Let me sum it up for you –  March 2018 is basically January 2018, but colder

None of us expected to be bulk-buying family thermals to wear underneath our clothes

The thing about being a fair-weather runner is that it makes you spoilt

Whatever climate we live in, we can’t let the weather run – and ruin – our lives

So if you fancy it and it’s convenient, try and combine your runs with the odd yoga session and you might find running becomes more comfortable

Whether a repeat or long-term sufferer, or this is a one off, the good news is that exercise can help

Sometimes it can be harder to get motivated in summer than in winter. Photograph: Nicolas Tucat/AFP/Getty Images

Why I’m not feeling the pain of January as much as I thought I would

New Year’s run: It will feel challenging the first time, but really the only difficult bit is moving off the sofa into your trainers and out the front door. Photograph: Getty

Convincing yourself to get out and run during winter is difficult enough as it is

People bathing in The Blue Lagoon, a natural hot spring in the south of Iceland

Never again will I complain of the cold – this is bikini weather compared with my recent Iceland adventures

Check the weather and dress accordingly before embarking on a run.

A winter run can be really comfortable and pleasant if you are well prepared.

Zumba features movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance

I repeatedly went left when the rest of the room turned to their right

Whether you are running on trails, woodland or in the city parks, leaves can be covering up holes, thorns and tree stumps

Grit Doctor: Like every season, autumn has its pitfalls, but it also has the advantages of being stunningly beautiful – and it is (...)

Spinning is only as hard as you make it, so get up front.

The Grit Doctor gives her advice on how to avoid overdosing on exercise

Try a gym class as an alternative to outdoor runs

Treat yourself to some organised indoor exercise to complement outdoor runs, says the Grit Doctor

Is the Grit Doctor a dinosaur? Of course not. She is completely unbowed. A view of runners during the Great North Run in Newcastle. Photograph: Richard Sellers/PA Wire

The Grit Doctor is out-gritted by The Great North Run, or ‘the Great North Grit Fest’

Tuscay or toast: The Grit Doctor will run through her holiday

A holiday without running can motivate you to dust off the trainers post-vacation

Not too fast, not too slow: the perfect combo.

Grit Doctor: Don’t let yourself get sluggish by losing pace alongside a loyal friend

Run, run, run: I enjoy being around the kids so much more after a run.

One of the most important things you can do to make your holidays full of family fun is to keep your running on track

This is one race you should take seriously!

I made some quick mental calculations and deduced that the only possible chance of success was a flying – false – start

Fear of being thrown off: “I’ve always been fond of calling it the ‘dreadmill’”. Photograph: Getty Images

Grit Doctor: Trainer’s treadmill routine could not be further from freedom of running outdoors

This running buddy of mine is a grit fiend of epic proportions

Grit Doctor: My top fitness tip? Run with a partner who’s slightly tougher than you

The last thing any woman desires during these summer months is an obese pair of ankles

Grit Doctor: When your ankles blend into your calves, it’s time for action

How the struggle of my sister’s new-born baby took me out of my comfort zone

Grit Doctor: My niece’s shock illness reminded me that running can make a difference

The only thing you can control is your response to this situation, not the situation itself

Grit Doctor: What’s a belligerant runner to do with oblivious, mobile-engrossed pedestrians?

Use running after that Easter egg as your motivation

Grit Doctor: Don’t be a fair-weather runner. A good health regime is for all seasons

Hold her hand if and when necessary. Ask her, ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’

Grit Doctor: Small steps will be necessary, if the problem is really a confidence issue

I soon learned that it was far more important for me to run now that I was a mother, and to make time and space for it as a priority. Photograph: iStock

Exercise, as studies have consistently shown, will definitely help you feel better

Running doesn’t target muscle growth very well so introduce  a weight lifting element into your runs to help.

Grit Doctor: Aerobic exercise and in particular jogging can help combat anxiety and depression

Don’t let your fear put you off running. Photograph: iStock

Don’t worry about kidnappers or falling wombs, just get out there and run

The best way to influence others is through your example. You are responsible for your fitness and nobody else’s.

Don’t give up on a perfectly good resolution just because your wing man has

Healthy eating isn’t just for January, it’s for life

Grit Doctor: Pick just one bad habit to give up – and stick with it for 66 days

When it comes to my fitness, this fat bitch has been doing the same old same old for far too long. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

I’ve been pushed beyond my limits by the youthful enthusiasm of others – and it feels great

Say no to to mince: Your average supermarket mince pie is a whopping 250 calorie. Photograph: iStock

The Grit Doctor helps you navigate the festive food minefield

Grit Doctor: It's hard to a choose a freezing cold run in the woods over a 30-minute spinning session in a warm room

There is a growing body of evidence that shows running literally increases our grey matter. Photograph: iStock

Neuroscientists found that thousands of new brain cells grew in mice when they ran

Get back your equilibrium with a week of strict eating and running

The breath test: you should be able to hold a normal conversation while you run. Make this your guide and then you won’t overdo it.

The more active our pregnancies the better, as long as there is no underlying problem

Having fun at the Barrington’s Hospital fun run in Limerick earlier this year: everything children do by way of exercise should be fun. Photograph: Alan Place/Fusionshooters

It’s a balancing act to try to divorce one’s own needs and desires from those of our kids

When you are bringing only hand luggage, trainers and kit take up a lot of guilty space

It may not be Wimbledon but throw that ball against that wall until you can catch it. Photograph: iStockphoto

Advice from Grit Doctor Ruth Field: It’s not too late to pick up a tennis racket

A valuable measure of how much you have stretched yourself – and are therefore improving strength and fitness – is how tired your legs feel the next day. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Mix it up and make sure you feel it in your legs, says Grit Doctor Ruth Field

A natural high: Ruth Lillis and Caitríona Doran from Wexford and Clare, after the 2016 Women’s Mini Marathon. Photograph: INPHO/Morgan Treacy

Every relationship has its ups and downs. Your relationship with running is no exception

For me, the only grit I have is created continuously through the practise of regular running. Photograph: iStockphoto

Grit Doctor Ruth Field scored an ungritty 2.6 out of a possible total score of 5 in the test. But why?

If I take a fortnight off, I definitely feel it when I resume my running routine. My legs are sore, I get out of breath quickly and generally struggle through for a few runs. Photograph: iStockphoto

Is it possible to lose all my fitness in the space of two weeks . . . by the pool

Supporters at this year’s London Marathon: ‘If you ever need your faith restored in humanity, go watch a marathon at mile 23.’ Photograph: Reuters / Andrew Boyers

Use the marathon inspiration to get off the sofa and get running, says Grit Doctor Ruth Field

If you can’t get your husband up and out the door, break the remote control, give the TV to charity and glue his feet into his trainers while he is asleep. Photograph: iStockphoto

No woman ever got her husband to exercise by nagging him while swilling a glass of chardonnay

In the few weeks that I have been trying to breathe less when running, it has been far from easy to achieve. Breathing ‘right’ is, in fact, very hard, but I will persevere. Photograph: Getty Images

Grit Doctor: Some people rule themselves out of running because of their poor breathing

As for the supermarkets, anyone would think chocolate had replaced fruit and vegetables as our essential five-a-day staple

In our house, the Easter bunny – and all her sisters – have gone into premature labour

If you are catching your breath and struggling to get enough air slow down until your breathing becomes comfortable again

Grit Doctor Ruth Field thinks it’s as easy as . . . in and out

If the binge drinking really is a bad habit, do seek the appropriate help, because you can’t run off an alcohol problem, no matter how determined. Photograph: Thinkstock

Going for a run the morning after the night before may not be such a good idea

Don’t prioritise a run over sex. The best days are those that begin with a run and end with an orgasm. Photograph: Thinkstock

One thing sex shares with running is that people spend a lot more time talking about it than doing it

Everyone has a ‘stuff limbo’ – that cupboard or corner filled with things we can’t bear to ditch. Photograph: Thinkstock

Before you can calm your mind, sort the trash clogging your computer and cupboards

We burn fewer calories when we turn 40. Photograph: Thinkstock

Eating like you did in your 20s could leave you up to 50lbs heavier now

Resolution 10: I am . . . binning new year’s resolutions

The key to being healthy is to make small changes to your habits you can live with

Roasting a turkey, which we are not used to doing, is the source of a lot of the stress on Christmas Day. Don’t do it!

If you do insist on cooking everything from scratch, prepare to be stressed and suck it up

While supermarket mince pies are often full of rubbish, it would be rude not to enjoy one or two made by a friendly neighbour. Photograph: Thinkstock

Before you get another plate of Christmas excess ... are you actually hungry?

In a flap: If you eat chocolate every night, your bingo wings will lap it all up. Photograph: Getty Images

My upper arms are massive, strong, yet strangely devoid of tone. Far from a good look

Back on track: reframe your commitment to exercise as an ongoing obligation to your health. Photograph: Thinkstock

Life is better when we are fit and healthy, so try to make activity part of your daily routine

A scene from the film ‘Along Came Polly’ when Philip Seymour Hoffman has to leave an art gallery in haste because he’s just ‘sharted’.

Don’t let diarrhoea get in the way of your runs. There is plenty you can do to avoid the embarrassing ‘shart’

Up the tempo of your run if you want to experience the highs of your earlier running days. Photograph:  Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Is there a way to recapture the buzz and highs we used to get from running in the early days?

If you still love your husband, find a way to reconnect with him sexually or that love you share will lose one of its most precious facets. Photograph: Getty Images

You need to practise the art of intimacy, which begins with getting intimate with yourself

Not seeing results? We always go back to within the weight range coded in our DNA and fighting it is a battle we can never win. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Skipping breakfast led to weight loss but it all came back when I returned to normal eating

It’s not worth using up your energy by getting angry over the school emails. Photograph: Thinkstock

If you can’t face the school admin, just befriend one of the parents who thrive on the tiny details

Bring a frisbee to the park, and get your exercise while entertaining the kids. Photograph: Thinkstock

Just because school is out doesn’t mean your exercise regime has to suffer. Make activity your number one priority this summer

Running can bring positive feeling about your body through a transformed attitude. Photograph: Thinkstock

Ruth Field: The real benefits of running are far more important than a ‘bikini body’

‘I consider it to be a major perk of being a mother of two that I no longer have to worry about wearing a bikini.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

There’s no need to fear the beach once you have a tummy-control bathing suit and a healthy attitude to exercise and food

Accepting yourself is one thing, accepting living with a BMI of 40 is quite another; so accept instead that you do need to lose some weight. Photograph: Thinkstock

Spending half your life in and out of slimming clubs means that slimming clubs don’t work for you. So find something that does

Tackle a kitchen cupboard shelf.  It’s the first step that must be taken in order to begin any project. Photograph: Thinkstock

You can overindulge in grit advice, but if it doesn’t turn into action, it’s not true grit

A busy woman needs to find an activity other than running that she can embrace with the same passion

Leave the sit-ups aside for now and try an alternative back-strengthening exercise. Photograph: Thinkstock

Let your back heal at its own pace, and while that is ongoing, there’s time to tackle the spare tyre

Layered with intoxicating combinations of the dodgiest synthetic sugars and fats, biscuit treats turn toxic

We’ve all consumed a bunch of extra calories over the holidays, which have to go somewhere. Photograph: Thinkstock Images

Going that extra mile not only banishes holiday bulges but will allow you to eat what you fancy

Ruth Field says walk, or make it your mission to find an alternative exercise that meets the minimum exercise requirements. And do it now. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Ruth Field believes a sunny disposition can wipe a decade off your face and exercise can get rid of that telltale mother-of-three (...)

Running mates: a time might come when your companion starts to slow you down - or simply annoy you. Photograph: Getty Images/Fuse

Have you tired of inducting a new jogger? Here’s how to gently let them down – with elan

The first rule of committed running is to run whatever the weather conditions. Photograph: Getty Images

Running in the rain beats any indoor exercise, once you close the front door behind you

Olfactory blues: what are you to do when something doesn’t smell right in your relationship? Photograph: Thinkstock

My boyfriend can spend five hours a day in the pub but not five minutes in the shower

The grit doctor says: ‘Remind yourself through your gritted teeth that none of it is supposed to be easy.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

Give yourself a break. Running is all the sweeter if you haven’t done it for weeks

Don’t restrict yourself to your Tinder app. Get online with other dating agencies. Photograph: Thinkstock

Using a dating app in an honest fashion in your mission to find Mr Right may involve a few simple adjustments

Being active is every bit as necessary to me for a great holiday as all the wine, cheese and merrymaking . . . and the long stretches of runnable sandy beach are drawing me in. Photograph: iStockphoto

I’m enjoying my holidays to the full, but I am also making damn sure I get exercise every day

Being constantly told that these are the best years and how much we should treasure our young children can add to the pressures of being a parent. Photograph: Thinkstock

Life with young children can be an emotional rollercoaster – so take some time out

To start getting real kicks out of it all again, you are going to have to stretch yourself. Photograph: Thinkstock

Your body has become used to regular runs, so you need to up the ante if you want to relive those ‘highs’

If you cannot resist the pull of an ice-cream snack, opt instead for an ice lolly, which will hit the spot without hitting your waist. Photograph: Thinkstock

Summer time and ice-cream may go together but feeling bloated is a side effect you could do without

All set: there will come a time when that American holiday works for you again, but it is not now. Meanwhile the older children might love to go and stay with their American family on their own

If you want to get out of the annual holiday in the US with your husband’s family, you must speak up now

Once the stalemate is broken, it is so much easier to do it again and again until a sexual routine is re-established. Photograph: Thinkstock

Sex is probably the first thing that goes when a couple is busy with young kids and full-time jobs

Run no matter what you are feeling . . . because life is always going to keep coming at us. Photograph: Thinkstock

Think you just can’t run? Try putting one foot in front of the other and just going for a walk for starters

The hardest thing about a marathon is staying motivated throughout your training. Photograph: Thinkstock

Laughing, not whining, will help you through the next six months

Watch your sauce intake: tomato ketchup, BBQ sauce and chilli sauce can be full of sugar. Photograph: Getty Images

If you are running but still need to shift those extra pounds, reduce the amount of saturated fats and sugar you consume

I’d hazard a guess that every single person you meet has at least one terrible secret that would break your heart. Photograph: Getty Images

If your boss is behaving inappropriately and treating you badly, then confront him like a grown up

An early morning run on the beach before dawn breaks (or a sunset run) is hard to beat if you want to stay fit and healthy while on your holidays. Photograph: Getty Images

Running will add immeasurable value to your holiday experience

Your initial weight loss could be down to the natural shedding of excess weight after your pregnancy rather than as a result of your having taken up running. Photograph: Getty Images

When the weight loss comes to a halt, it’s time to make your runs longer, tougher and more regular

Starting a new sport when pregnant is a bad idea, but swimming and yoga are exceptions. Photograph: Getty Images

Doing what feels right for your body is the best approach to fitness during pregnancy

Awarding a star team player of the week can be effective in giving workers an incentive. Photograph: Getty Images

Work colleagues elbowing each other up the corporate ladder can lead to a communications breakdown

We all know smoking is bad for our lungs but a programme of running will ensure that we will realise that truth. Photographs: Getty Images

A running programme will help smokers give up their tobacco addiction for a fitness addiction

Change your route to avoid any bad encounters. Photograph: Getty Images

Bad experiences will happen during your runs, but they are to be expected and you can turn them to your advantage

Running outdoors is only really treacherous when the wind is bad. Photograph: Getty Images

The poor weather is really just another excuse we give for avoiding the things we don’t want to do

Forget New Year resolutions. They don’t work. But getting out and moving works wonders

Stop the stress: how to take the pressure out of hosting the big day. Photograph: Getty images

If every Christmas brings the same old story of you playing host, being chef, waitress and referee, well then read on

There are some super assertive mums keen to offload their kids and the kindliest ‘stay-at-home-mum-type’ is the most obvious target. Photograph: Getty Images

When you say yes but really mean no, it festers an ill feeling and saps your mojo

If it is photographic symmetry that is genuinely the problem here, either get over it or get another bridesmaid to balance the numbers. Don’t lose friends over  things that don’t matter. Photograph: Getty Images

Tell your best friend that you momentarily lost all perspective, and invite her to be re-instated as your maid of honour, if she’l(...)

Toddlers seem to possess a sixth sense when a particular effort has been made . . . which is why a freshly painted kitchen wall will be the darling little one’s next obvious target. Photograph: Getty Images

To paint over the smear or to give up on having smear-free walls are the choices. Either option will bring you peace of mind

Benefit of experience: do a job, any job really, learn from it and work out your next move. Photograph: Getty Images

You won’t find out what career you want until you get out there and try a few jobs on for size

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