Musician Adrian Crowley and his daughter Alice (6) at home in Northstrand, Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Is there an alternative to cloying lullabies? And what do musicians sing to their kids?

Heroes of Havoc “is an incremental RPG in which the player assembles the best team of heroes and uses them to battle through a variety of game modes”

New game Heroes of Havoc is latest international tech product to debut here

Writer, Joe Griffin and his (six day old) daughter Alice, at home in Cabra, Dublin.Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Joe Griffin finds himself a helpless spectator

 Boris Johnson: animated Johnson and his beloved London City are rendered in the blocky, retro style of the iconic Minecraft. Photograph:   Alex B. Huckle/Getty Images

Games London will ‘supercharge’ UK’s growing sector, says city mayor Johnson

Writer, Joe Griffin and his (six day old) daughter Alice, at home in Cabra, Dublin.Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Joe Griffin realises that parenthood is a crash course in how to care for a living, growing, mewling human being

The Kick Off 2 World Cup took place in Dublin last month, with 38 players from 11 countries taking part in the event, attended by the game’s developer, Dino Dinis

Dino Dinis working on new version of the classic game with Sony’s support

American Eric Risser and Kildare-born Neal O’Gorman of Artomatix: their algorithm can generate thousands of images based on the initial design and parameters that an artist provides, which can be useful in video game production

Dublin-based artificial intelligence specialists in contest previously won by Dropbox

Stan Massueras (left) and Charles Alix from start-up YapMe  picutred in their new premises upstairs in Music Maker, Exchequer Street, Dublin. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

The Dublin-based founders of YapMe claim to have found a gap in the crowded social media market

A basic but enjoyable mobile game that nvolves zipping around a screen to dodge zombies

Commandeer a fighter spaceship, fly sideways and take out enemies like it’s 2004

The world-beating franchise ventures eastwards in the first of Ubisoft’s new Chronicles spin-offs

Titan Souls is a tough game that will cause you to fill your swear jar - but the difficulty only makes it more compelling

Level up, traverse platforms and fight monsters in this likeable retro game

This very simple shooter doesn’t amount to much, but your bullets and explosions needs will be met

Eric Risser and Neal O’Gorman: “We want  artists focusing the majority of their time on being creative and leave our technology to work on the more mundane tasks – such as creating seamlessly tiling textures [realistic surfaces]”

Dublin-based firm Artomatix has had an extraordinary first year, climaxing with a $100,000 win at an Nvidia competition

Two Borderlands titles get the next-generation console treatment, and remind us just how vast and fun this series is

Imperfect, but at times admirably creepy, ‘Slender: The Arrival’ is will appeal to fans of minamilist survival horror

It might be basic, but this PC browser games from a new Dublin developer is distinctive and addictive

A free-to-play mobile game, Lastronaut is simple and derivative, but fast-paced and compulsive

A delirious, madcap tone make this 2D puzzler a good game to play with younger relatives – and they’ll love the fart jokes

Some baffling and unfair features hamper this otherwise fun shooter

A gentle, eccentric Japanese 2D puzzle game with grace and intelligence

With the latest instalment divided into four chapters, the unstoppable franchise ploughs on with the relentlessness of a zombie ho(...)

This new mobile title from Chillingo is attractive, understated and gently compulsive - just like Tetris

This accessible 2D fighter also functions as a YA urban fantasy visual novel

Evolve | Game Review

Play as a human hunter or as a monster hunted in this sci-fi themed shooter from Turtle Rock Studios

It might be dated in some ways, but this action/strategy number is still edgy and fun

The acclaimed 2D puzzle game makes its Xbox One debut

A violent, entertaining and fair free-to-play shooter for Microsoft Windows and PS4

The cheeky, self-aware series returns with an amusing trip to the underworld

Exploration, turn-based combat and cheesy puns abound in this retro role-playing game

This downloadable content for Far Cry 4 is exciting and challenging

A polished and playable strategy game, but its handling of micro-transactions is off-putting

Novel gameplay and a compelling story combine to make this an essential 2D platform puzzler

The gameplay has aged like wine in this retro re-release, but the title character has aged like milk

A quirky, likeable mobile game - if a little too twee for some tastes

This retro 2D action game is fun, but immensely challenging

Secret Ponchos

Despite some neat visuals, this online cowboy shooter is a frustrating experience

Futuristic in its setting, but retro in appearance, Frozen Synapse Prime is a sophisticated, fierce and challenging strategy game

A quirky word-puzzle app with a sci-fi/disaster narrative

Playstation 2: launched in 2000

Sony believes PS4 will become a ‘truly amazing’ console five years from now

The Lego and Batman behemoths continue, with this familiar but fun puzzle/adventure

A retro 2D beat-em-up that delivers on wacky characters and simple, effective gameplay

Beautiful, sensitive and sometimes harrowing, Never Alone is a singular game and worthy tribute to Inuit culture

The latest Call of Duty retains the series winning formula - and adds more action, more super-soldier abilities . . . and Kevin Sp(...)

For many, this mine-exploration game will captivate; for some, the constant digging will bring subterranean thumb-stick blues

Hoard | Game Review

Breath fire, rob from the people and add to a giant reptile’s hoard. Grand Theft Dragon, anyone?

Gonzo, Kermit, Miss Piggy and Animal go all Hollywood for the new Muppets game on the PS Vita

Balancing chaos and pathos like nobody else, Kermit and co deliver a decent kids’ 2D platform game for the PS Vita

Sunset Overdrive: Technicolor cartoon apocalypse

The zombie mega-pocalypse never looked so good in this open world third-person shooter comedy for the Xbox One

Dragon Age: Inquisition is the story of a mysterious, malevolent rift that allows evil to pass between worlds

Dragon Age: Inquisition emerges after four years in development

Scene from Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Huge crowds and the latest in digitised action make EGX the biggest game event in the UK. This year sees the usual raft of sequels(...)

A maddening game of patience made for the PS Vita

Cute and fun, this Lego title will appeal to young gamers

Tales of Xillia 2

Here’s a dense, imaginative and often captivating Japanese RPG

Sacred 3

A reasonably diverting brawler with a goofy sense of humour

Road Not Taken

A smart, challenging and morally murky puzzle game

Google’s Ingress: Niantic Labs took 18 months to develop the game from initial idea to rollout

The web search giant is seeking to combine game play with exercise and non-virtual exploration

Only slightly different from the Playstation 3 version, but this game still packs a punch


An imperfect but user friendly and very handy app from National Public Radio

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Havok’s Steve Ewart will be giving a talk at this year’s GDC event in Cologne

Rogue Legacy

No two goes are ever alike in this addictive, challenging platformer

Abyss Odyssey

An eccentric, servicable 2D platform action game


Learn to meditate with this user-friendly and comprehensive app


This 2D platform puzzler is a challenge, but it’s fair, clever and satisfying


A confident reboot of the arcade classic, now free on Playstation Plus

Pick a Pet

This game from Dublin developers SixMinute is cute and inventive

Here’s a clever app game that mixes modern touch controls with retro 2D gameplay

As film tie-ins go, this isn’t the worst; a flawed, but sometimes fun game

Bursting with research, Valiant Hearts is a sincere, quirky and smart 2D puzzler

This wacky, self-aware downloadable content for Dead Rising 3 is flawed, but fun

Enemy Front

A flawed and dated, but sincere and playable first-person shooter


Form three-letter words in an intense, addictive kaleidoscopic app game

A welcome re-jig and reissue of the excellent fantasy side-scroller

This ghostly gumshoe game just about transcends its flaws

Bill Killem

This 2D shooter/app game offers retro fun – but not much more

A partial return to form for the long-running strategy series


Here’s a classy and weird sci-fi adventure from the makers of Bastion

The rodent-saving classic gets a welcome reboot for the PS Vita

A welcome spit and polish for the icky but lively fantasy combat game


Here’s a clever app game that tests your reaction time and vocabulary

Bright and cutesy, Nintendo fans and younger gamers will embrace this Kirby

Dreamlike, watercolour images help make this 2D RPG a captivating experience

Brick building meets Tolkien in this fun, if not very spectacular, film tie-in

Trials Fusion

The deservedly popular stunt bike franchise gets an adrenaline-fuelled boost

This microphone/dictaphone app is reliable, slick and free

Mixing long anime cutscenes with 2D action, this is an agreeably barmy game

Mercenary Kings

Tribute Games’ latest is an attractive, dense and challenging 2D shooter

Hitman Go

A new take on the franchise puts Agent 47 in a diorama puzzle game

Some baffling design decisions hamper an otherwise fun RPG

Cham Cham

A cute and challenging app game

The latest in the hands-free gaming franchise is a major disappointment

A challenging, charming and funny retro platformer

The latest in the long-running franchise is fun while it lasts, but far too short


This free digital thesaurus is simple, user-friendly and very comprehensive


This 2D shooter is a simple but very effective little retro game

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