Caomhin O’Brien.  Long-sleeve T-shirt Gosha Rubchinskiy (€80), Acne  short-sleeve shirt (€300), Gucci pants (€550).

‘It’s a career that can drive you crazy because it is so precarious’

Sometimes it’s better to leap before you look. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Every week, Dominique McMullan tries something different: this week it’s moving jobs

Dominique McMullan with her mother. Photograph: Nessa Robinson

Dominique McMullan: It turns out this superwoman figure needs me just as much as I need her

We all need to practise self-care. Photograph: Getty Images

Every week, Dominique McMullan tries something different. This week: practising self-care

The character of Aisling, a country girl in the Big Smoke, grew out of a Facebook page created by the authors in 2008

Emer McLysaght and Sarah Breen: ‘You can imagine our notions when they approached us’

‘There was no dramatic digital detox, but turning off notifications for email and social media has made the most impact’

Every week, Dominique McMullan tries something different. This week: learning about mobile phones

More power: This was the first time I sat in a room and felt the very real power of a group of women supporting each other

Every week, Dominique McMullan tries something different. This week: an empowering women workshop

Dominique McMullan with her father: “He is the most unassuming and generous man on the planet”

Every week, Dominique McMullan tries something different. This week: relishing the little moments

Kinesiology is a surprisingly divisive holistic therapy

Every week, Dominique McMullan tries something different. This week: a kinesiology session

Dominique McMullan: Imagine learning to juggle, and then someone asking you to do it on a bike, when you’ve never cycled before

Every week, Dominique McMullan tries something different. This week: learning to kitesurf

Time for my drum solo. Photograph: Ryan J Lane/Getty Images

Every week, Dominique McMullan tries something different. This week: drum school

Taking to the water:  “There was a moment, while I was being shown the wonders of a very large penknife, when I realised that I was on a boat at sea with a man I’d met five minutes ago, over the internet.” Photograph: Getty

Every week Dominique tries something different. This week: power-boating

“Episode seven and my bum is becoming worryingly numb.” Photograph: iStock

Every week Dominique McMullan tries something different. This week: binge-watching an entire series in one day

'I wore three pairs of socks, two pairs of trousers, two tops, two jumpers, a zippy, a duffle coat, a raincoat, gloves and a hat. My shape resembled a sheep that had learned to walk on two legs.'

Every week Dominique tries something different. This week: the Greenway

‘Not a bad smell, just a very potent smell of farm; mud mixed with shite, rain and grass’

Every week, Dominique McMullan tries something new: This week, she milks a cow

'He asked me if I was his three o’clock. I stopped myself from saying, 'Well, don’t you already know that?''

Each week, Dominique McMullan tries something new

Dominique McMullan at home loading the dishwasher

Most people seem to spend 90% of time in 20% of their home, wasting the rest of the space

There’s something about moving a mound of earth from one spot to another that’s deeply satisfying.

Dominique McMullan gets to grips with the masculine world of . . . diggers and levers

Two ‘Irish Times’ journalists reveal the products they swear by to get them through the party season

The class was for people who were looking for less screen time and more time getting their hands dirty.

Dominique McMullan is trying a new experience each week. Today, she goes to a mindfulness cookery class

After 14 attempts, I climbed 10ft off the floor, and felt like I could pretty much sell out a Vegas show.

Dominique McMullan is challenging herself to do something different every week: this week, aerial acrobatics

The car was discovered because the building was due to be demolished. Photograph: Getty

Elderly Frankfurt driver reunited with vehicle after reporting it missing to police in 1997

Greggs advertisement: The three wise men and the sausage roll in a manger. Photograph: PA

Christians threaten to boycott Greggs bakery after sausage roll placed in Nativity scene

'I woke again around 8am with the type of feeling reserved for nights when gin is consumed.'

Dominique McMullan is trying a new experience each week. Today, she calls in sick

Sia is known for valuing her privacy and often covers her face with wigs, masks andpaper bags.  Photograph:  Getty Images

Singer published image after an apparent attempt to sell it online

WhatsApp: We’ve all had THAT feeling, but not anymore.

Messaging app has introduced long-awaited feature for users

Once a week I will put down my phone, pick up a pencil (remember those?) and add fresh pages to the pile. Photograph: Getty Images

Dominique McMullan is challenging herself to do something different every week: this week, she goes to a creative writing class

The AAA girls featuring Willam, Courtney Act and Alaska: Getting  dressed-up for a   drag show is half the fun

Dominique McMullan is challenging herself to do something different every week: this week she hits the Olympia for a performance o(...)

Sinead Murphy looks out of her house in Kinvara, Co Galway on Saturdat as Storm Brian hit Ireland. Photograph: PA

Motorists advised to reduce speed on local roads where there may be spot flooding

A Despacito remix blares and the serious business of bouncing begins

Dominique McMullan is challenging herself to do something different every week: First up, she’s jumping for joy

Storm Brian tracks up the west coast of Ireland on Saturday morning. Photograph:

Rainfall warning is also in place on Thursday for counties in Munster and much of Leinster

Do leave if you’re having a crap time. The fact that you’ve turned up, made an effort and had a few drinks is enough. You don’t owe these guys your Thursday night.

It might sometimes feel like a drag, but the right frame of mind can help

Delays are now easing and will be cleared shortly. Photograph Nick Bradshaw

Not the first time a large vehicle hit the Barrow Street bridge

Members of Dance Ireland  promoting Culture Night which returns this year on September 22nd. Photograph: Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland

This year’s programme includes fashion shows, knitathons, embroidery classes and more

“Invest into timeless accessories” Erika Fox, fashion and lifestyle blogger, @retroflame

Fashion Forward: Stylish guy making his mark, velvet runners and a fiery Altuzarra combo

 Dominique McMullan at the Garden Flower Shop in Powerscourt Town House Centre. Photograph: Alan Betson

All I wanted was to feel good in my skin on the day I got hitched - but I learned so much more

A good personal trainer will get to understand your limits, and push you right to them

The trick is to find something that you enjoy, and then find a gym – preferably near you

On your marks: Dominique McMullen gets ready to run for a chicken fillet roll. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

It turns out that while I’m working out about five times a week and eating a mostly healthy diet, my body has reached a bit of a p(...)

John Murray and Simon Jackson of Modern Botany, at home in west Cork. Photograph: Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision

A Trinity pharmacist is leading the charge to bring natural cosmetics into the mainstream

Dominique McMullan: ‘Apart from the mild hangover and the fish-oil burps, since starting this journey I feel better than I have in a long time.’ Photograph: Cyril Byrne

I’m one day in to a three-day regime and a bit tired, but that might be the 3am dancing

Embroidered white cotton kaftan, €866, by Pippa Holt, Net-A-Porter;  sea-print kaftan, €99, by & Other Stories

Fashion Forward: Create at BTs, new Irish jewellery and seeing red with Marc Cain

Dominique McMullan working out at The Vaults: “What’s really motivated me is realising that I’m capable of more than I thought.” Photograph: Dave Meehan

I kept going until every breath was like my last. It felt awful. And wonderful

Fashion is at its best when it works for you – so here are the best summer frocks everyone can wear

Dominique McMullan: On our wedding day I want to be able to focus on my friends and family, and not keep thinking about what my body looks like from every angle. Photograph: Dave Meehan

There is an industry focused on how to be a ‘ride bride’. Dominique McMullan is resisting

Dominique McMullan working out at The Vaults personal training gym in Dublin. Photograph: Dave Meehan

Dominique McMullan is getting married in July. Follow her as she gets fit for the big day

A little bit of knowledge goes a long way when it comes to packing for your summer holidays

You only need a few items for a week in the sun, but you need to choose them well

On the ball: Dominique McMullan at The Vaults personal training gym in Dublin. Photograph: Dave Meehan

Dominique McMullan is on a three-month mission to get fit. Today: the fitness assessment

Peter Kendrick with a small sample of his 300-strong sneaker collection. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

For some it’s about fashion, for others, it’s business. Sneakerheads go to great lengths and spend thousands of euro on the latest(...)

 “For the next three months I will be focusing not on what I fancy but on what I need: healthy food, regular exercise and pushing my body a little bit more in the right direction.” Photograph: Dave Meehan

Dominique McMullan is getting married on July 29th. Follow her as she gets fit for the big day

Casual or black tie, boho or buttoned up – every wedding needs a different approach

Neelu White has been in the beauty business for 33 years and her customer base is loyal. Photograph: Martin Maher

The little lines on my forehead are diminished, and is that a defined jawline?

Tried and tested: starting months in advance can really benefit your skin

Snapchat: It was nice knowing you. YOLO!!

It’s repetitive, shallow and tedious, and more addictive than cigarettes. I miss it

Depending on how dark your natural colour is, roots can need to be touched up by the hairdresser every six weeks. Photograph: Edgardo Contreras/Getty Images

Keep your hair looking its best between salon appointments with these inexpensive gems

Eye products that work hard for you

Tried and tested: Save pennies and handbag space with these multiple-use marvels

“What my parents deem a suitable wedding gift is not what I would give my just-married friends.”

It’s a sensitive topic filled with pitfalls... Too little? Too much? Practical? Traditional?

Beauty: it’s only by reading the labels that you can separate the worthwhile from the waste of money

AHAs such as glycolic acid resurface the epidermis, and also help boost collagen production, two things that really help in the fight against fine lines.

Tried and tested: These products are packed with SPFs and vitamins to make your skin plump and soft

Aoife Mulvenna, architect and blogger

Fashion forward: this week's fashion news and style tips

Lip service - return of the gloss

Once upon a time the goal was lips that sparkled like the sun, but this came at a price

Tried & Tested: Spring is in the air, so time to showcase a little sheen

Fashion Forward: Deirdre McQuillan and Dominique McMullan round up this week’s fashion news and style tips

Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder makeup collection

My belief system that valued trusted classics over celebrity collab products has crumbled

if you’re older than seven, a homemade macaroni frame won’t cut it

Senz° aerodynamic umbrella, €54.95 from Arnotts

Deirdre McQuillan and Dominique McMullan round up this week’s fashion news and style tips

MAC’s not-yet-released Basic Bitch colour palette

MAC is to release a new nine-shade neutral matte and metallic collection which is anything but 'basic'

A long day or night out doesn’t mean your make-up should come sliding off

Green green slacks (€549) and top (€419) by Ganni, available at Arnotts. Photograph: Kieran Harnett

Fashion Forward: Dominique McMullan and Deirdre McQuillan round up this week’s fashion news and style tips

Photograph: iStock

For those with skin issues a serum can make a visible difference

Tried and tested: When spots appear it’s time to bring in the big guns. Here are some that actually work

The first versions of silicone blenders resembled the ‘chicken fillets’ teenagers put in their bras and were bad for application due to their shape. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Beauty: Bloggers are going to ridiculous lengths to copy the ‘Evie Blender’

Moisturisers should act like a warm winter coat for your face

Diane von Furstenberg pink floral coat, €497; Benetton’s seamless jumper, and George Bryan equestrian pendants

Fashion Forward: Dominique McMullan and Deirdre McQuillan round up this week’s fashion news and style tips

Three eyeliners and a lipliner are yours at the click of a Bic-style pen in Stylo 4 Couleurs

The tools for brighter eyes

The best way to achieve this is by having a good night’s sleep. But sometimes that’s just not the way things go

Sliquid Natural Gel range, available from ‘The skin might be the largest organ in the body, but it’s our intimate areas that absorb ingredients the fastest’

Beauty: Chuck out the tingling, warming rubbish and replace them with natural lubricants

Sweetheart Blush from Two Faced (€29 Debenhams) ; Bobbi Brown Eye Cheek Palette London (€55 Brown Thomas); Rose 31 Eau De Parfum (€60; Catrice lipstick €5.50

Valentine’s Day is a chance to spoil yourself with some of these beauties

Coach Jane Shortall leading the fun with a dance routine

‘What’s not to enjoy about a weekend of healthy vegetarian food, long walks in the country, restorative yoga – and hip-hop dance c(...)

“If you suffer from red cheeks, like so many Irish women, try popping some green goop all over them.”

Thick green sludge is the saviour of rosy-cheeked women, so slap it on

Revlon Brow Fantasy and Pencil Gel (€11.49);
Maybelline Brow Precise Fibre Volumizer (€9.99 Boots);
Mac Brow Set (€18 Brown Thomas and Arnotts);
Sleek MakeUp Eyebrow Stylist (€8.49 Boots)

Eyebrow products are not worth spending a fortune on – and beware of over-promisers

Ashford Castle is offering a Winter Wellness Escape for two, with two nights’ b&b, detox dinner for two and pampering treatments,  at €495 per person sharing

Voted Ireland’s best hotel by Travel + Leisure, this is a very luxurious place for a detox

“Last Christmas as a joke my friends got a jumper that said ‘I’m gay, disabled and still have sex’. I love it. They also got me one that says ‘Gorge’. Spot the gay right?’”

He stole the hearts of viewers on last night’s First Dates Ireland TV show and since then it’s been a bit emotional for Dubliner P(...)

Lady Gaga in the latest ad campaign for Tiffany & Co, which airs at the Superbowl this weekend

This week’s fashion news and style tips. (Get yourself a pink jumper)

A combination of voodoo and plain old sense seems to be helping

Beauty: it takes a combination of factors to keep blisters down, including one for the birds

Korres Milk Proteins Cleansing & Make-Up Remover Wipes (€9.33,; Clinique’s Moisture Surge CC Cream (€35 Boots); Redken’s Cleansing Cream Clarifying shampoo (€21.00,

Post-workout products to make you look as good as you feel after your gym session

Apparently the wrong brush can do your hair a lot of damage so opt for boar bristle hairbrush

Key to maintaining long hair is not to overdo it on the washing, drying and brushing

A selection of top skincare products to help you get those lines down at night

 If you have that ‘Sex and the City’ scene in your mind, the one where Samantha’s face resembles a disintegrating tomato, you need a little updating on facial peels

Today’s peels come in varying strengths and can be personalised to your skin’s needs

Preen at 52 Dame Street, Dublin, is my go-to hairdresser recommendation for both colour and cuts

Up your hair game to leave your locks bright, refreshed and with a glossy shine

Look as young as you feel: over time retinol will help the skin get used to rejuvenating itself. Photograph: iStock

This wonder skincare ingredient delivers luminous skin – and no needles are involved

Beauty treats for sensitive types don’t have to hurt, you know

Elemis Cleansing Balm (€56.50) Debenhams

The party’s over – here’s how to take it off

Even if you normally avoid oil cleansers  consider using them today, as your skin needs all the hydration it can get

The remedy for dehydrating revelry is to put moisture back into skin from inside and out

Tom Ford eye defining pen (€54); Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘N’ Kohl Bedroom Black (€25); Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray eyeshadow primer (€28.50); SoSue Luxury Lashes (€19.95) SoSue Throwaway lashes (€5.95); Nars Sarah Moon Eyeshadow Duo in Indes Galante (€36); Burberry Shimmer Dust in Gold Glitter (€24)

Put your party face on for New Year's Eve

A slice of lemon in warm water is a natural detoxifier

Swap your expensive serum for a diet that includes spinach and pineapple

Bumblebee necklace and gold lurex Bella Freud sweater emblazoned with the year 1970

Weirs, Seagreen, the Denim Bar and Oasis offer a cornucopia of December fashion

 Swamp Rose scarf from  Ciara Silke’s new collection; conflict-free diamonds from; and  earrings  from the Prism collection by Boodles, priced €12,000. Dream on

Deirdre McQuillan and Dominique McMullan round up this week’s fashion news and style tips

Launched only a few weeks ago, The Ordinary has already set the beauty world alight with its no frills, very affordable skincare. Photograph: Jonathan Knowles/Getty Images

New beauty brand taking on premium rivals contains ingredients that actually work

The Ordinary’s Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2% (€5.80);Intense Butter Gloss (€7.75) NYX; The Gold Standard iLust Eyeshadow Palette (€9.49)

Buy cheap, buy twice – but not with these excellent yet pocket-friendly products

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