‘Good flirting treads the line between meaningful and meaningless with a delicate step, and it is that fear of falling that gives it such a satisfying thrill.’ Photograph: Getty Images

Flirting has become a victim of this socially distanced world, and I’m lost without it

Maeve Higgins: ‘I felt totally fine about renting a dress, although I promised myself I wouldn’t tell anyone.’ Photograph: First Look Media

The comedian recalls a giddy night in New York that is tinged with regret

Sparkles is an elf from Elphin, Co Roscommon

Ten writers play a game of pass the baton to create a Christmas mystery about an elf from Elphin and a magic crystal

This essay appears in the Christmas episode of The Women’s Podcast

Maeve Higgins in New York last year: ‘This place is at its most charming when it refuses to obey the laws of nature.’ Photograph: Michael Nagle

In an extract from her new book, the comedian reflects on her personal battle with time, which began with a public shaming in Juni(...)

Maeve Higgins: ‘Is there anything bad about Cork? No.’  Photographer: Dara Mac Dónaill

‘I love all of Cork ... and the people! We’re so charming’

Maeve Higgins: If the guy is married but you still want him, watch the wife – learn from her – that’s obviously what he likes! Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Valentine’s Day is looming and – horror! – you’re not part of a couple. Panic not, Maeve Higgins is here and she has six fool- pro(...)

Lena Dunham is an evocative writer, possessing a voice that is funny, distinct and absorbing. Photograph: J Countess/Getty Images

It’s not easy growing from a girl into a woman, but Dunham’s book of essays shows that the writer of Girls is one of our strongest(...)

Maeve Higgins in the car with Flor de Toloache

The Trip: Flor de Toloache are New York’s only all-girl mariachi band. I join them for a day of music and sisterhood – and food th(...)

The difference between the things we should say and do, and what we actually say and do

The St Pat’s For All parade. “St Pat’s For All is almost restoring something the Irish were known for – being welcoming,” said founder Brendan Fay. Photograph: Ed Weidman

Parade in Queens, now in 15th year, founded in response to ban on gay people marching under banner at Manhattan parade

In search of adventures, sardonic friends and bagels: Maeve Higgins along a snowy Brooklyn waterfront. Photograph: Michael Nagle
New York, new dream

Irish comic Maeve Higgins used to play a game called ‘American Dream’ during her school days. Now she’s living it in one of Americ(...)

Maeve Higgins

Disarm the waves with a smile, then watch your legs turn peach and blue as you hesitate in front of them.

my ideal.. airport security experience

My ideal ... height

My ideal . . . breakfast

My ideal . . . era

My ideal ... picnic

Maeve Higgins

My ideal ... workout

Maeve Higgins

on her ideal ... body shape

My ideal . . . photograph

Maeve Higgins

My ideal . . . expression

I was in my bedroom the other day, trying to figure out the difference between astrology and astronomy

My ideal . . . pet

I was in my bedroom the other day, guessing what my name would be had I the good fortune to be born to Mathew and Tina Knowles…

My ideal . . . perfume

I was in my bedroom the other day, wondering what people really think of me

I was in my bedroom the other day, trying to make myself cry while I looked in the mirror

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