The only cast-iron rule of family history is that you start from what you know and use it to find out more. Take your granny and work back from her.

It’s easier than ever to trace your ancestry, using online church records to DNA kits

Genealogical roots: there is no doubt that a revolution in access to records has taken place.

Our column calls it a day with a look at recent progress aided by the internet

There are several ways to turn an interest in family history into paid work

This is the best piece of popular history publishing in Ireland for many years

Until recently, death records supplied no family information

The great annual family gathering causes the post-Christmas genealogical website spike

Evidently the B word is exclusively Irish, which clearly means something about the national psyche

This is the centre of the Irish family history universe

For anyone interested in local history in rural Ireland they are a magnificent treasure trove

New maps accompanying ‘Griffith’s Valuation’ just add to mountain of undated maps

The evolution of surnames has slowed throughout the developed world

How the Os and Macs came back to make their names

Because any Anglophone record-keepers who knew Irish had only a smattering, mistranslation was the rule

During the 17th century, the Gaelic institutions crumbled under the weight of the English conquest, taking with them the centralit(...)

True hereditary surnames were only introduced in Scandinavia in the late 18th century

There can be too much complaining, especially in the face of additional new transcripts

Between January and October 1875, William Malone noted down details of every household he visited, eventually ranging over the who(...)

Various arguments are used to keep a historical document from the public eye

Negative outcomes can be just as important as positive ones

Irish Roots

Post-traumatic summer weather amnesia

The Pathé, Movietone and AP digital archives store a wealth of local history

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Ancestor! Cure your erectile dysfunction now!

Like it or not, races and nations do have their own characteristics, their own flaws and talents, and large parts of these stem from inheritance. To recognise this is not racist, any more than ignoring it is egalitarian

Rachel Dolezal has been accused of adopting a black identity, but can we really rewrite our own genealogical history?

Marion Bruére Quin may have partly inspired Joyce’s character, and provided a link with Lewis Carroll

Finding your roots: Vast jungles of genealogical half-truths and supposition have spread online, and the need for experienced guides has grown, not diminished

Association of Professional Genealogists of Ireland has name change in light of globalisation

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Glory be to the Ordnance Survey

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Lovely, Gnarly Nitty-Gritty Dublin Records

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Upcoming NLI parish record microfilm site is 90 per cent squint-free

Anyone with even the remotest interest in Irish genealogy should read this new report

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The Other Clare Roots

A recent study in Nature maps very fine regional variations in genetic make-up in the UK

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Healing the extended family

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Standardised surnames and place names

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But what has FindMyPast done for us lately?

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The top 100 genealogy websites?

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How not to run screaming from the microfilm room

Science, your mammy and the common cold

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Pure Irish death

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The revolution will continue in 2015