the year

Once the trendy cafes with blackboards move in, it’s probably too late to make a canny property investment. Photo: Getty

Once the cafe blackboards and Deliveroo cyclists are in an area, it’s usually too late to invest

An Irish survey found that only 57 per cent of Irish people interact with their neighbours on a regular basis

Tanya Sweeney on the art of being a good neighbour

‘I started to understand what Margaret Cho meant when she said that being thin is like trying to hold a basketball underwater’

Tanya Sweeney: Yes, there are plenty of success stories but the uniquely joyless slimming club does not work for me

‘The market is positively overflowing with books on how to manage anxiety, but Morgan’s sits a cut away from the rest.’

From bestsellers that have sold in their millions to new wellness writers on the block, this is the perfect starting point for a m(...)

‘As if to compound the awfulness of going back to work after a festive break there is Fat Cat Thursday’. Photograph: Philip Toscano/PA Wire

By the time you come back from lunch today, the UK's top chief executives will have earned more this year than your entire salary

From adult swaddling to orgasmic meditation, there are some truly crazy alternative wellness programmes available

There is a certain onus on the host to offer a generous welcome without issuing too many pernickety caveats. Photograph: Getty Images

Tanya Sweeney on how to host a guest and then send them on their merry way

John Wilson with his dog Coco: “I’d say if I were to go to Finglas today, I’d be like the Pied Piper.” Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Beloved 1980s’ television series enjoys a second life thanks to social media

Robert Sutton: 'My father always told me to avoid a**holes at all costs, no matter how rich or powerful they might be, because I would catch their nastiness and impose it on others.'

Stanford professor Robert Sutton has advice for avoiding objectionable people

We may emigrate, but we almost always feel that pull back to  home

Nostalgia is fun, and the Irish have a knack for it. Yet the finality of clearing out the family home is an emotional head-spin yo(...)

Top of the world: Paul Mescal’s nosebleed trajectory in Irish theatre has certainly singled him out as one to keep an eye on. Photograph: Ste Murray

The Gate: Twenty-one-year-old acting newcomer Paul Mescal has been cast in some of the country’s biggest theatrical productions

Counting the seats at the bar, 9 Below holds 80 people with many quiet corners and alcoves.

A new concept bar that's seductive, sonorous, and with serious top notes of Don Draper

No sleeping pill promotes a natural sleep – ‘it’s sedation, not sleep’

'The number of health issues related to sleep pretty much trumps everything else'

 Esther Perel: an eminent, searingly honest voice of reason on modern relationships.  Photograph: Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Girlboss Media)

Finding ‘The One’ sets most people up for an emotional fall

Swedish model Elsa Hosk at the 2017 Victoria’s Secret fashion show in Shanghai in November. Photograph: Fred Dufour/AFP/Getty Images

The underwear store, which opened in Dublin this week, celebrates a narrow version of femininity

The queue outside Victoria’s Secret on Grafton Street before it opened its doors at 10am on Tuesday, December 5th. Photograph: Tanya Sweeney

‘I love my underwear’: A first look inside the flagship Grafton Street store

Celine Byrne.

Ireland’s best-known soprano effortlessly moves from opera to ‘The Sound Of Music’

John Murphy, a piano tuner, is the man behind the piano on the platform at Pearse Street Dart Station

John Murphy’s Pearse Street station piano was a hit and now he’s looking to raise money for the homeless with another one

Vicki Larson suggests that couples take an “emotional” inventory every seven years (or in some cases, before deciding whether or not to have children)

A new book argues that marriage as a lifelong contract is past its sell-by date

Giving a room piled high with newspapers a clearout and a makeover might be a neat narrative arc on TV, but there’s often much more to it than that. Photograph: Getty Images

Researchers are exploring links between life-changing events and hoarding

Stacey Dineen, body positivity activist: “I do get negative comments, but they don’t affect me anymore”

Limerick woman and body positivity activist Stacey Dineen is on a mission to help

It takes a special motivation to think about tricep dips during the ad break for Gogglebox, but as habits go, it’s a relatively easy one to get into. Photograph: Kevin Mingora/Allentown Morning Call/MCT via Getty Images

Trick to successful exercise at home is realising you don’t need the pricey gear

Crossing over - southside to northside on the  Millennium Bridge. Photograph: Eric Luke

‘Welcome back to the northside. You’ll love being back on the right side of the river’

Alfie Byrne was a mass of contradictions: a man fond of grandeur, yet who prided himself in fixing his own push-bike. A politician seduced by the pomp of Westminster, who didn’t mind getting his boots wet when the occasion arose.

Alfie: The Life and Times of Alfie Byrne review: Trevor White animates an overlooked Dublin legend, vividly evoking the past

Blue bedroom at  Rath Ullord, a new housing scheme in Co Kilkenny. Photo:  Dylan Vaughan

Previously safe, neutral shades have given away to an explosion of colour

Grace Jones: The documentary ‘Grace Jones: Bloodlight & Bami’ is out on Friday. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Director Sophie Fiennes pulls no punches - making her the perfect director to make a biopic of the magnificent Grace Jones

Niall Horan: “It’s not like I’m going around wrecking the place, taking a load of drugs. I’m not that kind of guy”

As the One Direction star from Mullingar – currently single – prepares to launch his debut solo album, ‘Flicker’, Tanya Sweeney me(...)

Unless your friend is willing to move 95 carloads, get the professionals in. Photograph: Getty Images

Don’t use a friend, don’t get emotional and above all, carry your own toilet roll

Abortion rights campaigners pass along the quays as part last year’s March for Choice. The 2017 event takes place in Dublin on Saturday. Photograph: Eric Luke

Thousands expected at sixth annual March for Choice in Dublin

Irish in Britain: “My parents never experienced any racism,” says Dermot O’Leary. Photograph: Jeff Spicer/Getty

The ‘X Factor’ host on childhood summers, being Irish in Britain, and growing up a gabbler

People writing on the #SoundEffect ‘Wall of Sound’ at Electric Picnic 2017

The #SoundEffect campaign was embraced by millions and has been praised by the Taoiseach and the President

Ciara Sidine: “It’s funny how a crisis can push you towards something you didn’t have the confidence to do before.” Photograph:  Emily Quinn

‘It’s not always possible to do what you want, but if you don’t do something to fulfil your own desire, there’s a price,’ writes s(...)

`Bella DePaulo is very much single at heart. She loves solitude, and can go for days at a time without feeling lonely or isolated’

Are you single at heart? Bella DePaulo’s believes some people are best out of relationships

Photo posted by Conor McGregor on social media: “It’s never too early to start dressing like a Baggot Street bank manager”

We've pulled together some pointers from the sports star's (very) charmed life

I’m asked “Just you?” as though a woman looking for a small house is weird

I had duly filled out my CAO form with the greatest hits: Dentistry, Medicine, Law, Veterinary Science, but in the end I didn’t get within shouting distance of any of them. File photograph: Getty Images

The #nowrongpath campaign reminds school leavers that exams are only one path to a career

Caroline Farrell: ”I didn’t fit in at school, mostly due to the fact that I had spent a couple of years in Goldenbridge orphanage as a child.”

With Leaving Cert results due tomorrow, Caroline Farrell recalls how she got the confidence to pursue education in her 30s

LIsa Wilkinson at The Elbowroom Escape in Donard, Co Wicklow. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Selling her city cottage allowed Lisa Wilkinson to set up a new home and business

The typical Irish holiday: pretty on the outside, practical within. Phootgraph: Getty

Irish holiday home-owners are not necessarily in the business of selling you a boutique lifestyle for a couple of days

A customer reaches for an item on a shelf in an Ikea store Photograph: Sergio Dionisio/Bloomberg via Getty Images

We’re drawn in by the Scandinavian clean lines, not to mention the clever potato mashers

The singer's newest bid to break the Internet hints at someone who has bought into their own legend

‘Angela’s Ashes: the Musical: From left, Marty Maguire (Malachy McCourt), Clare Barrett (Grandma) Eoin Cannon (Frank McCourt) Jacinta Whyte (Angela) and Emmet Byrne (Malachy jnr). Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Dubliner’s latest role sees her take on the part of Frank McCourt’s put-upon mother

“I find myself in a unique position. I’m a property owner who bought at the height of the market first time around.” Photograph: Cyril Byrne

But we’ve been here before – it’s best not to be seduced by these numbers

Roller derby women in action

Roller derby is a bruising sport played by ‘women who are unafraid and totally outspoken’

RTÉ’s Caitriona Perry during Donald Trump’s phone call with Leo Varadkar RTÉ’s Caitriona Perry during Donald Trump’s phone call with Leo Varadkar

Caitríona Perry quietly returned to her seat without reacting after Donald Trump singled her out for some seamy treatment

 It prompts a few questions: will Kris Jenner spin this into an intriguing reality TV storyline? Photograph: Getty Images

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West look set to join a long line of A-listers who have explored surrogate pregnancy

Terry Waite at home in Suffolk, England. Photograph: Joanne O’Brien

Waite, who was released from captivity over 25 years ago, on Islamism, Trump and his lost years

The Medina Garden Gazebo from DFS

When did buying garden furniture become an exercise of lavish excess?

Amybeth McNulty playing the lead role of Anne With An E

Amybeth McNulty takes on iconic role from the ‘Anne Of Green Gables’ series – albeit with a darker twist

Instead of gadgets and gimmicks, think classic clean lines and light. And enough space for a big Netflix-binge-worthy sofa

I don’t want a sexy lifestyle, just space and wipe-down furniture

LS Hilton: “I was a totally crap model: too short, too fat and I’ve got a funny face”

There’s more to LS Hilton and her writing than the ‘filthier Fifty Shades’ tag suggests

Lean in 15 catchphrases: Joe Wicks calls weighing scales “sad steps” and heads of broccoli “midget trees”. Photograph: Channel 4

The Lean in 15 fitness guru is on a crusade to change the way we think about food

Can a sex robot really be a substitute for the real thing?

Technological advancements mean that what was once a dystopian fantasy is closer to becoming reality than ever. But is the rise of(...)

If we are constantly comparing ourselves to others, why wouldn’t that extend to our sofas?

It’s no fun at all, it’s miserly and mean, the most shameful of the seven deadly sins

There is a vast swathe of young-ish, well-off-ish people out there who just want somewhere nice to live

With 29% of people renting, why do we still treat it like one of life’s stopgaps?

Having a  comfortable chair  helps when you work from home, as does a desk that’s big enough to easily fit your speakers/diary/printer/laptop.

Working from home can be a joy – but it’s essential to adapt your space

This is Adland, and Kendall Jenner can do wondrous things.

The supermodel has come under fire for her part in 'tone deaf' campaign

The Guardian's Brexit jigsaw map of Europe made a land-grab on parts of the Republic

The Guardian ran a map of the new-look EU on its front page, but they’re playing fast and loose with Irish geography

When United Airlines denied travel to a girl wearing leggings, the Internet exploded with cries of sexism and bodyshaming. Photograph: Getty Images

United Airlines’ denial of travel to a girl wearing ‘yoga pants’ comes from another era

Brenda Fricker as the quintessential Irish Mammy, Bridget Fagan Brown, in My Left Foot

Always a force to be reckoned with, there’s been a resurgence in the powers of this much-loved and parodied character

Lorraine Carthy  with her daughter Tess aged 9 months  and  her parents Aidan and Phylis Carthy, in their home in Sandyford, Dublin. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

For some the only way to save for a deposit is to move back in with parents

‘At 58, and after decades of being criticised for gender stereotyping, the lithe blonde has embraced feminism’

Barbie is 58 today, but while some see her as retrograde, there’s plenty little girls can learn from her

The average price of an at-home marquee wedding for 120 guests is about €60,000 all in, but there are ways to cut corners. Photograph: Getty Images

Home weddings can be magical but there’s a lot to plan, from parking to Portaloos

A new robot called Handle runs, jumps and carries your stuff. Will it make our lives better, or worse?

I use swear words to punctuate sentences the way others use commas, offering as it does a sort of mid-sentence breather. Photograph: iStock

Broadside: Four letter words aid circulation, elevate endorphins and improve wellbeing

Mick and Kate O’Sullivan: “We had complete strangers coming up to us, telling that they cried and got very emotional.”

The real-life couple who star in a bank ad have sparked an emotional response

Houseproud or hovel? Many men take a  relaxed approach to their  home environment

As students we could all be messy but these days the women I know have cleaned up their homes. Not so the men

Adele breaks the Grammy for Record of the Year for Hello after having it presented to her at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Photograph:   Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

Adele produces music for cruise ships and her Grammys 2017 speech reeked of attention seeking

We can’t have it all ways, ladies. We can’t petition for feminism with built-in caveats like, ‘but I won’t pay for dinner’

Women's writing for Women's Day: Dating coaches and experts will tell you women should never pay on dates but it’s a cringe-making(...)

When meeting potential flatmates, it’s not a bad idea to run like crazy from the person who claims they are “never around”.

As house prices soar, sharing a home is becoming the norm for many adults

Not impressed: US president-elect Donald Trump. Photograph: Kevin Hagen/The New York Times

Amid allegations of ‘golden showers’, where’s the tolerance for other people’s sex lives?

Broadside: Facebook offers that rare thing in social media - a safe space

Reality bites: 38 per cent of survey respondents would go to another town to procure the morning-after pill

Broadside: Almost half of Irish women are embarrassed when seeking morning-after pill

The drawingroom in Coopershill House, Riverstown, Co Sligo.

Some of Ireland’s finest homes are available for short-term letting over the holiday season

Kasia McArt with her coloured woodblocks she uses to create wall art

Vintage pieces and crafts are finding a ready market in the go-to site for quirky homewares and gifts

Welcome to the office: David Rochford outside the log cabin he uses as a home office in his garden in Ongar, Dublin 15. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

The idea of setting up a workspace in your house is becoming ever more appealing

Donovan with Kylie Minogue: “Music is a very powerful medium, and ‘Neighbours’ is the soundtrack to our childhood.” Photograph: Tim Hall/Redferns

The former pop and TV idol on fame, success and why a ‘Neighbours’ reunion isn’t for him

Leonard Cohen:  the death of a celebrity used to be mentioned at the end of the news or in an obituary. Today’s media has changed that. Photograph: David Wolff-Patrick/Getty Images

There is an explanation for the seemingly large number of high-profile deaths this year

‘People in their 30s or 40s are part of the last generation last generation that recalls being dragged to Mass upon pain of death’

This isn’t merely trolling the Catholic Church for the sake of it. It turns out that mass, while rejected by many, is as nostalgic(...)

 Can’t Cope, Won’t cope: Danielle (Nika McGuigan) applies make-up to Aisling (Séana Kerslake) (Seana Kerslake). Maybe RTÉ will finally hit the sweet spot

Tanya Sweeney: Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope didn’t please everyone but for me it hit the comedy bullseye

Tanya Sweeney. Photograph: Alan Betson

‘Think about it,’ I said. ‘You could get people to vote to put members of the public into a boyband.’ The idea hung limply in the (...)

The humble digs system has for years been an Irish institution.

For every empty nester looking to make some extra cash, there’s a student who could do with the room

Lisa Wilkinson leading a yoga class at The Elbowroom, where they offer classes in exchange for work. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

The concept of gifting time and bartering goods and services is catching on fast

Bamboo Leaf pouffe, €49.95 at Meadows & Byrne

Many of the big shops will end their summer sales this weekend, but there’s still time to pick up a good buy in big-ticket items

Jenny Headen: ‘Do men get labelled as “lesser” for not having kids?’ Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Jennifer Aniston has spoken for millions of women who feel they are looked down on for not having children

Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg drew scorn for wearing “This is what a feminist looks like” T-shirts

Broadside: the online war of the sexes has developed into a weapons-grade conflict

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