Una Mullally: Eoghan Murphy needs to get real on housing or get out

The solutions to this crisis are staring Fine Gael in the face. Build more social housing. Build more affordable homes

Thousands have attended the trade union led Raise the Roof mass rally in Dublin city centre in protest at the ongoing housing emergency. Video: Bryan O'Brien

On the eve of Saturday’s Raise the Roof housing protest in Dublin, Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy struck a tone-deaf note. Speaking on Newstalk, he said that “what we’re doing with co-living is bringing around another option, another choice for people”.

“Co-living” is property business marketing language for high-density bedsits, a setting few aspire to live in. The privileged live in a world of options and choices. That is simply not the reality for those caught in the housing emergency. It’s time for Murphy to get real, or get out.

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