Roe: her songs are anchored by a voice suitable for pop hooks

Plus songs you have to hear from Marcus Marr and Soccer Mommy

Ruairi Lynch of Bantum: “The Sunshine Underground is one of my favourite songs to this day, an eight-minute exercise in surround-sound techno psychedelia.” Photograph: Bríd O’Donovan

This Album Changed My Life: Ruairi Lynch of Bantum on The Chemical Brothers - Surrender (1999)

IAMDDB: rap with attitude

Plus songs you have to hear from David Byrne and Bruno Mars

Deborah Byrne of Hvmmingbyrd: “from the first thump of the toms in Lost Ones, my Walkman and I were inseparable.”

This Album Changed My Life: Hvmmingbyrd’s Deborah Byrne on Lauryn Hill’s The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (1998)

Capital sounds: Fontaines D.C. Photograph: Grayce Leonard

Rock’n’roll garage music with a Dublin twist. Plus: Francis & the Lights; The Streets

Jess Kav, pictured with her BARQ bandmates: “Stevie Wonder’s love songs are incomparable.”

This Album Changed My Life: BARQ’s Jess Kav on Stevie Wonder – Songs in the Key of Life (1976)

Amazing artwork: Homogenic by Björk

Bad Bones aka Sal Stapleton on an album with ‘some of the best pieces of music ever created’


Synth pop group with Daft Punk’s seal of approval become ‘Overnight’ success

Norwegian singer Sigrid: Youthful magnetism. Photograph: Berit Roald/EPA

Fans are flocking to the sound of this 21-year-old Norwegian. Plus: Sheer Mag; Davy Kehoe

“The first haunting strains of the organ in the intro of Independence Day brought a new perspective to my musical world.”

The album accompanied Homebeat’s Emmet Condon on many train journeys as a student

Anna-Mieke Bishop and Brían Mac Gloinn from Ye Vagabonds at Trabolgan

How Music Works: Joe Kelly is organising a festival in Trabolgan holiday village in Co Cork in April, aimed at veteran festivalgoe(...)

Generic People Ant O’Brien and Ronan McGrath: “Something that’s packaged well and looks the part you instinctively go to that first, it’s just human nature.”

How Cork’s Generic People went from being DJs to a multimedia company

Whenyoung: taking part in Shane MacGowan’s 60th Birthday Celebration gig, at the NCH in Dublin

And you have to hear Mango and Mathman, and Sufjan Stevens

Brian Deady

This Album Changed My Life: Musician Brian Deady on The Prodigy’s Experience (1992)

K-club sounds: Yaeji

New Artist of the Week: The Korean-American house-pop producer is one of the BBC Sound of 2018 list

Lar Kaye with All Tvvins bandmate Conor Adams. For Kaye, the 'Thirtysixstrings' album  showed him what an Irish band could achieve when he was a teenager.

This album changed my life: Lar Kaye of All Tvvins on The Redneck Manifesto's 'Thirtysixstrings' (2001)

Stevie G has been a DJ for 25 years: ‘I’m just happy to be doing what I’m doing’

In the How Music Works series, Niall Byrne talks to people about their life’s work in music. This week, Cork DJ Stevie G

Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell was always likely to feature on the one-to-watch list but notably, she is only 15-years-old.

And you have to hear . . . Sjowgren – Stubborn Forces and All Tvvins – Crash

Maria Doyle Kennedy: Joni Mitchell planted the first seed for me that artists made whatever art they were feeling

This Album Changed My Life: Joni Mitchell’s Court and Spark (1974)

Molly King has grown up in and around Other Voices since the age of 10. She now works as head of development for the festival.

Molly King is head of development for the Other Voices festival in Dingle and has been involved with it since her childhood

Ticket reseller Stubhub was recently raided by the competition authority as part of ticket-touting investigation

The Cyclist on the album that ‘takes him right back to a feeling of timeless creation’

Jens Kuross: a former jazz student at Berklee college in Boston

Piano-led electronic balladry from Los Angeles

Seriously solid crew: Brockhampton

Rap boy band crew with members from the US, Grenada and Ireland

The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter (1968) by The Incredible String Band

Daragh Lynch of Lankum on the album that changed his life and songs you have to hear

The late Willie Meighan of Rollercoaster Records in Kilkenny

Willie Meighan of Rollercoaster Records on dealing with a terminal illness and the `'happiest little record shop in the world'

IDER: pastoral and pop

London duo Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville twin lilting chords with vocal harmonies

Elephant’s Shane Clarke on David Bowie’s 'Low': 'There seemed to be no rulebook.'

This Album Changed My Life: Elephant’s Shane Clarke on Bowie’s 1977 album

Willis Earl Beal at the Sugar Club, Dublin.

How Music Works: Mark Murphy of Choice Cuts on how he reinvented the Leeson Street venue as a musical mecca for a new generation o(...)

DJ Seinfeld: king of lo-fi house.

Lo-fi house has irked the dance establishment, and DJ Seinfeld is at the vanguard of the genre

'The single 1979 was electronic, which was a signpost of where my head would go.'

This Album Changed My Life: James Heather on Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

Donal Scannell (left) with Jimmy Chamberlin and Matthew Luhn.

In the How Music Works series, Niall Byrne talks to people about their work in music – this week, Donal Scannell

Superorganism: Eight strangers are drawn together from different corners of the world to  make music together under one roof

This band have an origin story that’s hard to believe

Musician Seamus Fogarty on the album he first ignored and later owed a debt to

Julie Cooper: “As an independent promoter, you have to as you do everything, you book the show, you run it, you’re the production person on the day, you might drive them from the hotel, or they might stay in your house, so you’ve got to love it.”

Julie Cooper persevered in the tough industry and now runs her own promotions firm

Ailbhe Reddy plays Whelan’s in Dublin tonight

Ailbhe Reddy: The 1999 release was groundbreaking to me – it’s so honest and self-aware

Julien Baker plays Whelan’s, Dublin on November 9th  

And the best tracks tracks of the moment come from Alex Cameron, Angel Olsen and Sylk

James Byrne performing  with Soak. Photograph: Joey Wharton.

James Byrne is no innocent when it comes to touring in bands, but he’s fired up about the potential in Irish music

Broadcasting on the internet 24/7 can be done cheaply and DDR’s presenters are still finding their voice. Photos: Killian Broderick, Brian Mc Namara

Online radio station Dublin Digital Radio says it has no plans to apply for an FM licence

Anna Doran and Conor Wynne’s electronic project Contour is nearing the release of a full-length mixed album Appropriation

Featuring Super Silly, Mark McCabe, Nina Hynes, Contour, The Ocelots and more

 Sting and Andy Summers performing with The Police at Croke Park in 2007, one of the gigs safety officer and event controller Sophie Ridley was responsible for. Photograph: Eric Luke

Experienced events controller explains the planning involved behind successful events

Laoise: brooding electronic pop music

There are 50 acts playing HWCH 2017 – here’s the pick of this year’s new crop

Conor Wilson: Promoting music and putting on spaces for dancing and entertainment is something he’s always done. Photograph: Babs Daly

In the How Music Works series, Niall Byrne talks to people about their work in music. This week, Conor Wilson, booker with the Wes(...)

Angela Dorgan, head of First Music Contact and organiser of the annual Hard Working Class Heroes festival. Photograph: Ruth Medjber

Angela Dorgan of First Music Contact and Hard Working Class Heroes on how they help bands progress

Inside De Barra’s, the folk club in Clonakilty.  Photograph:

How Music Works: It took Ray Blackwell time to understand the importance of his family’s venue

‘140 musicians from 80 bands  drifting in and out of seven rooms to play, alongside the audience in an old radio and recording centre’

Mary Hickson on the wild idea behind Sounds From A Safe Harbour

Check out Ider, the English duo of Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville, on Sunday

Our pick of first-timers and new artists you should see in Stradbally this weekend

Some of the acts that will grace  Body & Soul’s Bandstage stage include Síomha, Penrose and WOB!

Tara McGuinness, booker of Body & Soul’s Bandstage stage, on how she selects the line-up

All bands on deck: The Salty Dog stage at Electric Picnic

How Music Works: A boatload of scurvy musicians is a big port of call at Electric Picnic

Space Dimension Controller aka Jack Hamill: “I loved Escape from New York and other John Carpenter films when I was a kid”

How Music Works: Electronic producer Jack Hammill has been known to drop music from ‘Star Wars’ into his DJ set, but his own tunes(...)

Jonathan Pearson: “You need to be the problem-solver, the agony aunt,  but you also need to be the person to say ‘let’s do something fun’.”

How Music Works: Jonathan Pearson on how you keep the touring engine running

Stephen O’Reilly “With my job, you have to be  a bit of a sponge from a learning point of view”

‘When you’re in the music business, you’re in the technology business,’ says IE Music marketing manager Stephen O’Reilly

Spudgun’s 'Crayons' is video of the week

Release of the week from Orange Tree Edits and introducing new artist Franco Fire

Band manager Joe Clarke: ‘There are bands on there who have five million streams who can’t sell 100 tickets in real life’. Photograph: Ruth Medjber

In the How Music Works series, Niall Byrne talks to people about their work

Oran O’Beirne: “I feel very fortunate that my life is involved in music which is what I wanted.”

Oran O’Beirne of and Main Stage Design talks about music branding and metal

Festival stages:  Abe Scheele’s job is to make sure that what the sound engineer hears (the calibrated sound) is also heard in every other vantage point.

Sound system designer Abe Scheele on the 'one part physics, one part art' of acoustics at festivals and clubs

Agata Stoinska and Stace Gill, director and creative director of Dublin’s D-Light Studios

In the How Music Works series, Niall Byrne talks to people about their work in music. This week, D-Light Studios.

The gender disparity issue is even more pronounced in electronic music, which is very  male-dominated

Ellen King on creating platforms to encourage more female participation in music

Karen Sheridan aka Slow Skies returns with Dancing

Nialler9’s top Irish music of the moment

Sim Simma

In the How Music Works series, Niall Byrne talks to people about their work in music. This week, social club, promoters and festiv(...)

Marcin Ciszczon, Ivan Klucka and  Chris Bubenzer of Dublin’s Diffusion Lab

How Music Works: Diffusion Lab has helped shape Hare Squead, Soulé and Jafaris

Among the Irish artists at this year’s Open Ear are Dublin electronic duo Ambulance, synth wave artist Magic Pockets, DJ  Paudi Ahern, abstract artist Dreamcycles, ambient techno producer Eomac and solo pianist JP Harnett

Staging an experimental music fest in an island setting lets fans switch off and plug into a slower speed of life, says organiser (...)

Ellie Goulding who was given   a creative director role in her partnership with European shoe brand Deichmann

Brands have always liked musicians, and increasingly, the love is going in the other direction too

Phil Taggart: “One thing they don’t really tell you when you get into music is how big of a community is it is.”

Growing up in Drumragh, Co Tyrone, Phil Taggart had dreams of rock stardom, but reality and radio soon intervened

Pine the Pilcrow. Photograph: Ruth Medjber

A round-up of what’s fresh in Irish music this week including, Long Island Sound, RUTH, Saint Caoilian Jesse John Heffernan and Co(...)

John Henson: “A musician doesn’t want inconvenience, they want the sound, that’s their prerogative”

After 20 years working on vintage synths from his shed in Dublin 8, John Henson is busier than ever

Paul Brewer: “We had two buses - one for the crew and one for the band, which turned out to be one for the sleepers, one for the partyers”. Photograph: Mike Banks/

Sound engineer Paul Brewer has worked with Madness, Something Happens, Christy Moore and many more - but the O’Donnell tracksuit i(...)

Light, fantastic: Bicep’s  live show ffrom AVA 2016. Photograph:  Tremaine Gregg

As well as hosting the likes of Jeff Mills and Neil Barnes of Leftfield, this year’s AVA festival aims to showcase the strength of(...)

All City Records in Temple Bar will be stocking vinyl special editions on Record Store Day, including the debut by New Jackson, David Kitt’s alter-ego

On Saturday, six Dublin record stores will set out to prove that the vinyl revival is still valid

Irish producer and DJ Dec Lennon on the stresses, strains and bullsh*t of trying to make it as an international DJ

Clockwise from top left: Abaddon Incarnate, Oiche Samhain, From The Bogs of Aughiska and Zhora

Conchúir O’Drona of the Roadburren Fleadh metal and experimental festival on the rise and rise of the Irish metal scene

Jim Lawless, Willie Ryan, Stephanie Rainey, Shane Dunne and Alexis Vokos. pictured at the launch of Music Cork, a new three-day international music industry event taking place in Cork on May 10th-12th

Shane Dunne of ambitious new industry showcase Music Cork explains how it all came together

Road warrior: Suzanne Doyle. Photograph: Ruth Medjber

Music and creative consultant Suzanne Doyle talks U2, MTV, life on the road and bringing it all back home

Girls Rock Dublin: “The movement supports all the ways girls want to rock out, whatever that means to them,” says Rossella Bottone (centre) with Karen Hammond (left) and Zia Zeitgeist (right). Photograph: Kyrstin Healy

“Giving a girl an electric guitar and telling her to turn it up as loud she wants sends a message,” says founder Rossella Bottone

“There was definitely an element of me just having loads of fun playing mad videos to my friends and strangers and weaving abstract narratives to music,” says Freeney

How Music Works: The A/V artist’s projection mapping, visuals and animation can be seen at such events as Metropolis, Body & Soul,(...)

At Pukklepop with Kings of Leon in 2011

How Music Works: tour manager and production co-ordinator Ciara Davey talks to Niall Byrne about getting the stars on the road and(...)

Bob Gallagher: “When you follow your own instincts – no matter how weird or obtuse – then you attract the right people and the right jobs.” Photograph: Colum O’Dwyer

Music video director Bob Gallagher, who’s worked with the likes of Girl Band, SOAK, Saint Sister and Le Galaxie, unpacks his surre(...)

Mark Gordon of Output

Mark Gordon of Output conference and showcase on the economic an cultural benefit of fostering the creative industries

Becky Dillon, senior director of media and sponsorship with Live Nation

Becky Dillon, senior director of media and sponsorship with Live Nation, talks to Niall Byrne about working with brands and bands,(...)

Dermot Lambert: “If you really really want this, then do it properly.” Photograph: Niall Fennessy/

How Music Works: Niall Byrne talks to Dermot Lambert, formerly of Blink, about his work getting young bands off the ground with Ga(...)

Helen Kennedy: “There are a lot of artists who love promo and a lot who don’t touch it”

In this week’s How Music Works, Dubliner Helen Kennedy traces her path from retail to marketing manager with Virgin EMI. “I want t(...)

The view from the decks in Dublin’s Hang Dai  restaurant

Audiophiles Will Dempsey and Karl Whelan on setting up the decks and getting the sounds right in their new Dublin restaurant

Alternative & progressive hip hop group ApocalypsE perform outside  Smiley Dogg tattoo parlour in Cork city

Aisling O’Riordan and Caoilian Sherlock of Quarter Block Party reflect on the challenges of being an independent alternative promo(...)

Big questions: Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify. (Photo by Theo Wargo/WireImage)

When such track collections as Christmas Party, or Songs For Sleeping appear in your app, Waterford man James Foley is probably re(...)

Shannon Bryan from Portarlington with the Coláiste Lurgan choir. The group’s as-gaeilge cover of Adele’s Hello has racked up more than a half a million Youtube views

Tomaí Ó Conghaile, who organises the Gradaim Cheoil NÓS, talks to Niall Byrne about bringing Irish-language musical talent to the (...)

Overhead, the Albatross  getting down with the punters on last year’s Other Voices Music Trail in Dingle. Photograph: Tara Thomas

‘It’s winter, it’s cosy, it’s dark and the fires are on. There’s magic in the air’ - Martin Byrne talks to Niall Byrne about plott(...)

Notes, tempo and rhythm: Killian Redmond and Shane McKenna of Dabbledoo Music

Shane McKenna of online music resource Dabbledoo tells Niall Byrne about his plan to transform the way kids are taught

Sabrina Sheehan of Mission PR: “You have to be super-organised, a master at multitasking, passionate about securing media coverage and driven.” Photograph: Leon Farrell, Photocall Ireland

Sabrina Sheehan of Mission PR talks to Niall Byrne about the challenges and rewards of music promotion in the 21st century

Johnny Moy and Billy Scurry  at Dublin’s Temple of Sound, where the original wall from 1994 with the line-up still intact remains. Photograph: David Cleary

Dublin DJ, producer, manager and promoter Johnny Moy talks to Niall Byrne about the early days, remixing U2, touring the world and(...)

Dusky shade: Morgan MacIntyre and Gemma Doherty from Saint Sister. Photograph: Aodhagán O'Flaherty

Plus new releases from from Tomorrows, Oddsocks, Ciaran Lavery and Johnny Fox

Cormac Begley: “I was looking around at all these leprechaun-type shows, and it’s so far removed from 99 per cent of what traditional musicians do and where their heart is”

Cormac Begley, founder of Tunes in the Church and Airt School, tells Niall Byrne about letting the character of the musician shine(...)

Ultra-bright: Emma Langford

Plus, new songs songs from Emma Langford, That Snaake, Marc O'Reilly, Enemies and Chris Power

 Close enough for jazz?  Rodrigo Y Gabriela are one of the acts playing this year’s Guinness Jazz Festival in Cork. Photograph:  Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

Bernard Casey and Gemma Bell of the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival explain the ethos behind the festival’s programming

Music Network chief executive Sharon Rollston: “There’s nothing nicer than being part of a packed house at a concert in some far-flung part of the country.” Photograph: Fran Marshall

Sharon Rollston of Music Network talks to Niall Byrne about tapping into the new DIY and entrepreneurial spirit in Irish music

Saramai Leech of Meath three-piece Saramai. Photograph: Tara Thomas /Other Voices

Plus, new releases from Gypsies On The Autobahn,, James Darkin, Beach and Brass Phantoms

Ruth Medjber: “A live shot should be about the whole experience, not just a perfectly composed picture of a dude and his guitar.”  Photograph: Jane McGarrigle

Expect “a lot of late nights for very little money while having the time of your life,” says music photographer Ruth Medjber

Alan Farrell and Ciara Thompson of Dublin duo Bad Sea

Plus new music from Two Door Cinema Club, Laura Ann Brady, Carron and Eoin Dolan

Martin Clancy: “I loved passing on what I knew and being honest about what I didn’t know.”

Martin Clancy, Ableton instructor, DJ, producer and former member of In Tua Nua, talks to Niall Byrne

Eleanor McGuinness: How can you sell a band if you don’t love the music?

Eleanor McGuinness, booking agent with Pitch & Smith, talks to Niall Byrne

Atmospheric folk: Maria Kelly. Photograph: Deborah Sheedy

Plus, new music from Arborist, Lowlight Gathering, The Klares, Swords and The Academic.

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