Mushroom soup: quality of the mushrooms will be very important here.  Photograph: Emma Jervis

Put your leftovers to work with these great soup recipes

Mushroom soup. Photograph: Emma Jervis
Mushroom soup

Feel-good soup
Feel-good soup

Spicy squash soup.  Photograph: Emma Jervis
Spicy squash soup

Pear clafoutis. Photograph: Emma Jervis
Pear clafoutis

Locket’s Savoury

Pot roast pork with pears.  Photograph: Emma Jervis

Carmel Somers: The trick with pears is to buy them firm to ripen over a week at home

Grilled spicy chicken. Photograph: Getty Images

Baked bean gratin, lamb burger wrapped in aubergine, spicy chicken, and rice pudding

Cooking fish is simple, convenient and can be done in minutes. Photograph: Istock

Carmel Somers: Roasted prawns,monkfish, cod and potatoes, and hake with capers

Carmel Somers: There’s no need to limit autumn’s favourite fruit to dessert

Photograph: Emma Jervis
Potato and apple braise

Rack of lamb with braised lemon and mint peas. Photograph:  Emma Jervis

Carmel Somers: Make it a relaxed affair for both you and your guests

Soup au Pistou. Photograph: Emma Jervis Soup au Pistou. Photograph: Emma Jervis

Carmel Somers: Soupe au pistou, spiced green beans, and a moreish monkfish dish

Spiced green beans. Photograph: Emma Jervis Spiced green beans. Photograph: Emma Jervis
Spiced green beans

Soup au Pistou. Photograph: Emma Jervis Soup au Pistou. Photograph: Emma Jervis
Soup au Pistou

Not just any old leftovers but tomato, basil and bread salad. Photograph: Emma Jervis

Producing a meal from leftovers will satisfy both your hunger pangs and creative streak

Involving children in cookery develops their tastebuds, creativity and discipline

Blackened tomatoes with chorizo and egg. Photograph: Emma Jervis

Red alert: the best tomatoes are those picked in the summer months

Squash and cauliflower stew with chilli, spices and ground nuts. Photograph: Emma Jervis

Lamb with almonds and raisins, squash and cauliflower stew, fish à la Grecque, and caramel nectarines

Marinated goats’ cheese and tapenade.

Tapenade, martinate cheese and dressings can last weeks

Sweet and sour courgettes

Always a winner in the kitchen and suitable for most cuisines from French, Italian to Asian

Coronation chicken, a great dish with a bad reputation.

When cooking for a party large or small, old favourites never fail to impress when done right

Salmon with sorrel sauce

Carmel Somers: Three salmon recipes, with apricot to follow

This is a low effort but high reward dessert. Photograph: Emma Jervis
Fraise Escoffier

Tabbouleh with spring onions and lemon zest. Photograph:  Emma Jervis

Leave modern dining behind and get into the great outdoors

The freshness of the parsley makes this a special dish. Photograph: Emma Jervis

Who has ever said ‘no’ to melted cheese? Photograph: Emma Jervis
Ratatouille tart

Photograph: Emma Jervis

Carmel Somers: Gently spiced monkfish, tartare sauce and home-made buns; plus gazpacho

Food you can forage: nettle risotto with sorrel. Photograph: Emma Jervis

Carmel Somers: Thanks heavens for whoever first dared to try these wild ingredients

Sea beet fritters. Photograph: Emma Jervis
Sea beet fritters

Seared sirloin salad with barley, grapes and sumac. Photograph: Emma Jarvis

It is great to have uses for barley as it often lies in our cupboards, opened, waiting for its turn to come around again

Portuguese pork chops. Photograph: Emma Jarvis

This simple dish is delicious and very little effort

Marinated kale salad, cashew cheese, spiced pecans with a lemon and honey dressing. Photograph: Emma Jarvis

Don’t be put off by the preparation required for this recipe – you will find it very rewarding and simple to dish up

Portuguese pork chops. Photograph: Emma Jarvis

Marinating and macerating take time – but the results are delicious

Poached cherries with vanilla and ice-cream. Photograph: Emma Jarvis

Cherries are about to arrive in the shops any day now and instead of eating them all in one go, give this impressive dessert a try

Gooseberries and pickled cabbage with  horseradish and mackerel.  Photograph: Emma Jervis

Pickled and served with mackerel or served as a compote for desert – there’s plenty to make with gooseberries

Piperade. Photograph: Emma Jervis

These choices are a happy medium between the extremes of steamed kale and sweets

Photograph: Emma Jervis

Serves 4

Photograph: Emma Jervis
Recipe: Piperade

Serves 4 

Rainbow-coloured grain-free tart: a wholesome, healthy dish for students. Photograph: Emma Jervis

Cooking nutritious meals is the perfect way to help your children during exam season

Hemp protein granola bars. Photograph: Emma Jervis

These bars from Majella are the perfect energy fuel while studying or to bring into exams

Almond-based summer tart. Photograph: Emma Jervis

Tarts can often be a pain to make but this lovely option simplifies all the tricky bits

Lentil salad. Photograph: Emma Jervis

This will keep the taste buds interested and is also a great source of long-burning fuel

Energy-boosting smoothie. Photograph by Emma Jervis

This has all the studying body needs: magnesium, healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals

Bob’s asparagus tart. Photograph:  Emma Jervis

This regal vegetable needs very little help to be extraordinary

Moroccan lamb with almonds and raisins. Photograph: Emma Jervis

It’s too easy to grab a frozen pizza. With planning, cooking can be a pleasure, not a chore

Beetroot puree

Summer beets are great little treats for your garden’s vegetable patch and your table

Russian borscht

Fish cakes: simple ingredients, good seasoning and good fish and one can’t go wrong. Photograph: Emma Jervis

Simple ingredients, good seasoning and good fish and you can’t go wrong. Just one of four healthy dishes that come with a natural (...)

Guacamole makes a great snack, or a side dish. Photograph: Emma Jarvis

Chickpea curry with coconut milk. Photograph: Emma Jarvis
Chickpea curry

Steamed Aubergine Photograph: Emma Jervis
Steamed aubergine

Chickpea curry

A chef’s response to realising she had a sugar addiction? Great, satisfying recipes

Puy lentil salad with vegetable vinaigrette. Photograph: Emma Jervis

Add a little extra to your daily dishes in order to make the most out of the season

Light dumplings made with potato

Kimchi: fermented food and drink is on trend and readily available in many

This recipe uses seaweed instead of oysters to make it vegan-friendly

Preserved lemons: add to fish, salads, meats and to finish off a noodle or rice dish.

Great to add to fish, salads, meats and to finish off a noodle or rice dish

Preserved lemons: add to fish, salads, meats and to finish off a noodle or rice dish.

Preserved lemons, kimchi and chutney: fermented food is delicious and good for your gut

Apple-and-date chutney: a great side to curries, cheeses, bean burgers and cold meats.

Great side to curries, cheeses, bean burgers and cold meats

Beetroot kimchi: fermented and flavoursome.

Tasty with cheeses, meats or as a topping on noodle and rice dishes

Celery and Cashel Blue cheese soup. Photograph: Emma Jervis

Cousins celery and celeriac are versatile, nutritious and bursting with flavour

Sticky chocolate ribs made with grated cacao. Photograph: Emma Jervis

Carmel Somers: Chocolate doesn't have to be sickly sweet. Check out these three recipes

Ottoman baked lamb. Photograph: Emma Jervis

These recipes combine the last of the winter produce with the best of the new season’s

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