North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (front) visits the Phyongchon Revolutionary Site, in this undated photo released by North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency.

Sceptical experts say country lacks the capacity to develop ultra powerful weapon

Syrian men form a safety passage for women following clashes during a registration procedure in the national stadium on the Greek island of Kos yesterday. Photograph: Yannis Behrakis/Reuters

Tensions mount following surge of refugee arrivals to Greek islands in recent weeks

Will a four-hour first aid course make me useful in a family crisis?

“There is not enough time to jeopardise missing stuff

The trick with any long roadtrip is postponing the first ‘are we there yet?’

’Nice one Dad’, for making that writing breakthrough

A DAD'S LIFE: TETCHY IS what I call it

A dad's life: Saturday morning and we are woken to the banshee wail of the elder blundering through our bedroom door, and throwing(...)

A DAD'S LIFE: Why did it have to be horse meat? Horse, of all things

A Dad's life: There I was. Smooth skinned, relatively wrinkle free, puffy faced from beer and next to no exercise

A DAD'S LIFE: The elder is on a “mental health day”

A Dad's Life: Topics I have a fear of discussing: The Troubles with anyone from north of Balbriggan; the Premiership with anyone…

A DAD'S LIFE: ‘You’re too hard on her and easy on the other one. Give her a break,’ says the missus.

A DAD'S LIFE: My kids have long-life baby teeth: they refuse to go

Sitting in a sea of cardboard boxes, out with the old, pack up the not so old, move on, move house again.

A DAD'S LIFE: And we’re still all here.

A DAD'S LIFE: The meat aisle in the supermarket is where I get caught

A DAD'S LIFE: We’re away for a few days, to see the old man in Galway before Christmas

A DAD'S LIFE: I like to think of my life as a piece of musical theatre, with the three women who also take shelter under my …

It’s one of those Sundays, a rain-lockdown Sunday

DAD'S LIFE: The elder girl never gave a toss about dolls

A DAD'S LIFE: It’s the first time a costing spreadsheet has been produced in this house to outline expense, and it’s done by…

A DAD'S LIFE: After much consideration, a few years back, the missus and I packed up and left Dublin ,where we had both lived…

A DAD'S LIFE: Suffering personally from sponsorship and fundraising

When a once-loved show simply loses its x-factor

A DAD'S LIFE: It’s a heady thing eating out when they’re older

A DAD'S LIFE: These are the moments we’ll remember

A DAD'S LIFE: Was their every waking moment laced with laughter?

A DAD'S LIFE: It’s my nature to take the weather personally

A DAD'S LIFE: Daddy doesn’t believe! He’s going straight to hell

A DAD'S LIFE: Won over by Andy Murray’s emotional defeat

A DAD'S LIFE: Entertaining the kids is not my responsibility, is it?

A DAD'S LIFE: Our 10 year old expects so much of her summer

A DAD'S LIFE: THE TRAIN PULLS into Capalbio shortly before midnight

A DAD'S LIFE: The family sets out to enjoy the fun of the fair

A DAD'S LIFE: I like to blame everything but myself. For everything

A DAD'S LIFE: Tasting normal life, from nine to five

A DAD'S LIFE: CONFESSION TIME. Delia Smith was my first crush

A DAD'S LIFE: They don’t want us around, but they want us around

A DAD'S LIFE: The past is a blast, as long as it’s not repeated

A DAD'S LIFE: That backseat has seen years of eating and spilling

A DAD'S LIFE: When self-deprecation is the wrong tool

A DAD'S LIFE: THEY HAVE me now, trying to show off to them with gadgets

A DAD'S LIFE: Life turns into a real life musical drama

A DAD'S LIFE: The Six Nations is one event I insist on viewing

A DAD'S LIFE: FOOD MATTERS. I keep being told this

A DAD'S LIFE: THE MISSUS had to go to Rome to work for the weekend. She decided to bring the elder by herself

A DAD'S LIFE: Children develop in their own way – and in their own time

A DAD'S LIFE: ‘DAD, AM I fat? Is this fat?” The elder is sprawled on her bed pinching the skin on her side

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